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Coffee Break Series: How to Encourage & Compliment Pre Intermediate

In today's lesson, we will learn how should supervisors encourage employees, for better teamwork and workplace environment.

跳蚤市场──大隐隐于市 Advanced

zaphekiah 山包 shān bāo = (dialect) hill凸起 tū qǐ = convex; protruding; to protrude; to bulge; to buckle upwards小摊 xiǎo tān = vendor's stall整齐划一 zhěng qí huà yī = to be adjusted to uniformity (usually of weights and measures or movements e.g. marching) (idiom...

差不多先生(上) Advanced


Character Mind Map: 加 add Elementary

In Chinese, you often encounter single characters that have multiple related meanings. This has the potential to confuse learners because sometimes it is hard to make connections between component characters and their meanings within multiple-character wor...

Taxi Small Talk: Are you here for the first time? Newbie

In this lesson, Joe and Lyn are teaching you how to make "small talk" when you meet somebody for the first time. Let's check it out!

Continued Tone Change Series #8 - Late for a Show Elementary

washingtondcmandarincooperative Great, thanks so much. You might want to include the link in the lesson description, for the (majority of) users who don't read the lesson comments. I still haven't gotten around to making my own notes yet.  I am more likely to get tripped up by three or ...

Coffee Break #6 - Dinner with Mr. Wang Intermediate

In the intermediate coffee break series, we will follow the footsteps of Nick through his adventure in China. Along the way, you will learn important terms and phrases used in business settings, as well as some tips and tricks on dealing with Chinese busin...

Coffee Break Series: How to be Deliberately Vague, Part 1 Pre Intermediate

864668757 There is an error in the Chinese to English translation for " planning an event for three months" in your subtitles.  It appears you are using the typhoon sentence twice.

Emojis 脑洞大开—表情包 Advanced

zaphekiah 尼克杨 ní kè yàng = Nick Young, a basketball player接地气 jiē dì qì = practical for local needs; down to earth不食人间烟火 bù shí rén jiān yān huǒ = lit. not eating the food of common mortals; fig. placing oneself ab...

Coffee Break Series: How to be Deliberately Vague, Part 2 Pre Intermediate

In today's lesson, we will learn some useful Chinese Language techniques. You will learn to understand "ways of gentility", which is often seen in a Chinese work environment.

No Sense of Personal Space Upper Intermediate

497744976 This lesson not that easy, but still so short, only 15mins for explanations, I would say it’s not enough. Too much grammar and expansion, which are consist of new words. Definitely this lesson need to spend two days for learning.

Can I See the Menu? Newbie

In this lesson, Joe and Lyn are teaching you one of the most important sentences that you should know as a Chinese beginner! This phrase comes in handy in when you go to a restaurant as a foreigner in China. Let's check it out!

Animal Proverbs: Ant's Leg or Sparrow's Mouth? Intermediate

Animal metaphors are prevalent in almost every language, but people from different cultures may regard the same animal differently. In Chinese proverbs, you will see a lot of animal metaphors to symbolize human actions. In this episode, we focus on the ani...

科普小知识:水星上为什么没有水? Advanced

258140922 There is also a 007 work environment.  midnight to midnight, seven days a week.  AKA 24/7   I hope this is starting to phase out a bit though....

Chengyu Series - Like a fish in water Elementary

297807546 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ&list=PLyORnIW1xT6zK4HzR1st0q_N6N-cLtpaI&index=8 /                                             ...

Veteran movie fans 资深影迷—最爱电影 Advanced

zaphekiah 影评 yǐng píng = film review气场 qì chǎng = qi field (qigong); aura; atmosphere乘火打劫 chéng huǒ dǎ jié = to take advantage of sb's misfortune; to loot二战 Er zhàn = World War II漂泊 piāo bó = to drift (in the tide); to rove; to ...

哪里不一样:发音差异, Part 3 Upper Intermediate


Are reserved seats REALLY reserved? 坐立不安──高铁霸坐 Advanced

zaphekiah 摩肩接踵 mó jiān jiē zhǒng = lit. rubbing shoulders and following in each other's footsteps; a thronging crowd赶往 gǎn wǎng = to hurry to (somewhere)孝心 xiào xīn = filial piety (a Confucian obligation); respect and obedience to one's parents接地气 jiē d&ig...

In the red 入不敷出—收入不够开支 Advanced

zaphekiah 逢年过节 féng nián guò jié = to meet for new year or other annual festivities息息相关 xī xī xiāng guān = closely bound up (idiom); intimately related办年货 bàn nián huò = do one's new year shopping急切 jí qiè =...

蛇的价值 Advanced

258140922 Zoey Amazing and inspiring.  Great fluid reading (which is pretty hard, actually) and very good pronunciation.  How long have you studied?  What has been your study methodology?