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语法课程:与其……不如 Upper Intermediate

earls 关于对话第一句的英文翻译是不完整的: 天时不如地利,地利不如人和。 「孟子」 Favorable weather conditions are not as valuable as favorable geographic conditions, and favorable geographic conditions are not as valuable as the unity of the people. 春节快乐!

Introduction to Pinyin The Pinyin Program

Varsenal The link to the Chinese Pod Pronunciation Guide and Pinyin Chart is broken. = 404 Page Not Found http://chinesepod.com/resources/pronunciation Please fix! Thanks,

The Three De's: 的/得/地 Qing Wen

danielpinder Hello I have a question about the difference between 得  和  地it seems that they are both similar to adverb usage in English  my friend generally eats his food quickly  ( 得)我的朋友 吃得很快you are eating quite quickly (right now)   (地)&nbs...

Coffee Break Series - Making a good first impression Pre Intermediate

In the Coffee Break Series, we focus on social etiquette in business settings. In a Chinese workplace, there are certain phrases and words that we use to come off as more polite and respectful. Along the way, we will cover some common ''How do I respond to...

中国的职场文化 Upper Intermediate

evgeniyazhu I find video lessons more effective compared with audio. Thank you very much! 

孙子兵法—作战篇:黩武穷兵还是速战速决? Advanced

BettyZheng 很高兴你喜欢!我们会继续做出更好的视频,敬请期待!

Continued Tone Change Series #2 - Trying Out a New Restaurant Elementary

MohitBajaj Hi! Is there a difference between 有一点儿 and 一点儿? As both were used and mentioned in the video. Thank you!

Lesson 9 - Care For A Drink Newbie

IvanMartynow232 oh my god, old 汉字

小太监进宫四 Advanced

822957078 Like climbing Mt Everest...certainly not as common tho  

Lesson 11 - Try Me Doc. Newbie

gerhard358736044 ok got it - it only makes somehow sense if watch the video. I only listened to the audio lesson - if you do that its rather strange.. thanks for the clarification best wishes

Lesson 8 - Sister Come Home Newbie

IvanMartynow232 If 和 and 跟 are interchangeable, can we say: 我和她一起去大学 ?

Borrowing Money From a Friend Elementary

BettyZheng 不知道方便吗 is a 'yes-no' question since it can be translated into 'I am not sure(不知道)you're available or not(方便吗)'. The clause is the 'yes-no' question. And it's an alternative to 不知道方不方便. And, in this case, people use the same sentence structures in China as well...

Five ways of seeing: 看、见、看见、看到、看出 Qing Wen

mil_ka Thank you so much!!!!  

Lesson 5 - Hungry Washer Newbie

IvanMartynow232 谢谢

I am not that hungry Newbie

297807546 YEEEEEEEET!!!!!

Night life 夜生活,夜经济 Upper Intermediate

730822190 非常感谢

Lesson 2 - Hello Toilet Newbie

IvanMartynow232 谢谢你!

Mainland & Taiwan Lingo: Transportation Qing Wen

297807546 YEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!

Animal Proverbs: Become a pig to catch a tiger Intermediate

Zhou8Yi The 吃 in扮猪吃老虎, does it mean the hunter will eat the tiger, or the tiger will (try to) eat the pig?

Animal Proverbs: Perform like a workhorse Intermediate

BeccaChu Hi, I really appreciate your comment, thank you so much!