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How to Say Your Name in Chinese [ATWTI 17] Newbie

Sarah320 They basically mean the same thing but literally, 你的名字是什么 is 'Your name is what' and 你叫什么名字 is 'you called what name'. Hope that helps!

Is Home Cooking Safer? Upper Intermediate

hilarytung 每次听到新闻说中国食物出问题会让我觉得很难过,因为中国也有国家食品药品监督管理总局。

"3 Cup" Chicken Recipe Upper Intermediate

hilarytung 我们的中文老师让了我们一起在上堂时候煮三杯鸡,真的蛮好吃的~!

World Gourmand: A Foodie's Paradise Upper Intermediate

hilarytung 麻婆豆腐在美国很受欢迎,但是不知道美国人熟悉的麻婆豆腐跟地道川菜的麻婆豆腐有没有差别。谢谢~!

Department Store Annoucements Upper Intermediate

hilarytung 大家好~! 我也好奇上面的问题:are the 百货公司 comparable to malls (with different stores) or department stores (generally more high-end malls)? At least, this is my understanding of what shopping can be like in the U.S. 谢谢~!

Always Eating Out Upper Intermediate

hilarytung Could "清淡“ be translated as something other than ”bland," in this context? 我的妈妈是广东人,所以他煮的菜 - 特别她做的汤 - 大部分都是满清淡的。My understanding of the adjective is something along the lines of "cooked in such a way that there's little need for a lot of seasoning ...

书法 Advanced

domhaitao 很感谢你给我们的名单哦!(列表?名单?不清楚哪一个最合适的)

ATWTI 8: 很 Adjective Newbie

Mayinga1234 I have been taking a book 1 Chinese class at a university here in taiwan. These lessons go perfectly woth what I'm learning. I can't believe how well they supplement the curriculum. Looking forward to more videos. 

Self-Introduction Letter Upper Intermediate

vmarkin 我觉得这一篇播客很难,因为有很多复杂的句式。 这一篇播客, “resume revisions”, 和 “Applying for a work visa” 都对在中国找工作很有用。

Intro to ATWTI Newbie

thomkoller Wish I could peg your accent. Sometimes you sound like a Kiwi, sometimes American, sometimes Canadian. Perhaps SA? Anyway, I'm looking forward to these. The few I've tried are excellent. Thanks for the good work.

Farm Life Tourism Upper Intermediate

Ed2010X I have seen many restaurants in Shandong province that play on the natural and health conscious theme. Some of these are elaborate and include fake trees and foliage, water features and so on....... Below is a dish that I think was meant to appeal to the city ...

Shared Economy or Burden Upper Intermediate

Dominik_in_Hong_Kong 这个课程有很多有用的词汇,感谢你们! 虽然这种出租有GPS自行车公司的分配资源方法比传统出租公司的有效率高多了,我觉得Mobike,OBike,Ofo-Bike都不是共享经济公司。优步,Airbnb 果然是共享经济的公司,因为他们分配的资源不属于那些公司 - 反之GPS自行车属于Mobike, OBike等等。。。 这些公司的脚踏车都是订做的,也不是共享的,是出租的。 而且我不太喜欢这个说法“共享经济“ - 因为共享应该是免费的。优步,Airbnb 的商业模式应该叫”准入经济&r...

What Do You Want To Ask? Pre Intermediate

Hornakkan I feel the same about the last sentence, haha.

What are your Holiday Plans? Upper Intermediate

user32382 Wo ye shi. Tai xie xie ni le bao kuo Pinyin.

Getting a Work Visa Upper Intermediate

Duongtrinh5905 That went really dark really quick

Using "Can" 会、能、可以 [ATWTI 28] Newbie

jinkeli Thanks for the link, I have provided feedback to CP team (in the past) that if there is mention of a specific lesson in an episode, they need to make sure they link to it.

Applying for a Work Visa Upper Intermediate

vmarkin 我想在中国找工作,所以这一篇播客很有用!

Small Talk at a Leaving Party Intermediate

Yuhan Lin 谢谢!我有机会再加入其它资源。

Guilin Mifen The Menu Stealer

matman1115 nice r u still on the team wyd on it if u r, plz dont say nm, ttyl, prs

Attractive Gym Trainer Intermediate

zhangyanglu152 Why is this lesson called "Hot Gym Instructor" on the app and "Attractive Gym Trainer" in the web version? Can you please make sure the titles match?