ChinesePod gives you access to...

  1. Situational Video Lessons
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...and much more!

Our Features

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    Audio Lessons

    Listen on your commute to work, or even while you exercise. These are great for on the go people.

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    Video Lessons

    65% of people are visual learners, and adding video allows for greater retention as well as making the lesson content, even more, fun and interactive.

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    Study Resources

    Access our website or apps for lesson notes, vocabulary lists, example sentences, exercises and much much more.

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Learn What You NEED

  • Over 4,000 lessons available.
  • Six educational skill levels.
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No Textbook Required

  • Lessons are self-contained.
  • Everything you need to know is explained by the end of a lesson.
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The World Is Your Classroom

  • All lessons have downloadable content.
  • The brand new ChinesePod app lets you take learning on-the-go.
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Chinese Tutors On-Demand

  • Book a class with our hand-selected tutors.
  • Accelerate your learning through one-on-one, live instruction.

Our Content


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No Boring
Textbook Stuff

Our content is
different, quirky,
and fun.

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What Clients Say

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"When I was learning Mandarin, ChinesePod was my favourite resource by far. It was essential in getting me up to basic conversational level in just a few months. I recommend it to everyone learning Chinese!"

Benny Lewis, "The Irish Polyglot"

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"ChinesePod is an incredible resource for mastering spoken Chinese - a vast library of entertaining lessons from a great collection of teachers, all short and friendly enough to squeeze into a busy schedule."

Mike Love, Creator of Pleco

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"ChinesePod has such a vast scope of topics and diversity in levels, which makes it extremely convenient to progress, never-mind the entertaining hosts, great top-down approach and super useful additional content!"

Niel de la Rouviere, Language blogger and web developer at Buffer

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"The lessons have given me the opportunity to reconnect with my roots and the ability to connect with people from all around the world."

Chris Goh, UCLA student majoring in Global Studies

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