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What do you do for a living? Newbie

BeccaChu Hi Natalie, Yes in this case, you can say [nín zuò shénme de]. It's just a colloquial way of saying this sentence and it would not change its meaning by omitting [shì].  

Animal Proverbs: The weasel wishes the chicken a good year Intermediate

BeccaChu That's great to hear!

Character mind map:下 down Elementary

BeccaChu Hi Joey, Stay tuned for more episodes from Character mind map series!

3 ways to use mei 没 Pre Intermediate

BeccaChu Glad that you like it!

Master, I'll be late Newbie

BeccaChu Hello! 了 is used as a particle when you want to express an action is completed, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it happened in the past. In this case, the sentence structure 要...了means something is going to be completed soon, in other words, something is...

Animal Proverbs - Hit the snake 7 inches below its head Intermediate

BeccaChu Hi Raymond,  This is one of the reasons why I like proverbs and idioms so much! They are like bite-sized wisdom quotes are you can always learn a lot from them. Stay tuned for more proverb lessons!

Character mind map - 还 still Elementary

BeccaChu Hi Grace, I'm glad you like it. Stay tuned for more!

Coffee Break Series- How to say no to your boss Pre Intermediate

BeccaChu Hi, We're really glad you liked it. Stay tuned for more episodes of coffee break series. I'm sure your boss would be very impressed by your response!

Don't Underestimate the Power of 呢 (ne) Qing Wen

297807546 BRAVO!!!!!  

都是谁的错 -不好意思,抱歉,对不起 Upper Intermediate

BeccaChu Hi Daniel,  The issue has been fixed, feel free to do the exercise again!

Lesson 1 - The Dish Newbie

BeccaChu Hello, Glad you like it! Stay tuned for more HSK lessons in the future!

How to use sincere expressions in Chinese Pre Intermediate

BeccaChu Hello, You can say 今天的课非常有帮助!or 今天的课有用得不得了! 你的留言让我们开心的不得了 Rebecca  

I Don't Feel Well 我不舒服 Pre Intermediate

BeccaChu Glad you like it! Stay tuned:)

How To Use Action Complete “le” 了 Pre Intermediate

pierremathieu Thank you. Any particular reasons why this is better than using “了” ? Is this just more flowing, but was my initial sentence grammatically correct even it if it sounds clunky? Best 

Is learning Chinese difficult? Newbie

IvanMartynow232 But what if I really want to say: "Chinese language is difficult"? Would this be a correct sentence^中文是很难语言 ?

新年特辑:回首2019,展望2020 Upper Intermediate

PeonyM 亲爱的earls, 这一年也感谢你的陪伴、帮助我们进步。谢谢你的祝福,也祝愿你在新的一年更上一层楼!

Ten Words You Need to Check-in at a Hotel Newbie

Do you know how to check into a hotel in Chinese? In today's lesson, we're gonna teach you ten words you need to know to survive in a hotel! They will definitely come in handy when you travel to China.

Animal Proverbs: Can't get both fish and a bear's paw Intermediate

marshmallow66 This is an awesome lesson! Really keen to check out the other proverb videos.

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #8 Newbie

JoshFan It is working now, please let me know whether on your laptop it is or not.