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Student Discount

I would like to know where I can apply for a student discount for the 6-month subscription ?  Thank you !

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Where Can I Get a ChinesePod Mug?


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Exporting Vocabulary to Anki

Can somebody please tell me if this option of importing CP vocabulary onto Anki is still working? If so how does it work? Thanks in advance!

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Chinese to English Translation Software for Medical Book Translation

You don't need any translation software, you just needed Google - if you indeed need a machine translation.  AI (artificial intelligence) is getting more and more advanced, and now we see the GNMT (Google Neural Machine Translation) coming alive. I am w...

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Departure of Jenny Zhu & David Xu, CPod's move to Taiwan

Chinesepod was always easy to listen to BECAUSE it didn't sound like 北京話。 it has always sounded, Quite frankly like Mandarin spoken in....drum roll....Taiwan. And Let's not pretend there aren't different pronunciations all over mainland, as well as dozens of d...

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