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Watch out at the light Newbie

In this Newbie lesson, Joe and Joy will show us a catchy slogan which would come in handy when you’re crossing the streets, and we’re also going to learn some vocabulary about traffic lights and transportation! Fasten your seat belt and check out this vide...

Lesson 6 - Buying Some Good Stuff Newbie

IvanMartynow232 我在车子后面 or 我在车子的后面are both phrases correct?

Introduction to Pinyin The Pinyin Program

Varsenal The link to the Chinese Pod Pronunciation Guide and Pinyin Chart is broken. = 404 Page Not Found http://chinesepod.com/resources/pronunciation Please fix! Thanks,

Coffee Break Series - Making a good first impression Pre Intermediate

In the Coffee Break Series, we focus on social etiquette in business settings. In a Chinese workplace, there are certain phrases and words that we use to come off as more polite and respectful. Along the way, we will cover some common ''How do I respond to...

Continued Tone Change Series #2 - Trying Out a New Restaurant Elementary

MohitBajaj Hi! Is there a difference between 有一点儿 and 一点儿? As both were used and mentioned in the video. Thank you!

Lesson 9 - Care For A Drink Newbie

IvanMartynow232 oh my god, old 汉字

小太监进宫四 Advanced

822957078 Like climbing Mt Everest...certainly not as common tho  

Borrowing Money From a Friend Elementary

BettyZheng 不知道方便吗 is a 'yes-no' question since it can be translated into 'I am not sure(不知道)you're available or not(方便吗)'. The clause is the 'yes-no' question. And it's an alternative to 不知道方不方便. And, in this case, people use the same sentence structures in China as well...

Five ways of seeing: 看、见、看见、看到、看出 Qing Wen

mil_ka Thank you so much!!!!  

Lesson 5 - Hungry Washer Newbie

IvanMartynow232 谢谢

Mainland & Taiwan Lingo: Transportation Qing Wen

297807546 YEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!

Animal Proverbs: Perform like a workhorse Intermediate

BeccaChu Hi, I really appreciate your comment, thank you so much! 

More customers please! Elementary

BeccaChu Glad that you liked it!

Character mind map: 客 guest Elementary

BeccaChu Hello,  Sorry about that. This exercise doesn't include dictation or multiple choice since there aren't expansion sentences.

Animal Proverbs: Don't Force That Bull To Drink Intermediate

BeccaChu I'm glad it's so helpful for you!

Grumpy Bus Driver Newbie

BeccaChu Hi Yingyue,  You're right! That's a very interesting suggestion, thanks!

Animal Proverbs: Eat like a dragon, work like a worm Intermediate

BeccaChu Hi Thomas, I'm so glad you like this lesson! Be sure to check out other episodes in Animal proverb series: https://www.chinesepod.com/explore?search=animal%20proverbs 

How to use ba 吧 Pre Intermediate

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I am very good at cooking Newbie

BeccaChu That's great to hear!

Character Mind Map: 上 up Elementary

BeccaChu Hi Susanna,  Good eye! We have fixed it:)