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物尽其用-绿色能源推动农村绿色发展 Upper Intermediate

CurrentAffairs MisterXia您好!很荣幸我们的课程能带给您益处。对于您的见解深有同感,中国政府为环保事业推出了不少政策,我的家乡的公共交通工具如的士、巴士都在用天然气做燃料。 关于您提出的三个问题,以下答案希望对您有所帮助: 1.“踏出新路子”是一个短语,一般在新闻报道或领导讲话时会这样说,意在表杨某某所做出的努力;口语比较少用。 “踏”在这里读ta4(也读ta1),表示用脚踩;这里就是走出一条新路,形容找到新的方法,或发现新的领域。 2.是”珍稀菌木“...

Hold the Elevator Newbie

Grace Wong MayHaNN, I apologize that your experience with the exercises hasn't been good. I will say that this lesson was published almost ten years ago. I hope that our exercises have gotten better since this. 

How to Use Chopsticks Qing Wen

Grace Wong Yes! My family slurps! I can't really get myself to do it.. I also hate eating sounds. However it is definitely a thing to do to show that it's yummy!

Lost and Found 失而复得 Upper Intermediate

prinnysquad1 I like the English though - there's nothing wrong with having a couple of sentences to explain in a concise manner.

人机合一(三)Android Part 3 Advanced

SongAnYang Why are basic words and phrases such as 话说回来、类似、前台、办事、群众、态度、挑剔、资料、递、熟练、过程、享受、合作 defined and explained in an advanced lesson? How can a conversation that defines 合作 and 享受, to which any Chinese learner should have been exposed early and often, truly be consider...

Something to Do Tomorrow Newbie

Grace Wong 三个句子都有可以用,但是我会说:这次我不能来了;我后天不能来。I hope this is helpful! People will know what you mean when you say this. I hope each of the extra characters that added in the sentence will help make it more clear.     

4 Tones of Zhu Newbie

Grace Wong Oh yay! Yay! Yay! Thank you! I love hearing that this was helpful. 

ATWTI 8: 很 Adjective Newbie

Grace Wong Hmm! You are right! Wine is there but beer is missing. Let me see about fixing this! 

上海垃圾分类回收可 Advanced

CurrentAffairs Dear Migellan, We totally hear you, and we haven't turned a deaf ear to your earnest request.  The root cause of the inclusion of English translations is the fact that the teachers were scheduled to produce a few lessons in one sitting. This way is good ...

How to Say This and That in Chinese using 这 and 那 [ATWTI 11] Newbie

MayHaNN Pinyin missing in the video.

人机合一(一)Android Part 1 Advanced

SongAnYang Victor, thank you for expressing the disappointment many of us feel with these new lessons during the new team's "growing pains."  You expressed my feelings accurately, articulately, comprehensively, and respectfully.  That's how feedback s...

Tips on How To Prepare for the HSK Qing Wen

ElijahW The further I get with vocabulary, the more I’m beginning to think that the HSK 6 vocabulary list is actually a stroke of genius. That was part of my reason for quoting Quinn Cash above, rather than making my own observation - I wanted to somewhat keep t...

Which Floor? Elementary

HollisD This reminds me of a time I was interning in China and saw one of my colleagues video chatting with her boyfriend. I said something like “他是你的男朋友吗?很帅啊!" and she responded "他丑死了!”  I was so confused because that sounded so mean, and the boyfrie...

Gift for a New Girlfriend? Intermediate

chismilin 你们好! I have a doubt, when they say that another use of characer 包 is "一定", "guaranteed", they give an example: "包你喜欢". They say that it is often seen in advertising: "Guaranteed you'll like it". Has it something to do with the character 保? Could it also be use...

古人消暑方法 Ancient Ways to Stay Cool Upper Intermediate

zaphekiah 傍水而建 bàng shuǐ ér jiàn = built next to the water (literary)酷热 kùrè = torrid heat澎湃 péngpài = to surge新颖 xīnyǐng = lit. new bud; fig. new and original衣领 yīlǐng = collar; neck酸软 suānruǎn = limp and painful燚 y&igra...

Where Are You? How to Use 在 with Location in Chinese [ATWTI 12] Newbie

xugande How about Constance introduces herself first for a change?

The Extramarital Affair Intermediate

neemazad Does anyone know what the (mainland) Mandarin translation for 苦水桶 is? 依靠的肩膀?

The New Coworker Intermediate

rafael141714155 I agree, I saw Fiona in youtube and she was great, I don't know why she is gone.

Does This Come with a Warranty? Intermediate

neemazad As someone who has been listening to these in reverse-released order from 2018, it seems that in the future lessons at least, Gwilym and Fi are very good about pointing out "this is what is common in Taiwain and this is what is common in the mainland." I wonde...

Chinese Holidays/中国的节日 Elementary

ChinesePodModerator I am very sorry but the grammar section of our backend software is acting funky. I apologize for the issues with grammar on any of the recently posted lessons. We are trying tto troubleshoot the issues, but so far we have no way to correct the issues.  We...