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Say It Right Series

Lesson Comments

Making Excuses Intermediate

matman1115 :) Gwilym Thanks!

Any Free Garlic With That? Upper Intermediate

742162852 cat·tyˈkadē/adjectiveadjective: catty; comparative adjective: cattier; superlative adjective: cattiest1. deliberately hurtful in one's remarks; spiteful.2. relating to cats; catlike. Isn't the correct translation for 斤 pound?

Out of Context Advanced

robprobyn 怎么写 'to play devil's advocate' 的翻译? 反串? 谢谢!

Be Careful When Driving Elementary

vicpayne I ment verb 得 then adj

I Can't Afford Cake Elementary

118251836 真好聽的課! Just to note, in the .pdf, 買不起 is translated as "to be able to afford"!

The Three De's: 的/得/地 Qing Wen

mgaleano 一棵一棵的小树排 (的or得)多整齐啊。  I am not sure which de to use here. A friend said "的“, I first thought ”得“ as isn't 排 a verb?    Thanks :) 

冥想 Meditation Advanced

742162852 我想我做得并不过分。 I don't think what I did is over the top at all. Must be British people doing these translations! How about one in American English?

Sushi Recommendation Intermediate

Gwilym@ChinesePod Thanks. We'll get that fixed. It happens with certain characters. 

What's His Problem With Me? Intermediate

Gwilym@ChinesePod As the editor of the podcasts I agree. Much more relaxing. 

Long Time No See! Newbie


Rude Waitress Part 1/2 Elementary

Benjamin1990 Nothing like a good 算了 to show dissatisfaction

Asking About Prices Newbie

gllmwn This dialog has 还有吗?when the waitress wants to know if the customer wants anything else.  In case the customer would enquire if a certain item is available, would 还有吗?work in this context too? 

Making Comparisons BRIDGE Lesson Elementary

Mili1526 Hi! Thanks for all your great lessons!! Is it compulsory to say "两个人" in "你们两个人今天穿的衣服好好看"? Can you say "你们今天穿的衣服好好看"? What's the difference?

Quitting My Job and Starting Over Upper Intermediate

zaphekiah 年终奖 nián zhōng jiǎng = year end bonus绩效 jì xiào = performance evaluation (shortening of 绩效评估 jì xiào píng gū)怒点 nù diǎn = flashpoint英镑 yīng bàng = pound sterling堪忧 kān yōu = worrying; bleak低贱 dī jià...

Chinese Medicine Advanced

zaphekiah 请教 qǐng jiào = to ask for guidance虚弱 xū ruò = weak; in poor health节制 jié zhì = to control; to restrict; to moderate; to temper; moderation; sobriety; to administer排毒 pái dú = to expel poison (from the system); to detox...

Rude Waitress Part 2/2 Elementary

tbajoras 真棒。很好笑!

出轨 Celebrity Affair Advanced

zaphekiah 欲望城市 yù wàng chéng shì = Sex and the City包二奶 bāo èr nǎi = keep a mistress劲爆 jìn bào = extreme; explosive人渣 rén zhā = dregs of society; scum断案 duàn àn = to judge a case娇媚 jiāo mèi = fl...

Before Noon, After Noon Newbie

stevinsjs 上星期 (last week) Shàng xīngqí 这个星期 (this week) Zhège xīngqí 下星期 (next week) Xià xīngqí

Which Sports Do You Like? Elementary

藍狗 The former is correct. Yes, 大多 can be used for both examples, and in fact is better than 大多數。 A numerical figure isn't really used to discuss what types of ingredients or flavours you don't like. 我拒絕吃狗肉,動物的器官我也不習慣吃, 所以不喜歡。 But apart from specific ingredients u...

I'm So Happy! 快乐, 高兴, 幸福 Qing Wen

lalalan Hi! First of all, I wanna thank you for this lesson because it's really been useful for me (altough I am an intermediate/upper intermediate learner, there is still plenty to cover, especially when it comes to this kind of words that usually have the same trans...