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Grumpy Bus Driver | Newbie Lesson | ChinesePod (v) | Newbie | ChinesePod

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Please see vocabulary, flash cards, grammar etc. for this lesson at https://www.chinesepod.com/4364 Please see vocabulary, flash cards, grammar etc. for this lesson on: https://www.chinesepod.com/4221 In today's lesson, we are showing you a conversation between a grumpy bus driver and an impatient passenger. Let's check out the dialogue! Thank you for watching! For the FULL version of this video together with the complete lesson, visit our site www.chinesepod.com. Get the most out of your ChinesePod lessons with the new ChinesePod Recap App. More info on https://www.chinesepod.com/recap Go to ChinesePod.com for more great lessons and videos! =================================== Like this video? Sign-up today to make the most of ChinesePod.com's 4,000+ lesson library! Save 15% on any subscription with promo code YOUTUBE. Visit https://chinesepod.com now. LIKE US: https://www.facebook.com/chinesepod TWEET US: https://twitter.com/chinesepod DOUBLE-TAP US: https://instagram.com/chinesepodtv SNAP US: https://www.snapchat.com/add/chinesep... READ US: https://chinesepod.com/blog LEARN WITH US: https://chinesepod.com/ (psst... use code "YOUTUBE" for 15% off a Premium Annual Account) #ChinesePod #Newbie #Grumpy #Beginner #LearnChinese #SpeakChinese