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ChinesePodTom, Thanks, i'll have the title on the PDF corrected right now. Darren, In this sentence you mention "到我的办公室那边". (Dào wǒ de bàngōngshì nèibiān.), the 那边 (nèibiān) doesn't add any special meaning to the sentence. It's sort of an afterthou...

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没出名的人老想着出名,可名人真那么好当吗?不是名人的时候你说什么也没人管。可只要你成为名人,任何你说的话、做的事都有可能成为大家谈论的焦点。近来一位名人就遇上了这样的倒霉事,他的一句台词竟在网络上招来了一片骂声。这到底是怎么一回事呢? 来源链接:郭德纲扮演劫匪说河南话被指侮辱河南人(图) | 媒体MP3文件

It's Nothing Elementary

Jim in TJJust a couple of observations from living in the North . 1. I haven't heard waiters called 师父 (shi1fu) though I have heard them called 先生 (xian1sheng). 2. From what I'm told, there is sometimes a difference when a word gets the 儿化 er2hua4. For e...

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ChinesePodHi Matias, In the sentence you mentioned: 他们都很忙。(Tāmen dōu hěn máng.) The 都 (dōu) means all, or both (depending on how many people you are talking about). So, the meaning in English is: They are all very busy. Or: They are both very bus...

No, thank you! Newbie

ChinesePodHi Joe in CA, Your book is right on the distinctions between “yào”,“bù xiăng”,“bù yào”, etc. As far as your question on “xiăng yào”想要, it would be used to say "I would like..(something)", in a polite way. As opposed to the stronger "wǒ yào" 我要 (I...

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DeltaPat, Here’s a timely answer for you: Liao3jie3 and Li3jie3 both mean "to understand / comprehend." Xin1 Nian2 Kuai4 Le4 !

I'm here for an interview Newbie

LantianHi Mike, you did get my point though right? I think 'mian4 shi4' should belong in a 'newbie' podcast. This and all the other words that some consider hard, but I feel if they are high-frequency lexis, then there's no reason to not introduce it earlier t...