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How Relaxing Elementary

podster Here is the relevant page on John Pasden's Chinese Grammar Wiki: https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/%E7%9D%80  

Flu Vaccination Intermediate

nataliya320339836 Very useful in the times of covid

Coffee Break Series - Phone Etiquette Pre Intermediate

lamartiniere Hi everybody, I love this lesson. I want to return on two new expressions I have heard from Alice: 1- 敝姓史。 The use of "敝" is new for me. Could you explain? 2-先不用。 Why "先"?  Thank you this interesting lesson. 乔治。

入乡随俗 Upper Intermediate

Karl2K Also, 9:06 - 9:10 would be great to have the Chinese characters for. At first I thought this echo was some kind of special effect. It sounds pretty cool; I just can't really understand it.

Animal Proverbs: Shoot the Bird That Pokes Its Head Out Intermediate

179970745 Another Chinese proverb is 鳥倦知還 Niǎo juàn zhī hái. Thanks.

Character Mind Map: 出 out Elementary

172418014 man these videos are soooo cringe worthy 

Mongolian Yurt Elementary

jesseconway29 Am I the only one watching these in 2020? Hope not

How to Use Chopsticks Qing Wen

haokan82479 I thought I saw this lesson on youtube a few weeks ago?  What happened to it?  I was hoping to share it with my students for a fun online chopstick lesson. -施老师

吃惊,惊讶,惊人,惊喜 Upper Intermediate

Karl2K What is 8:03 yi dian er  ________________?   Also 8:20 it sounds like "shi nian" but I don't know what it is.  There's some fast speaking going on, which I appreciate. There's some hard stuff in here but that's good. Like, you xin jia, mean...

抗击疫情 温暖同行 Upper Intermediate

rogerblayney Yes, I prefer the dialogue without sound effects or background music, thank you!

2018 Google Most Searched News Intermediate

chris3 Great lesson, a little dificult for intermediate. Should be upper intermediate. 

最后一杯热拿铁 Part 1 Advanced


Can You Take a Photo For Me? Newbie

This new lesson is about a major problem for people when traveling alone. And that is taking pictures of yourself! Yes you can always take selfies, but it doesn’t work for full body photos! In this lesson, Joe and Lyn will show you how to ask someone to ta...

宅经济的发展 Upper Intermediate

541953721 Wow this was really good, having the full subtitles really made this much more accessible than other upper intermediate lessons. Thank you!

Miss, is this yours? Newbie

elshatesting 你好!什么意思呢?

武汉:千万人口城市揿下重启键 Media

podster Joshua, please re-read the comment.   "70 million deaths" is a bad translation.  Wrong by a couple orders of magnitude.  Also, can I infer that you wrote this script in the first week of April? Maybe to avoid confusion in future you could ...

Housing Supply and Demand Upper Intermediate

258140922 好的阿姨很难找,月薪五千以上都供不应求。 How much are you paying Ayi-s in China?

Square Dancing: Chinese Style Upper Intermediate

258140922 Hi All 新陈代谢xīnchéndàixièmetabolism Thank you for this - it is a good vocabulary, and I would not have understood by reading it. Is there a background to how this got translated? (not based on sound - is there a connection to the meaning of...

Let's Do Math In Chinese! Qing Wen

chris3 How do you say to do percentages, or to calculate percentages. 

Tell me your business secret! Elementary

446558457 Thank you for your prompt reply! What I understand I just have to remember when to use which tone?! Was hoping maybe in a verb use one tone and in a noun the other. But it seems not that simple...