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外交辞令 2/4 (Diplomat Series) Advanced

floremorand636474976 Why not making more lessons about chinese history ?

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #5 Newbie

Are you one of the Chinese learners who are afraid of complicated and scary Chinese characters? In this series, we are gonna show you 66 traditional characters that you see every day produced in our Taipei Studios! Check it out and enjoying learning ...

A letter from George H.W. Bush 老布什的一封信 Intermediate

ElshaYiu Thanks! We are fixing the level drift issue now. Stay tuned for upcoming lessons. 

China's 1st and 2nd Tier Cities Pre Intermediate

ElshaYiu Glad I hear that you like this lesson. Thanks for your suggestion.

Chinese Idioms - Spiderwebs and Horse Tracks Newbie

ElshaYiu Thanks for your comment! We will put the idiom separately next time. 

My boss is younger than me 打破论资排辈──上司比我年轻 Upper Intermediate

maggiehk Totally agree. Definitely need a native English speaker who knows which bits to point out and NOT have random chat. Keep it linked to lesson content.   Often the random chat sounds terribly scripted anyways.   

In the red 入不敷出—收入不够开支 Advanced

当购物狂遇上财政危机,打折商品难以收入囊中......怎样用轻松、流行的话谈论购物、“我没钱了”用中文怎样委婉、含蓄地表达呢?来听听看! 汉语水平考试词汇: 5- 优惠,反而,吃亏,损失,克制,谨慎 6- 精打细算,赤字,欲望,预算, 支出,当心 Learn words/phrases a shopaholic uses when faced with bargains despite already in the red, a situation described as 入不敷出 (expenses exc...

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #4 Newbie

joanmolinaurquizu Hi! In the video the character for week is only shown in its traditional version  週 while in the simplified version is different 周. I guess many chinesepod users learn mandarin Chinese in its simplified form so It would be interesting at least to sho...

Flowers and Bugs Intermediate

ElijahW Got it! I’ll try to reply today. 

Papa Snake and Baby Snake Intermediate

ElshaYiu Glad to hear that you love this lesson! Stay tuned for our upcoming ones.

Long Distance Relationships Upper Intermediate

ElshaYiu Thanks for brining it up! We will check with the IT team.

Right Away Your Highness Intermediate

ElshaYiu Thanks for pointing it out! We will fix it.

Pageant Final Episode Intermediate

ElshaYiu Thanks, artkho! This is the song!

New Breadmaker! Newbie

ElshaYiu Thanks for your comment! We will continue to improve our lessons. Stay tuned.

Just Looking Newbie

ElijahW Those are pretty tough for Newbie. Some of them are more like Elementary words.

Foot Therapy Intermediate

ElshaYiu For questions containing 能, you could answer them using both 可以 and 能. Hope this helps!

Online Group Shopping Intermediate

eesy186 Thanks for the advice. I just reported the mistake as you suggested. Hope it can be fixed soon.

Getting a Tattoo Intermediate

ElshaYiu Also, many teenagers choose to become a  tattoo artist in Taiwan now. In Taiwan, tattoos could be perceived as a form of arts actually. Taiwan Tattoo Convention is held annually since 2009. So, tattoo are widely accepted in the society. If you want to ta...

Mild Swearing Elementary

ElijahW The common lack of a subject often leaves me confused when listening to Chinese people. They find it odd that I have a hard time with that. They seem to just somehow "know" who is being discussed, and I have to stop and ask, "Wait... Do you want ME to do that,...

Shanghai Expo Pavilions Intermediate

ElshaYiu In the script, they shouldn't be an 儿化音. But, it is very common to add 儿化音 colloquially among Chinese especially someone who comes from the Northern region.