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Keeping in Touch Pre Intermediate

jasonworthington117 I have a question (by the way... thanks again YuQinCai for your last explanation!!!) 1. a. 昨天我跟他見了面. (Does 昨天我跟他見面了have a different meaning or maybe it doesn't make sense??)     b. 洗了澡就睡吧. (Does 洗澡了就睡吧 have a different meaning or maybe it d...

Talking about Illness Pre Intermediate

jasonworthington117 謝謝您!!! YuQinCai, your explanation makes sense!!!Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Jason

Drinking Chinese Spirits Qing Wen

wernicke85 On a recent trip to the Philippines I noticed that the Craft Beer Phenomenon has expanded to SE Asia. Has it gotten to China or Taiwan, and if so how would ask if a restaurant has a craft beer selection?  Also, if it is something that is popularizing out ...

春捂秋冻 Advanced

598735503 what is 18:35 chuan yi jing? what does it mean?

How to Use 了: Change of State Qing Wen

djfite In your last example, 去年,她就去美国了。You're expressing that she went to the US last year, and is still there. That's the current situation. Is that right? 或者可以说,去年,她就搬到美国了。Last year, she moved to the US. (and she's still there.) Correct?

How to Use 了: Action Complete Qing Wen

djfite I had a breakthrough with this video, thank you. I never understood why people say when greeting you 你吃过了吗?The answer should be 我吃过了, 不是,我吃了。This was a huge help. Fi, your comments below about what beginners say, but what they really mean is what really helped...

How To Sound Polite Qing Wen

Frankenmiller I think if you're supersensitive to this sorta thing than China is the wrong place to come. China is dirty and there's a strong perception that Chinese lack good manners and are quite rude. Day to day life in China reinforces these negative stereotypes. I love...

游大观园 Advanced

YuQinCai 是“珠钗”

Reporting a Missing Credit Card Intermediate

YuQinCai Because we usually cut(剪) it before you throw(扔) it away. It just safer.

Wishing People Well at Chinese New Year Intermediate

sebast1an Why is the year of the rooster awkward sounding, I don't quite get it? Otherwise, this lesson is greatly helpful :)))

Patience for Doctors and Patients Upper Intermediate

Frankenmiller 中国医生的情况总是让我吃惊了,简直不可理喻,与美国相比相反的。当然在美国我们把医生当作最聪明的专门。我们认为医生会总是为了我们的江康关心。 Here in Shandong Province Doctors are seen as gangsters! Nobody trusts them! 在我看来,谁都宁可看望中医,也不好好儿去医院。我认为这些中医们是坏人,是骗人。 Always see the Eastern Medicine Witch Doctors on the streets smoking this...

Winning Money on the Lottery Intermediate

Fiona@ChinesePod 好感动喔!你竟然注意到了!谢谢你的关心,我已经没感冒了:) Fi

Shared Economy or Burden Upper Intermediate

Gwilym@ChinesePod OK part 3 should be fixed now.  Thanks for letting us know. 

Rude Waitress Part 2/2 Elementary

couldashouldawoulda bc i don't know how to say it made me chuckle i will say it in english...

雨巷 'Rain Alley' Poem Upper Intermediate

VDragonUQ Guilym - please do a special series on this - a literary poem series!  This is a HIT! Maybe later add short excerpts from literary classics: Dream of the Red Chamber, modern novel and short story writers, like Lu Xun, Eileen Chang of "Love Caution" fame,...

Self-Introduction Letter Upper Intermediate

Frankenmiller 最好的课程,我最喜欢这里讨论的短语,必定丰富了我对汉语的知识,谢谢大家,坚持努力的工作吧

扎着麻花辫的女孩二 Advanced

598735503 The best translation for 不做亏心事不怕鬼敲门, in my opinion, is "A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder"

Q&A 1: Questions from the Forum Qing Wen

Fiona@ChinesePod Welcome back 欢迎

Fairy Tale KTV Time

133245203 None of the dialog files can be downloaded...