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Version 2009.01.18

Posted by jwlee January 18, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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WeLoveChinesePod 2009.01.18 has been released.  This release contains several bug fixes and new features (since 2008.10.19.testing):

  • there are tooltips that are actually usable -- they are readable, and contain hyperlinks to various online resources, such as dictionaries and character stroke databases
  • the dialogue section identifies speakers, the expansion section identifies reviewed characters and vocabulary sections are in tabular form
  • the generated pages now support sound and look a bit better
  • there is an XSLT stylesheet to convert from XML to LaTeX to create user-customizable PDFs, as well an option to download the ChinesePod-generated ones
  • unparsed HTML caching option -- useful for debugging purposes, and so on
  • index generation -- WLCP now stores a pretty-looking list of downloaded lessons in a file called "wlcpod-index.xml" in the lessons directory to aid in finding lessons

Usage note: the entire directory structure has been overhauled.  Lessons are now stored (by default) in a sub-folder called "lessons", and the "settings.txt" file has been replaced by a much more comprehensive "wlcpod.ini" file that allows for considerable tweaking.  Other than that, usage is pretty much the same, and things still render optimally under Firefox.

 For more information see the WeLoveChinesePod web page. If you accept the license and disclaimer at the bottom of the WeLoveChinesePod web page, then feel free to download WeLoveChinesePod 2009.01.18.

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