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You Also Live in the Same Apartment? Intermediate

sunraider7 "...a father bumps into his drunk daughter who then asks him his name and address, and gets more and more surprised when he says that he lives in the same place as her...." WTF!奇诡的!

Using Ordinal Numbers in Chinese [ATWTI 23] Newbie

  In this lesson, we will go over ordinal numbers. Follow along and learn how to describe the order of items and events or more! Make sure to see other ATWTI episodes and don't forget to visit Practice area for more links.

Spending Christmas in Asia Elementary

Russael Lovely.

Stranger Things Special Episode Qing Wen

dererder Wow! That is a great lesson. Thank you. I wish there were more lessons like this. How about The big bang theory discussion?

Guide Dogs Intermediate

washingtondcmandarincooperative 请问,有没有人知道怎么翻译 “service dog."  "Therapy dog"呢? 还有  "comfort animal"

Reducing Carbon Emissions Upper Intermediate

GregoryAndrews 谢谢提供关于保护环境的题目。  

I Don't Want to Be a Housewife Upper Intermediate

GregoryAndrews 我很感兴趣这个课题。 因为在澳大利亚和全世界性别平等是越来越重要。 最近在澳洲我们的议会也立法婚姻平等。 所以现在同性恋也可以结婚。 谢谢。

What's in Your Handbag? Elementary

washingtondcmandarincooperative I can't find a translation of 水壶 as water bottle in any dictionary.  Maybe it's a Taiwan usage.  I'm not sure where you are seeing it translated as as "canteen" on the web site; under the vocabulary tab it is showing "water bottle."   ...

Rude Waitress Part 1/2 Elementary

washingtondcmandarincooperative You can use " 试看 "  ( shìkàn ) to refer to trying out a movie, TV show, etc. 

Learning to Cook in Shanghai Elementary

539068413 I like this lesson ! Could you give us some adresses in Taipei to learn chinese cooking ? 我也想学做中国菜 :)

SBTG: Sun Yatsen Upper Intermediate

Ed2010X I recall visiting 中山陵 in Nanjing. This is a very impressive site,with a seemingly unending set of stairs leading to the top. At the time I thought my driver was culturally ignorant because he didn't recognize the name Sun Yatsen. Now I know.

Learning words with 然 rán:当然,虽然,竟然,果然,不然 Qing Wen

938243955 Please explain how to use 漠然.

Messing Up The Date Intermediate

washingtondcmandarincooperative I guess your question is what is the origin of this expression.  I do not know.  But the meaning is to fail to keep an appointment, or in English to "stand someone up".  I believe it is typically used in the context of a romantic date.  You...

Which tone was that again? Elementary

nicole622605912 你 好 大 人 Just to let you know that the Exercises on this elementary lesson What tone is that Again is not working as it should. 谢谢 Nicci

Lao Wang's Office 2: Welcome to the Team Intermediate

montjy In the dialogue when Bill introduces himself, he says: "希望我们合作愉快" In this sentence. I was wondering how the grammar structure works in this sentence? I thought ”愉快“ is an adjective so if its is going to be used to attribute "合作" it should be placed...

Help Moving House Intermediate

vohakoval Hi.In your video (4:41 min) there is 纸版but in "Supplementary vocabulary" there is 纸板as you can see "bǎn" is different, but I think it have to be the same in video and vocabulary box. 

That's a Mandarin Duck Pre Intermediate

PetraE Unfortunately I can report only one mistake once I've sent already one. I've found also a typing error in your script in the expansion sector. Your pinyin for 高高 is gaogoa.Petra

On a Movie Shoot Intermediate

620555095 Hengdian Zhejiang Chinese hollywood 

Breaking Up in Chinese Qing Wen

Mingmao Not nitpicky at all. I believe the staff have said that the pinyin is auto-generated, and sometimes things get missed. Both from their pronunciation and the meaning, I think it should be gòng. 

"My Husband is Home! Hide!" Intermediate

Russael Really enjoy the scenario, good emoting, plus all those good verbs and complements of completion, and it's nice such clear Mandarin. I learned a lot.