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You Only Got to Bed at 2am! Newbie

Darkeos Although I'm in elementary level, this newbie lesson is awesome!! 真棒的课!

Long Distance Relationships Upper Intermediate

georglefkidis Hi everyone, a great lesson, both literally and metaphorically (I've had this situation more than once myself...). Although a bit belated, I have a spelling question Why is it 你说得我都害怕起来 and not 你说的我都害怕起来。I thought that the secondary clause "what you ...

Buying Fresh Fish in the Market Elementary

brisa 啦 is the contraction of 了啊, and, at the end of a sentence, it is used to indicate exclamation. If you left off this 啦, the sentence would be affirmative, no exclamative. If you changed 啦 for 了, it would mean a change of state,  then the fish before were...

Spending Christmas in Asia Elementary

Mingmao How does it change the meaning or tone to say 开派对 rather than 办派对?

How to Say This and That in Chinese using 这 and 那 [ATWTI 11] Newbie

Llorente Could you please some other time explain zhe vs. zhei, na vs nei.  I understand the meaning is the same, is there any other difference, for example I guess that zhei, and nei is more informal.  Please, confirm, explain.

Prepositions in Chinese [ATWTI 13] Newbie

403708265 In 椅子 the simplified and traditional are the same so you just put it there twice.

Asking Directions to the Toilet Elementary

xiao-lan My wife is a native Chinese speaker and said the sentence sounds correct. She said it sounds softer and less harsh to add the "ma".  It might be a difference in what part of China the speaker comes from.

Working Overtime Until 9PM! Elementary

washingtondcmandarincooperative Re: "I no longer have the option to download the lesson pdf for newer lessons. How can I do this? " You can do this by selecting "Downloads" at the left side of the lesson page.  Do you not see this link?  If not you may need tech support.   ...

Asking Too Many Questions Elementary

washingtondcmandarincooperative In the phrase   忙得快疯了! the word 快 means soon.  A literal translation of 快疯了 is "I will soon go mad" but in this case it means "I am on the verge of going mad."  The grammatical pattern with the   得  here i...

Forming Questions with 吗 ma [ATWTI 21] Newbie

yarikde 对!请点击左边的"Report a Mistake" 按钮 ,谢谢

Learning to Cook in Shanghai Elementary

641702328  Awesome lesson. Really enjoy learning Mandarin here!!! Here's how I make the noise for words like "xue" (learn) or "qu" (go). You put your mouth in the shape of an o, and then you try to make an "eeee" noise (as in "Bee"). Maybe you guys would find it ea...

It's Raining So Bad I Don't Want to go Out! Intermediate

majiansen Thank you both for the replies. Made sense to me :)

Prank Telephone Call Upper Intermediate

baolin12 Hello!! I really love chinesepod but I think the conversation is very fast to understand!!! I think you should try to speak in Chinese slowly!! thank you !

一带一路 Part 2 Advanced


上火 Advanced

Miller18pk omg... 中医充满废话,像疾病的根源是身体上火这样他们说无非是废话。他们干吗不健康起来,戒烟,多睡觉,减少压力

What Kind of Ad? Intermediate

210852416 Can someone please tell me why there's a 了 in this sentence: 我一看到广告就关掉了。 I'm guessing because it happens immediately after he/she sees the ad, correct?

Peer Pressure Drinking Upper Intermediate

amandajayne007 The expression "巾帼不让须眉" seems pretty sexist. Is the assumption that other women can't compete with men, so it's a compliment because the female that receives the compliment is as good as men?? Yeesh.

一带一路 Part 1 Advanced

zaphekiah 峰会 fēng huì = summit meeting掉书袋 diào shū dài = lit. to drop a bag of books (idiom); fig. to drop quotations to appear learned; to quote classical texts as a parade of erudition荷花盛开 hé huā shèng kāi = the lotus flowers预告片 y&ug...

Last and Next Qing Wen

user28880 How do you say, "The next two people come forward?"

Where Are You Going In China? Newbie

tanya2105 How can I distinguish when YAO is used as the marker of the future and when as the marker of the will? Thanx