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The Tones of Ma Newbie

JennyZhou 是的!  谢谢。 Thank for sharing with our community.

Drinking Chinese Spirits Qing Wen

light487 What is the difference between liè 烈 and nóng 浓 in relation to strength? When I talk about strong coffee, I say 浓的咖啡. is it more about the strength of the flavour rather than the strength or power of the alcohol?

HSK How to Use ChinesePod

Grace Wong Okay Bereniceh thank you for your input!

Making the Ordinary Life Seem Romantic Part 2 Advanced

Grace Wong Wow!!! Thank you!

Jump On the Forum How to Use ChinesePod

黑名单 Blacklisted Advanced

evetei 我非常同意這個建議,謝謝!  

Making the Ordinary Life Seem Romantic Part 1 Advanced

zaphekiah 这个肯定算是软广

Winter in Australia Intermediate

jbearjags 明白了。谢谢

ATWTI 10: 是 To be, or not to be Newbie

AudioAvanti 您好, This 台湾 is the simplified form. This臺灣 is the traditional form. Because the traditional form is very complicated, even people in Taiwan, where the traditional forms are usually used, tend to use the simplified form. So the simplified 台 form is gene...

Phone Numbers 电话号码/電話號碼 in Chinese [ATWTI 26] Newbie

AudioAvanti In the 2nd phone number constance reads she says 1,7,0,0,2... the 2nd zero before the two sounds much different to me than the first zero. Is there a reason for this? Awesome lesson by the way! 

Hungry Traveler: Guangdong Elementary

Grace Wong You are so right! I totally agree:)

How to Use Chopsticks Qing Wen

light487 Living with my parents in law (who are from mainland China), I have found the opposite to be true in respect of slurping. I asked about it because I was brought up to not slurp my food. They said that they slurp when they find something especially tasty. If it...

Excited About Traveling Elementary

klee7798 cool nice photo

Likes and Dislikes - Hobbies [ATWTI 19] Newbie

Stuart55 I'm really enjoying the whole atwti series, especially the additional comments from Fiona and Constance to the use of some the words/phrases, that you probably wouldn't get anywhere else. Well done ladies.

ATWTI 9: 非常 Adjective Newbie

Kriti2905 谢谢 Fiona 和 Constance 老师。 你们都非常漂亮,聪明。我很喜欢听你们。

Full for Real Elementary

989409063 Seems like "slowly" in the vocab list is a typo, Im guessing it should be man4man4

"Thinking" in Chinese: 觉得 (juéde), 认为 (rènwéi) and 以为 (yǐwéi) Qing Wen

Grace Wong Thanks for the suggestion! When I looked up this thinking lesson to see it in icon version, I did see - "Thinking" in Chinese: 觉得 (juéde), 认为 (rènwéi) and 以为 (yǐwéi)- however it was cut off because it was so long but when I hov...

The Sun Salutation in Yoga Upper Intermediate

Mingmao The video used as reference for this lesson no longer works. Please host supplementary media needed to clarify lessons on the Chinesepod website to prevent it becoming obsolete in the future.

Secrets to Learning Chinese Upper Intermediate

497580194 I love it.  It's a natural and powerfully communicative result of cultures interacting more closely.