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职场抱怨王 Part 3 Upper Intermediate

Karl2K Also 領導帶她走後門進公司 does it always need to be 帶?

Continued Tone Change Series #6 - I Miss You Elementary

In our previous newbie tone change series, we have introduced the tone change rules for 不, 一, two third tones, and three third tones. Just like many other aspects in the Chinese language, tone changes are more nuanced than the rules you see in textbooks. T...

Coffee Break Series: Business Dinner, Part 2 Pre Intermediate

hegnauer Alice, Lyn - 你的衣服很漂亮 !

Can you help me find...? Elementary

YeEun Jeong67 wow Jenny speaks with such grace!!

Let’s Break up ASAP 趁早 Intermediate

chi474883638 It's cause I've mistakenly used 张宇's version, that's why, sorry! Chi

Character Mind Map: 发 send Elementary

serup Looking forward - Great lessons !

1920-40s Jazzy Songs in Shanghai Intermediate

nataliya320339836 This cultural immersion is very interesting, thanks a lot!

This Is My Wechat ID Newbie


首个智慧面包坊在京亮相 Advanced

alanshi 這個句子好像缺乏幾個單字。標點也不太清楚。 “在店裡一側,約15的臨街空間被打造成了小時24麵包坊店員晚上。。。” 是不是應該寫: “在店裡一側,約15平方米的臨街空間被打造成了小時24自助麵包坊。  店員晚上。。。

Too Many Questions Elementary

308337861 Thanks for the great lessons. You both meaning Joe and Joy have a great dynamic and charm. Makes learning way easier. thank you for that.   Looking forward to more. t

Coffee Break Series: Business Dinner, Part 1 Pre Intermediate

In China, having a meal with clients is not just eating. Everything is related to the business. That's why learning table manners is so important. In this lesson, let's start with how to host clients dinner. Let's get started!

Very Cool, Very Ok Newbie

dwanderton thanks for the great lesson Chi. Love the effort to reference popular culture and songs - great karaoke practice material!

职场抱怨王 Part 2 Upper Intermediate

961180927 There are too many slang phrases in this dialogue. I showed it my Chinese friend and she did not know what some of them meant. Can we make the dialogues a little less focused on slang phrases and more on useful sentence structures?

Can I Drink Water Here? Newbie

hegnauer 先生,这里不能停车

科普小知识:为什么看到酸的食物就会流口水? Advanced


Bringing Pets into China Upper Intermediate

258140922 Yes, good topic, good lesson.

Character Mind Map: 蛋 egg Elementary

In Chinese, you often encounter single characters that have multiple related meanings. This has the potential to confuse learners because sometimes it is hard to make connections between component characters and their meanings within multiple-character wor...

武汉:千万人口城市揿下重启键 Media

podster Thanks, Josh, but even with your explanation how would you come up with the translation of "nearly tens of thousands?"  You would have translated it as just "a large number" or "so many".  I thought that with the use of the word 近 the following word ...

Perfume Shopping Intermediate

497744976 Indeed as guys said above 柚子 it’s pomelo not grapefruit. You need to change it

Prenatal Checkup, Part 2 Intermediate

podster Although the "Related Lessons" (at left side) does not seem very useful, if you click on the tag for "pregnancy" (at upper right) you will find more lessons related to this topic.