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If It Rains, Then What? Elementary

paullee100 Enjoyed this lesson very much. I knew 如果, but didn't really know about 的话。 One discrepancy I noticed in the Expansion section. One of the examples is: 你如果很有钱的话,想买什么? However, the audio actually says, "如果你很有钱的话, 想买什么?” Does 如果 always need to come at the b...

Picking Up Girls(下) Upper Intermediate

Lu4Ge1 I really enjoy these multi-part dialogues, a lot like the longer series of the old days.

Picking Up Girls(上) Upper Intermediate

neville11 I have no opinion on their choice of speaker, but could you identify some signs that the male actor is non-native? I don't hear any myself.  

Where's Shiny The Cat? Elementary

mclarty It means the thing should be completed (soon, not just some day).  

Spending a Little Too Much Intermediate

monicarichards105 In the dramatized version of the dialogue and in the lesson, "真新鲜!" sounds sarcastic. However, under the dialogue tab, both the English translation and the tone of voice in the recording for "真新鲜!" suggest the woman is not only surprised at her count...

喝水养生 Advanced


You Play Very Well Elementary

mclarty There is a better resource now, which is chapters 1--12 of the Say It Right series.

Express Delivery Elementary

mclarty Yes, the forum quote I gave is a continuation of that chapter. I have studied both and understand the general situation. My question here is: how is the speaker in this lesson actually saying 我等你等?  After listening to the dialogue sentence many times, It ...

Classroom Chinese Elementary

mclarty Think of méiwèntí as like "Not a problem!"  It is a sentence, short for "I have no problem" or "It is not a problem."  You cannot say wo yao meiwenti, just like In English you cannot say "I want not a problem."

Blaming Others Intermediate

When you can't find something, it's sometimes easier just to blame others. In today's lesson, two flatmates argue about a lost book and it turns out it was in the bathroom all along....

Throwing Out Clothes Upper Intermediate

143239674 This lesson felt more like "intermediate" than "upper intermediate." I didn't learn much new.

How Cold Is It in Winter? Elementary

mclarty I want to back Gwilym on this.  ChinesePod creates involvement by letting you, or requiring you to, hit pause when you want, and consult the vocab list or the transcript of a dialogue when you want, et cetera.  It is not for passive listening.  ...

Who Is Your Ideal Partner? Upper Intermediate

163243374 Thanks 

Road Rage Chinese Qing Wen

992252831 Interesting in the states we say "signal" a left turn. Sounds like in the UK you say "indicate."

Rude Waitress Part 2/2 Elementary

mclarty At 10 块 each, are these really steamed buns? Or is each one a basket of steamed buns as shown in the picture? And it makes more sense for two people to get four baskets of buns than four buns.

Synonyms for 'Trick' Qing Wen

huyilin 妳們兩個人真棒!謝謝妳們

Rude Waitress Part 1/2 Elementary

mclarty I've never heard 慢走 used in a rude way either.  But it was funny one weekend night in a completely packed mid-priced Beijing restaurant, with people waiting in line to get in, to see the manager rush over to every table where people had started to st...

Is There a Service Charge? Elementary

mclarty Service charges and tips are not the same in the US either.  A service charge is not the customer's option, it is required, and so service charges are subject to sales tax.  Tips are optional and not subject to sales tax.  Also traditionally the...

A Concerned Colleague(上) Upper Intermediate

zaphekiah 下属 xià shǔ = subordinate; underling小常识 xiǎo cháng shí = trivial knowledge精神不济 jīng shén bú jì = lacking in motivation or energy掌管 zhǎng guǎn = in charge of; to control违背 wéi bèi = to violate; to be contra...