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Binge Reading Intermediate

  In this dialogue, a girl receives a birthday present in the post from her father. It turns out to be the latest book from famed Japanese author, Haruki Murakami (村上 春樹). Learn how to say that you plan to binge read a book in one sitting. Binge Watching T...

Forbidden Palace Love Hotel! Upper Intermediate

dropped_chopstick 女大男小 赞成!赞成!

You Laugh Like a Donkey Intermediate

rafael102 I laughed at one of the expansion examples, where the English translation audio mistakenly reads "this is really nasty" instead of tasty :)

Movie Preference Newbie

788800182 And how to say "historical movies" or "documentary"? Thank you =) 

Past Experience with 过 guò Elementary

887088889 "我昨天去过沃尔玛"!啊!我是中文高手! ;)

Interview Questions Upper Intermediate

Shannon2929 好像上海太危险了吧!;)希望你们都会一边深呼吸,一边把袭击者追出来啦!

What's in Your Handbag? Elementary

Learn how to list common items you might find in your bag, as well as how to say a sweet and savoury cookie.

Picking Up Girls(上) Upper Intermediate

470310098 我听不懂这句话:如果你在开玩笑,可能有情不自禁地想要揍他,但是有一点好像????那个感觉。(6:06-6:10) 请问,什么样的感觉?能不能把汉字写出来? 谢。 安安

【唐诗】嫦娥 Advanced

tati613303949 The video stops at 5:22

中西方幽默 Advanced

425492730 This lesson is featured in the Jokes playlist.  (I) Would it help to have an upper intermediate lesson for this playlist? (Ii) Advanced is hard. Is the playlist meant to be used by intermediate learners? Thanks!

培养自信 Advanced

zaphekiah 姿势 zī shì = posture; position样貌 yàng mào = appearance; manifestation主角 zhǔ jué = leading role; lead经纪人 jīng jì rén = middleman; agent; manager顾问 gù wèn = adviser; consultant直觉 zhí jué = intu...

Attractive Gym Trainer Intermediate

johnsinchina9 这个没经验的医生不知道应该给病人下什么药。 I saw this sentence in the expansion section. I thought from the lesson that the verb here should be 开 (prescribe) rather than 下 (to drug). Am I wrong? Thanks.

Mongolian Yurt Elementary

887088889 "你真的是蜘蛛人吗?"Best expansion ever lol

Working Overtime Until 9PM! Elementary

emilygrey This lesson is very helpful.. Thanks for all the hard work!

黑名单 Blacklisted Advanced

即使是网络世界,也还是由 人 所组成,同样有一些人与人相处要注意的礼貌,今天的播客要给大家简单介绍一下微博上的基本社交礼节,以免被认为是不礼貌的人,甚至错失了邂逅浪漫恋情的机会.

Blacklisted Advanced

floremorand636474976 The text version is empty

To Know: 懂,了解,明白,知道 Qing Wen

lukeaz 现在我明白,但是不懂

Is That a Real Excuse? Intermediate

YuQinCai The 之所以......是因为 pattern in the past or at the moment sentence you wrote are both used correctly. But “尝尝” this kind of verb reduplication is often used in command and suggesting the action is easy to accomplish. Since your stomach doesn't feel we...

How To Use 何尝 Qing Wen

YuQinCai 何尝 here is used to make a rhetorical question about whether you have left or not.When your lover accused you for leaving her/him you would say this, meaning "I have never left." (Not about whether you should or not.) 过 marks the experience. Just 我何尝离开 do...

Talkative Passenger Upper Intermediate

dragongirl13 Is there a mistake with the phrase 食衣住行?  My Chinese tutor tells me it should be 衣食住行。  Thanks!