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Prepositions in Chinese [ATWTI 13] Newbie

stevinsjs Super fun lesson. It is nice to laugh and learn I think. This is very useful vocabulary. 

So Now She's Spinning? Intermediate

isaac1 Hey, 2 quick questions. What does Fiona say at around 12.12 to 12.19? She was speaking a bit fast for me to understand. Also what's the difference between 当中 and 其中. Thanks

Chinese for Parents Qing Wen

pupul07 I am new to ChinesePod and I just love these QingWen lessons! I have just one small suggestion to make. It would be awesome if you guys could add subtitles for Constance's dialogue in addition to the example sentences being discussed throughout the lesson. I f...

ATWTI 3: Asking Questions Politely Newbie

mrrthor 谢谢!现在我明白了!

The logic behind 別的,其他,另外 Qing Wen

DebbieJT Great lesson! 谢谢!

This is How I Study: Interview with Advanced Student Kohl Advanced

blwinters Great to see someone who is so clearly comfortable speaking Chinese. I'm definitely going to look for ways to cultivate my curiosity.

“反波”看“反日” Media

470310098 链接打不通。有没有人下载了来源的材料?

【唐诗】嫦娥 Advanced

598735503 the video is only 5:22 long

Discussing Craft Beer in Chinese - 精酿啤酒 Advanced

Mingmao I had been under the impression that 恕 was a quite formal word. In a previous Chinesepod lesson, I believe it was described as usually only used for very serious situations, such as asking forgiveness from God. Has the usage changed over the years, or is ...

That's a Mandarin Duck Pre Intermediate

In this lesson, a couple is walking around a garden, discussing all the different things they see, including the roses, the willows, and the Mandarin ducks. We also learn some interesting cultural insights about these 3 things and how they relate to Chinese cu...

Could You Pass The... Elementary

taiyang2104 dajia hao ! "qǐng bǎ shēngyīn tiáo dī yīdiǎn,hǎo ma?" instead, wo keyi shuo: "qing tiao di yidian shengyin, hao ma ?" ma ? xie xie !

Dropping and Losing 丢, 弄丢,丢掉 Qing Wen

taiyang2104 dajia hao ! qingwen: Wo zuotian nongdiule qian ! Wo zuotian ba wo de qian nongdiu le ! Wo zuotian ba qian nong diu le! dou shi yiyang de yisi ma ?? xiexie

I Don't Want to Be a Housewife Upper Intermediate

zaphekiah 垮着脸 kuǎ zhe liǎn = sour faced, full of suffering领班 lǐng bān = supervisor; foreman; head waiter or waitress盘腿 pán tuǐ = to sit cross-legged; to sit in the lotus position膝盖 xī gài = knee养活 yǎng huo = to provide for; to keep (animals, a family, ones...

见面三分情 Advanced

598735503 12:15 what is shuobuduojiu 去干嘛

喵星人 Advanced

598735503 8:46 what is poshuo

人间蒸发 Advanced

598735503 10:54 what is chengdui 比较高

中西僵尸比一比 Advanced

598735503 what is 13:47 tuofu ???

Where's This Alcohol From? Elementary

mochiq Hi Stan, not an expert but no, using 只 instead of 才 would mean something totally different. 才 and 只 do both mean "only" in a sense, but the nuances are different. 这样做才对 is something like "If you do it this way, only then shall it be correct", it is condi...

Where Are You? How to Use 在 with Location in Chinese [ATWTI 12] Newbie

Gwilym@ChinesePod We're so happy to hear that Gaby :)

词库理论 Advanced

Miller18pk 几年来内我阅读一些乔姆斯基写的书。除了语言理论之外他喜欢写关于政治学。我觉得他非常非常有智慧,我也把他当作乔老爷爷。