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Prenatal Checkup, Part 1 Intermediate

henryng I thought gong gong was the mother's father. the notes say gong gong is husband's father.

"Without you I'm so lonely" 没有你陪伴真的好孤单 Intermediate

chi474883638 He's definitely under the bigger Mandopop umbrella. He's more of a rock musician, like a 2000s version of Bruce Springsteen!  

Checking into a Hotel Newbie

podster Not to worry.  But thanks for following up.  I was curious about your question and could not figure out what you meant. By the way, if the room number had been 526 it would have been pronounced wǔérliù,not wǔliǎngliù.  &nbs...

Reduplication of Verbs Qing Wen

xugande Issue with the English. Duplicate = x 2, re duplicate = x 4.

最后一杯热拿铁 Part 2 Advanced


Coffee Break Series #3 - First Meeting Intermediate

jcummi9640 Charlie, Lynn, audio-visual team -  I have been a Chinesepod student for more than ten years.  I don't know what happened recently but you folks really took the entire program up several notches.  The video clarity is superb.  The in-lesson...

Shipping a package Pre Intermediate

Do you go to the post office often? In this lesson, we're going to show you how to mail a package in Asia and what you can expect from the clerks. Let's check it out!

疫情中的网络教学 Media

podster 我也不熟悉 线下 这个词 的意思。我想问一下, 如果我有一个下载的录课,那么不是 面授而不是 线上, 还有其他词可以表示这种方法码? 

Come Sit Some Time Newbie

In this lesson, we are going to look at a common dialogue between a guest and a host. We will show you how to invite someone to visit next time, and how you can take your leave as a guest.

职场抱怨王 Part 1 Upper Intermediate

Karl2K Thank you both for speaking so clearly the entire time. Both your rate of speaking and the clarity of your voices seems just right for this upper intermediate level. In fact, this is a lot like how I might speak if I know someone is learning English. Keep up t...

Chengyu Series - Seven Up and Eight Down Elementary

STan217838945 hello, i cannot see the pinyin for the dialogues, can please add the pinyin and english translation. thanks

滥竽充数的故事 Advanced

kevanjdaniels33 谢谢!

Who's in the Bathroom? Newbie

Bella88 This was a great lesson! I especially enjoyed the explanation of why it is up to the toilet and down to the kitchen in Mandarin. Those kind of explanations of why certain language is used is one of my favorite aspects of Chinesepod. Knowing why helps me rememb...

Priority seats: To sit or not to sit Pre Intermediate

To sit or not to sit, that is the question in the modern society. Giving up your seat to elders and those in need is considered to be a virtue in Asia, but in recent years, it has become a moral obligation. If you have ever sit in a priority seat and endured t...

Coffee Break Series - How to Congratulate Someone Pre Intermediate

lamartiniere 万岁! You remind me that when I was 4, I use to chant 毛主席万岁 with the other children in the neighborhood. It was a very good time. Thanks.

Character Mind map: 包 bag Elementary

jwn1012 Keep going with the character mind maps. Very helpful, well structured.

How to Use 得 (de) Pre Intermediate

pherzmark Why is it 祝你学习顺利 and not 祝你学习学得顺利 ?  Thanks

How Relaxing Elementary

podster Here is the relevant page on John Pasden's Chinese Grammar Wiki: https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/%E7%9D%80  

Flu Vaccination Intermediate

nataliya320339836 Very useful in the times of covid

Coffee Break Series - Phone Etiquette Pre Intermediate

lamartiniere Hi everybody, I love this lesson. I want to return on two new expressions I have heard from Alice: 1- 敝姓史。 The use of "敝" is new for me. Could you explain? 2-先不用。 Why "先"?  Thank you this interesting lesson. 乔治。