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How Old Is Your Brother? Newbie

HollyAlb Quick Question, Can you use ji sui when talking about the age of other things. Like places or things.How old is that building or something similar? Thanks. 

Forming Questions with 吗 ma [ATWTI 21] Newbie

MayHaNN The word "water" is missing in the vocabulary list.

主席讲话 Part 1 Advanced

CurrentAffairs Hi SongAnYang,  指名道姓, as samthomas pointed out to mean “to directly name”, can be used in an extended context to point to a group, race, and a country. 

I'm So Happy! 快乐, 高兴, 幸福 Qing Wen

CurrentAffairs Hi there, 开心 is used almost interchangeably with 高兴, both being an adjective, but not with  快乐和幸福 which are noun and adjective. Because they differ in grammatical forms, they are used differently in a sentence.   In terms of meaning, they differ in ...

同舟共济-中非合作 Advanced

zaphekiah 贵在坚持 guì zài jiān chí = the important/most valuable thing is to persevere严谨 yán jǐn = rigorous; strict; careful; cautious; compact; well-knit修宪 xiū xiàn = constitutional amendment打官腔 dǎ guān qiāng = to talk officiously; to as...

虎妈教育方式的的利与弊-Tiger Mom(2/3) Advanced

zaphekiah Thanks! That's helped me fill in a few of the blanks.

Greater Bay Area 大湾区 Advanced

SongAnYang I think this is a solid Upper Intermediate lesson and the best one I've heard so farsince the transition (although I'm still not caught up). Just a few comments (aside from what has been already mentioned about the use of English): 1. I really like the present...

古人消暑方法 Ancient Ways to Stay Cool Upper Intermediate

earls 谢谢您,很有帮助,我知道了!

英国脱欧 Brexit Advanced

samthomas 事实性的错误那么多! I agree with dong_hua_sen above. Come on chinesepod! 1)英国脱欧是英国前首相卡梅伦2013年一月二十三日首次提出来的 不对。英国独立党是1993 成立的! 2)这和英国从十九世纪开始,就奉行对欧洲大陆事务不予干涉的独立政策息息相关“ 第一世界战? 第二世界站? 波斯尼亚战争? 进入欧洲经济共同体 ? 3)英国国内的在野党批评英国脱欧会损害英国形象,此举会动摇投资者对英国的信心,以及影响伦敦作为世界金融中心的地位 不对...

The New Coworker Intermediate

nicholas765222692 Is the word tiao 调 also used for transferring money?  E.g. on WeChat?  Or is 调 only used when people transfer?

Doing Things in Places [ATWTI 15] Newbie

Grace Wong Hello MayHaNN I will forward this to our tech department. Thank you!

A Tour of Xi'an Intermediate

Grace Wong I feel 本事 is more personal. 本事 and 才能 both can mean skill and ability. Sentence example: 你有本事你来打我, but you cannot say: 你有才能你来打我啊。本事 is more about the ability within and 才能 is more skill. 

Chinese Holidays/中国的节日 Elementary

Grace Wong Hello! :) 

Emergency Call Newbie

Grace Wong Awesome Aaron! Email me at or comment on the lessons if you have any questions at all! 

首个智慧面包坊在京亮相 Advanced

CurrentAffairs 知道就可以了,我们有时候不要局限于形式化。您除了听课还自己查找词典,是非常值得鼓励的学习方法。 继续加油!

Which Floor? Elementary

Grace Wong Hey HollisD, in Asia they usually deflect compliments. It their way of humility. So if someone told my mom oh your daughter is so smart, or oh she is pretty. My mom would respond with ohh no no you're daughter is much more talented or no no she not. Unlike in ...

How to Use Chopsticks Qing Wen

Grace Wong Yes! My family slurps! I can't really get myself to do it.. I also hate eating sounds. However it is definitely a thing to do to show that it's yummy!

Lost and Found 失而复得 Upper Intermediate

prinnysquad1 I like the English though - there's nothing wrong with having a couple of sentences to explain in a concise manner.

人机合一(三)Android Part 3 Advanced

SongAnYang Why are basic words and phrases such as 话说回来、类似、前台、办事、群众、态度、挑剔、资料、递、熟练、过程、享受、合作 defined and explained in an advanced lesson? How can a conversation that defines 合作 and 享受, to which any Chinese learner should have been exposed early and often, truly be consider...

Something to Do Tomorrow Newbie

Grace Wong 三个句子都有可以用,但是我会说:这次我不能来了;我后天不能来。I hope this is helpful! People will know what you mean when you say this. I hope each of the extra characters that added in the sentence will help make it more clear.