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Describing Beauty Elementary

YuQinCai I don't hear you speaking Chinese but here are my two guesses. Please see if this help you identify them better. 1. Did you pronounce 先 xiān with an open-mouth "a " sound? It's actually pronounced more like "xien"     So 烟 yān &央 yāng; 间 ji...

No Sense of Personal Space Upper Intermediate

Drewster707 Personal space is not excuse for being impolite. After 3 years of living in China (Shenzhen) I'm still not used to two things: loud spitting and clipping nails in public. =(

Which Floor? Elementary

TimInHawaii Funny, on Friday the printed script was missing the line that begins with "谢谢你..." but it's there today.  对不起麻烦你了!

Forks and Spoons Elementary

Diana17 In this lesson, they use sháozi for spoon, but in other places, I usually hear tāng chí. Will people understand both? Or does it depend on the area you're in?

Did It Rain Yesterday? Elementary

  Learn how to ask about the weather, as well as describe when you went to bed and fell asleep.

Catch the Train Newbie

antony73 I think it's pretty neat that a grammar lesson has been placed in the Grammar Section here. Very useful!

Interview Questions Upper Intermediate

Drewster707 Here is more useful vocabulary after my interview: 销售 sales 销售经理 sales manager 公共关系 (公关)public relations 人事部 HR 营销 marketing 采购 to purchase 管理 to manage 职责 responsibility 质量控制 quality control 社交媒体 social media 售后服务 after sales service

Blaming Others Intermediate

Erickones 請問一下, "也就是說..." 跟 "你是說..." 差在哪裡? 謝謝

Messing Up The Date Intermediate

mowaliii 一 have tow pronunciations, it's yi as in 一位朋友,一只猫等。 or yāo as in 九一一 which is jiuyaoyao .. It pronounced yāo for clarity when spelling numbers digit by digit. hope my explanation help you to understand it, I myself had a lot of struggling with that character...

Introducing Business Connections Intermediate

apeseliz 谢谢你们!因为明天我需要介绍几个人, 所以 这是非常有用的。

床头吵床尾和 P3 Advanced

zaphekiah 用威士忌酒治感冒?中文播客的多重宇宙出现了!

Winter in Australia Intermediate

iknowcss Ah ok! Got it. Thanks :)

What Do You Want To Ask? Pre Intermediate

972470111 A bit about 的 which I didn't find in the grammar for this lesson. Source: clause + 的 + noun Finally, we’ll have a look at a slightly more complicated 的 grammar structure. Because 的 can be used to at...

Intro to ATWTI Newbie

NickRizhao Don't hide your freckles Fiona!

ATWTI 5: Thank You & You're Welcome Newbie

YuQinCai 不客气  (búkèqì) is a common automatic response in Chinese.  应该的 is humble and even more polite than 不客气. Even when it's not very much something one should do he/she can still say 应该的 to be humble. Your friends could&nbs...

Chinese Neighbors and Your Children Upper Intermediate

zaphekiah 社区 shè qū = community; community of residents公民 gōng mín = citizen帮手 bāng shǒu = helper; assistant都市化地区 dū shì huà dì qū = urbanized area体谅 tǐ liàng = to make allowances; to empathize; to show understanding; to be cons...

Let Me Sleep a Little Longer Newbie

monicarichards105 I love how I sometimes get to learn English idioms not used in the U.S. via ChinesePod!!! The idiom "have a lie-in" is new to me, but it's totally one we Americans need, because of course, we also don't just SLEEP in, but sometimes just "have a lie-in." In Ame...

This Haircut Please Newbie

monicarichards105 Enjoyed incidentally learning a new English idiom today -- as an American, I'd never heard the phrase "Bob's your uncle" before and had to look it up: Very fun! 

床头吵床尾和 P2 Advanced

robprobyn 我同意这样的想法。

Misunderstanding the Doctor Pre Intermediate

monicarichards105 Can the phrase 我是说 ever be used by someone lower in status (e.g., a student/employee) speaking to someone higher in status (e.g., a teacher or boss -- or even higher in status -- the school principal/university president or CEO) -- or is it rude to use 我是说 wit...