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Let Me Sleep a Little Longer Newbie

stevinsjs Move over 是不是 Shì bù shì Is or isn't? and meet my new favorite Chinese phrase: 越来越  Yuè lái yuè More and more! 

Did It Rain Yesterday? Elementary

stevinsjs Expansion section interested me in studying Chinese numbers. Simple concept, but nice to see as well. Here they are FYI: zero  零   Língten  十   shítwenty  二十   èr shít...

How to Add Emphasis Qing Wen

DebbieJT Excellent lesson! 谢谢!

Spending a Little Too Much Intermediate

827096047 Hi. Really Cool lesson. I work in a industrial slaughterhouse, so Im interested if you can make a video about more cuts and beef meat vocabulary suck as: Fillet Mignon, tenderloin, Knucle, shannks etc. Thanks for your awesome job.

To Know: 懂,了解,明白,知道 Qing Wen

couldashouldawoulda such a great episode explaining all the nuances 

Help Moving House Intermediate

Daniel28 谢谢!!!

Put Me Through to Mr. Cai Intermediate

Mingmao How fascinating! I did not know that was your surname. It sounds very prestigious. (:What I meant was, how you would tell someone which "Cai" you mean when you cannot write it, such as over the phone. Such as when people say "耳东陈" or "弓长张."

Where Is The 在 At? Qing Wen

Mingmao 趴到沙发上。 - Does this mean lying on one's stomach/front on the sofa? That seems uncomfortable. Could this mean lying on one's back or side? Thanks.

A Concerned Colleague(上) Upper Intermediate

YuQinCai 我觉得是一个有科学根据的偏方! I think it's a scientifically proven folk remedy.

Lying in Chinese Newbie

YuQinCai Let's clarify the difference between 看 and 见 as verbs here first. The character 看 is a combination of  a hand(手) and an eye (目) so you would use 看 in these situations. Hey look! There's a bird.你看!那里有一只鸟。 I don't want to look.我不想看。 The character 见 ...

Blaming Others Intermediate

YuQinCai Can you clarify which sentence did you see? That way I can see what you don't understand better. I couldn't find it with 带 in the expansion.

闪婚 Advanced

YuQinCai It doesn't necessarily have to live in one house together although it's one way to 相处. 相处 means to get along, and deal with each other. See the example here. 跟同事相处真累人!Gēn tóngshì xiāngchǔ zhēn lèirén!It's so tiring to deal with...

十月怀胎 Advanced

YuQinCai 顺产 means natural labour. If you want to describe it went well you could say 生产过程很顺利! 

The Rise of Live Streaming Upper Intermediate

William Connors 谢谢

Express Delivery Elementary

davehochh It seems like it is suddenly asking me touodrage to premium to listen to just the dialogue. It never did that before. 

Describing Beauty Elementary

198614054 Hello,I have the basic membership and I was able to access both the dialogue and the full lessons before.  Now it will not allow me to open anything except the full dialogue. Please help.Thank you

Getting on Stage with a Seal Intermediate

Gwilym@ChinesePod Try deleting your cache if it doesn't work the first time.

Let's Do Math In Chinese! Qing Wen

Peter Stamadianos BEDMAS for order of operations in English. Easy trick for students to remember..

How to Say This and That in Chinese using 这 and 那 [ATWTI 11] Newbie

Mingmao Constance: "Why?" So cute!

主席讲话 Part 2 Advanced

zaphekiah 先贤 xiān xián = worthy predecessor; distinguished person of the past; former sage贴近 tiē jìn = to press close to; to snuggle close; intimate; to closely match惨痛 cǎn tòng = bitter; painful; deeply distressed天下太平 tiān xià tài p&i...