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Chinese Handwriting Samples

Posted by babyeggplant June 24, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

I didn't write these myself, but I find them a bit fascinating. Hope nobody minds if I share.


This was written on my hospital record last time I went to the doctor. Even the native speakers I asked were unable to decipher after the first part of "头有压力感." Could it be that doctor scribble is a universal trait?


Some notes written by a 50 something year old woman on the show 养生堂. (A goodie for any of those out there interested in 中药)


And finally the musings of a 20 something year old guy. He has some of the most legible adult writing I have seen. While I prefer this type of writing because I can understand it, he tells me that his writing isn't really considered 好看 by Chinese people.

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