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General Discussion (537736)

General Discussion

I Have a Question (440)

This group is for ANYBODY who has a question about Chinese. If you a question, just make a post and let fellow poddies and/or staff help you out. Any and all questions are welcome. It's that simple. What are the advantages of posting your questions here? A) many people can help you, B) other people can also learn from your question, and C) it will be easier for you or other people to find again later if need be.

Transcripts with Tal (304)

Many poddies find being able to see a transcript of the lesson podcast very useful. The main purpose of this group is to gather together in one place links to podcast transcripts which diligent poddies have produced and shared. Feedback, support, thanks and help are also welcome.

Grammar Questions (201)

This is a general group for all of your grammar related questions. Help answer questions, ask the CPod team, or just visit to learn more about Chinese grammar.

中文吧 (183)

THIS GROUP IS FOR COMMUNICATING WITH 汉字 ONLY. (Sorry for screaming in all caps, but it must be emphasized.) Keeping that condition in mind, please join and make a post about (almost) anything you want, and of course, please participate in other discussions as much as possible so that this group can thrive. Although the forum is fairly open, avoid topics and comments that are considered 'sensitive' as it is hoped that this group will be inclusive and not exclusive. 中国人欢迎你们来参加! If you have trouble expressing something you want to write, first write your idea out in 汉字 as best as you can, then highlight the questionable text, and finally go to the 'I Have a Question' group to ask your question in English (http://chinesepod.com/community/groups/view/212). Are there any exceptions to the 汉字 only rule? Yes, occasionally writing an English word or acronym is acceptable if for some reason it would be strange or difficult to write it in 汉字 (such as some proper nouns). No complete sentences in English, though!

ChinesePod Mobile Apps (145)

This group is for the discussion of the ChinesePod mobile apps, including questions, technical issues, and feature requests.