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Britbox 抗衡奈飞;宝马撤出英国 Media

For people on the go, a one stop for you to learn Mandarin from the news! 听新闻,学中文。给脚步匆匆的你带来新鲜简讯!

Social credit score for China’s pet owners 文明社会 养犬规则 Upper Intermediate

moddef 2:53: 对,就比如说遛狗不**儿  ?

It's Hot This Time of Year Elementary

Jerry@ChinesePod I just discovered that there's a lesson on this very topic, located here.

"Me too!" 4 ways to use 也 Pre Intermediate

Jerry@ChinesePod Ah, yes, that is true! There is an older lesson on the subject here. But be warned: With Ken in a lesson, there's lots of silliness!

太过分了(太...了) Pre Intermediate

BeccaChu Thank you for your feedback. 漂亮 should be pronounced as piào liang, we're sorry there's a typo in the video, we'll correct the mistake and get back to you.

古人消暑方法 Ancient Ways to Stay Cool Upper Intermediate

BeccaChu 不好意思,"对"应该是读成 dui4 四声才对,谢谢你的回馈,我们会继续改进。

What Star Sign Are You? Intermediate

BeccaChu 看起来 means "it seems/it looks". 如果 and 要是 both means "if". Their definitions are not really similar. Let us know if you have any more questions about these words:)

The 5 "W" Questions Newbie

Jerry@ChinesePod Hi there! Either is technically correct, but shéi is more common.

Chinese Drinking Culture Intermediate

Jerry@ChinesePod Thanks! This is indeed a fun lesson to listen to. For Intermediate, ChinesePod's policy is to have a mix of both English and Chinese. The goal is around 50% for this level. You can read the description here.

We Can Talk About Anything, But Don't Lecture Me Advanced

Jerry@ChinesePod 完全同意!如果你给比较新的课程听一听你会发现:录音的质量有非常大的进步。

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #6 Newbie

Jerry@ChinesePod Hi there, There would be value in having both, but there is also value in just having Traditional: If you're studying Traditional, it's perfect. If you're like me and studying Simplified, it gives you exposure to Traditional. Even in the Mainland, you'll run ...

Can you help me find...? Elementary

Jerry@ChinesePod Hi there! How many Newbie lessons have you done? ChinesePod typically recommends doing at least 50 Newbies before starting to explore Elementary. If you've already done that many, then you can start occasionally "playing" with Elementary lessons, knowing that...

得到、获得、取得的用法 Qing Wen

BeccaChu 啊 at the end of a sentence can have different meanings, in the sentences "老天真不公平啊" , "留我一个人在这里活受罪啊 " , it is used to express exclamation, like a sigh. In "还有谁的作业可以让我抄啊?" , 啊 is used to form a rhetorical question, implying there's no one else who would let the ...

Introducing Measure Words 基本量词 [ATWTI 29] Newbie

Jerry@ChinesePod Oops! Most of the text really is missing there. Sorry about that...

How thin is too thin? 适可而止──老人养生别太瘦 Media

Jerry@ChinesePod Thanks Elsha! I looked at the vocabulary list, and I completely overlooked it.

Ways to say "For Example" Qing Wen

Jerry@ChinesePod Glad it was useful! Always using the same phrase, like 比如说, can get old after a while. It's great to have alternatives.

疯狂富豪和现实生活 Crazy Rich Asians & Real Life Upper Intermediate

ElijahW Those are good points. Actually, when we were recording the lesson, Jenny said yǎyì a couple of times, and I wasn't sure what she was talking about. It took me a while to figure it out! Now I know. When I realized what was happening, I was actually qui...

ATWTI 8: 很 Adjective Newbie

Jerry@ChinesePod 我也同意!

Abducted by Aliens Upper Intermediate

Jerry@ChinesePod Yep, my dictionary says jiěpōu. This is an old favorite - I should go back and listen again!

How to Say Hello Newbie

Jerry@ChinesePod These two really are a lot of fun.