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Ways of Using ChinesePod How to Use ChinesePod

ElshaYiu Hi Yeesuzanne, Sorry but to inform you that Skritter is not offered anymore.  

How Old Is Your Brother? Newbie

HollyAlb Thankyou! I wanted to make sure! I think the more question I can learn to ask the more I can practice my mandarin!

物尽其用-绿色能源推动农村绿色发展 Upper Intermediate

sebastienbrady Are you adding vocab from the lesson too mate?

How to Really Exaggerate Your Chinese Qing Wen

ElshaYiu Hi tingtingstaiwan, Thank you for your support!

Time for Attendance Elementary

ElijahW Ha, yes, I see that now. Sorry I missed that. I just never look at the English any more unless someone holds a gun to my head. Or points out a problem. Either way will work. At the beginning of the dialogue, it’s translated as “fellow students,&rd...

ATWTI 9: 非常 Adjective Newbie

ElshaYiu 1. Yes; in terms of degree, 非常 > 很 2. Compared with 很 and 非常, 真denotes more of a strong emotional feeling and a more personal reaction. That is, while 很 and 非常 can be used objectively, 真nearly always indicates a subjective point of view (from the spea...

The New Coworker Intermediate

ElshaYiu When you use 调 in combination with 拨/ 动 (e.g. 资金调拨/ 调动), it works. Otherwise it is usually used to describe people's transfer. 

Checking out a New Flat Intermediate

ElshaYiu Yes!

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #2 Newbie

ElshaYiu Definitely! In this video, all the characters taught have the same simplified and traditional forms EXCEPT FOR 东 (simplified). The traditional form of 东 is 東. As for words written on street signs shown in the background video, they are traditional ch...

Star Trek Upper Intermediate

ElshaYiu Hi Elijah, 我真的很不合事宜,從沒有跟進星际迷航! 但从字面上看,可以叫星际迷航:巡航 吧? Elsha

Chinese Idioms - Lower than a pig or dog Newbie

ElshaYiu Hi Aaron, gou(3) and quan(3) in Chinese refers to different types of canine.  Both words were mentioned in different Chinese classics and so they were not used interchangeably.  In general, gou(3) was referred to the smaller size of quan(3...

Directions with a Map #1 Elementary

ElijahW Actually, I just stumbled across this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-strait_language_database It's also available for free download in the Pleco dictionary (it shows up in the menu as LAC). In reality though, this problem goes much deeper than the str...

Let's Do Math In Chinese! Qing Wen

neemazad Weird, I learned "PEMDAS" ("please excuse my dear aunt Sally"), for parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. I guess it just goes to show that all you need is a little creativity + possibly a jingle to remember things in an...

Talking About Dates in Chinese [ATWTI 24] Newbie

257353085 I notice that sometimes 'i' is pronounced 'i' (yi, ni) and sometimes pronounced 'u' (ri, zi, ci, si, zhi, chi, shi). Can you elaborate on when to pronounce it one way or the other?

Housekeeping! Newbie

MayHaNN Thanks a lot.

Hold the Elevator Newbie

MayHaNN Thanks a lot for that, ElijahW. Your suggestions, as always are very useful, and I have indeed started studying the expansion section before doing the exercises, and of course now they seem much easier. What I do now with the expansion is listen to the s...

Opinions and Suggestions Qing Wen

neemazad 谢谢你的建议 :)

周末你有什么活动?/ What activities are you doing this weekend? Pre Intermediate

ElijahW Agreed that the expansion sentences are read too slowly on this one, especially as a pre-intermediate. 

Go to the Emergency Room 去看急诊 Intermediate

515069247  Thank you for all your work! I subscribed only one week ago, but I am really enjoying Chinesepod format and contents! Just one little question: why in the "Expansion" section, in the audio not all the sentences are translated to Chinese? Just a little mi...

It's That Time of the Month... Elementary

xugande Brilliant! All very useful, functional language. One question is the ice. Is the avoidance while having your period based on Chinese medicine? Not something I have heard of.