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孙子兵法—作战篇:黩武穷兵还是速战速决? Advanced

孙子兵法的《作战篇》中有一个特别有名的句子:“食敌一钟,当吾二十钟”,“钟”在这里是一个计算粮食的单位。这句话的意思是,吃敌人的一钟粮食,就相当于吃自己的二十钟粮食。这是为什么呢?你可以今天的课程里找到答案! 这节课我们一起来研究《作战篇》的节选,看看孙子关于战争的“成本”有哪些理解!

Five ways of seeing: 看、见、看见、看到、看出 Qing Wen

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Lesson 5 - Hungry Washer Newbie

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Continued Tone Change Series #2 - Trying Out a New Restaurant Elementary

In our previous newbie tone change series, we have introduced the tone change rules for 不, 一, two third tones, and three third tones. Just like many other aspects in the Chinese language, tone changes are more nuanced than the rules you see in textbooks...

Lesson 11 - Try Me Doc. Newbie

gerhard358736044 Strange lesson  the Dialog makes no sense (offer rice to your doctor???) also no translation and explanation of the Dialog...  also can hear strange noices - amature recording skills - is that the new Quality? 

I am not that hungry Newbie

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Night life 夜生活,夜经济 Upper Intermediate

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Lesson 2 - Hello Toilet Newbie

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Mainland & Taiwan Lingo: Transportation Qing Wen

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Animal Proverbs: Become a pig to catch a tiger Intermediate

Zhou8Yi The 吃 in扮猪吃老虎, does it mean the hunter will eat the tiger, or the tiger will (try to) eat the pig?

Animal Proverbs: Perform like a workhorse Intermediate

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More customers please! Elementary

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Character mind map: 客 guest Elementary

BeccaChu Hello,  Sorry about that. This exercise doesn't include dictation or multiple choice since there aren't expansion sentences.

Animal Proverbs: Don't Force That Bull To Drink Intermediate

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Grumpy Bus Driver Newbie

BeccaChu Hi Yingyue,  You're right! That's a very interesting suggestion, thanks!

Animal Proverbs: Eat like a dragon, work like a worm Intermediate

BeccaChu Hi Thomas, I'm so glad you like this lesson! Be sure to check out other episodes in Animal proverb series: https://www.chinesepod.com/explore?search=animal%20proverbs 

How to use ba 吧 Pre Intermediate

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I am very good at cooking Newbie

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Character Mind Map: 上 up Elementary

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What do you do for a living? Newbie

BeccaChu Hi Natalie, Yes in this case, you can say [nín zuò shénme de]. It's just a colloquial way of saying this sentence and it would not change its meaning by omitting [shì].