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互联网大会 Internet Conference Advanced

互联网大会 Internet Conference
Constance Fang, Fiona Tian
internet, technology, conference, exhibition, internet of things, future

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互联网已经成为许多人生活的一部份了,关于互联网对人类社会的影响与冲击也成为热门话题。究竟互联网创造了哪些机会?又造成了什么问题?都是世界互联网大会关心的事情。今天的课程将提供你大量与互联网议题相关的词汇,保证让你收获满满。The development of the Internet is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, and we are now at a stage where we can't even predict what will come in the future, and how it could influence society, both for better or worse. Listen to a dialogue about the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen.

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