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宅经济的发展 Upper Intermediate

541953721 Wow this was really good, having the full subtitles really made this much more accessible than other upper intermediate lessons. Thank you!

Miss, is this yours? Newbie

elshatesting 你好!什么意思呢?

Housing Supply and Demand Upper Intermediate

258140922 好的阿姨很难找,月薪五千以上都供不应求。 How much are you paying Ayi-s in China?

Square Dancing: Chinese Style Upper Intermediate

258140922 Hi All 新陈代谢xīnchéndàixièmetabolism Thank you for this - it is a good vocabulary, and I would not have understood by reading it. Is there a background to how this got translated? (not based on sound - is there a connection to the meaning of...

Let's Do Math In Chinese! Qing Wen

chris3 How do you say to do percentages, or to calculate percentages. 

Tell me your business secret! Elementary

446558457 Thank you for your prompt reply! What I understand I just have to remember when to use which tone?! Was hoping maybe in a verb use one tone and in a noun the other. But it seems not that simple...

Coffee Break Series - 5 Ways to Say I’m Sorry Pre Intermediate

This lesson is gonna be very useful for people who mess up a lot at work because we’re going to teach you 5 ways to apologize in Chinese. You know sometimes no matter how sincere and apologetic you are, a simple 对不起 just doesn’t cut it. Well after watching...

Animal Proverbs: Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers Intermediate

aevans Hi,  I think I have recently heard a slightly different saying involving a tiger and a mountain.  In English it goes something like "if you make a habit of going up the mountain, you will eventually meet a tiger", meaning if you keep on pushing your ...

杯弓蛇影的故事 Advanced


饭圈女孩 Advanced

viet144 谢谢你的特别有用的答案,Josh!!!! 

Chengyu Series - Five Flowers and Eight Doors Elementary

translatejake How about this?...    好莱坞是个五光十色的世界。

S.H.E. and Super Star KTV Time

chris3 Shame the sentences aren't working, this would be great. 

One Egg Tart, Please Newbie

Bella88 I think this is one of the better Newbie lessons to come out in a while! The grammar and vocabulary were appropriate to the newbie level and the explanations were clear and helpful.

The Pen is Out of Water Newbie

anonymous1110751 bob

Comparing Buts: 但 and 却 Qing Wen

bogar Why no dictionary here? 

Career Guidance Upper Intermediate

258140922 agreed.   The double negative is tricky to start.  Harder to understand in a foreign language and then not sure if it is or is not a mistake can get frustrating.    Thanks for asking.  I like the traslation: It's a bit hard--well-k...

The Three De's: 的/得/地 Qing Wen

mehdi657992305 Great video! Where can I find the printable quiz? I would have assumed under "Exercises" but everything is blank there. Thanks

Weekend Appointments Newbie

456624698 enjoyed it

Character Mind Map: 面 face Elementary

ngkuhlman 因为我现在在家工作, 所以有很多线上见面。

Mobile payments in China 移动支付遍布中国 Upper Intermediate

viet144 大家好! 我跟veronique21有一样的问题, 就是为什么最后一个句子用《不》: 我用我的手机拨号不就行了. 是错误吗?我不懂。谢谢!!!!