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    Binge Reading Intermediate

      In this dialogue, a girl receives a birthday present in the post from her father. It turns out to be the latest book from famed Japanese author, Haruki Murakami (村上 春樹). Learn how to say that you plan to binge read a book in one sitting. Binge Watching TV Online Upper Intermediate ChinesePod Lesson Haruki Murakami Books

    birthday, presents, video, gift

    What's in Your Handbag? Elementary

    Learn how to list common items you might find in your bag, as well as how to say a sweet and savoury cookie.

    food, bag, snacks, list

    黑名单 Blacklisted Advanced

    即使是网络世界,也还是由 人 所组成,同样有一些人与人相处要注意的礼貌,今天的播客要给大家简单介绍一下微博上的基本社交礼节,以免被认为是不礼貌的人,甚至错失了邂逅浪漫恋情的机会.

    technology, social media

    Interview Questions Upper Intermediate

    Learn some excellent words and phrases to help you during a job interview in Chinese.

    interview, resume, job interviews, work

    Attractive Gym Trainer Intermediate

      Despite the howling wind and torrential rain, today's character is still braving the elements to go to the gym for a bit of personal training. The flatmate tries to get to the bottom of why she is really going.

    drugs, storm, weather, video, working out, gym

    Mongolian Yurt Elementary

    Learn how to talk about Mongolian cuisine, travel in Mongolia, and discuss what you've done when travelling. Time Word Tips P1: 上 and 下 - QW0394 When Are You Going? - 2969

    Mongolia, travel, cuisine, food, time

    培养自信 Advanced


    weight, weight loss, confidence, complaints, comparisons

    It Doesn't Work 不能用 Qing Wen

      In this Qing Wen we answer forrestmcsweeney's question (read here) in which he asked, "How do you say It doesn't work in Chinese?" Well today we teach you how to explain that various things; no longer work, are broken, or are making strange sounds. Common things that break are your cell phone, air con, your car, and even your toilet! Qing Wen: All About Water

    video, fix, broken, technology

    You Laugh Like a Donkey Intermediate

      In this lesson, we teach you some ways to describe some ways in which you can describe a so-called "masculine" woman, as well as teaching you how to say that you laugh like a hee-hawing donkey.

    video, animals, laughing

    Working Overtime Until 9PM! Elementary

    In today's elementary class we teach you lots of "time spent doing" sentences, for example, "I have been studying for X amount of time", or "Yesterday, I read my book until.... e.g: 昨天 我 看书 看到 9点 Time Phrase VO V 到 TIME Yesterday I read book, read until 9 o'clock

    time, KTV, meet-up, waiting, work, overtime

    How To Use 何尝 Qing Wen

      How to use 何尝 / 何嘗 / hécháng In this Qing Wen, we help Mingmao understand the various uses of the rhetorical question word 何尝, which translates as when? / how? / it's not that... It can be used to ask people not to blame you, but to blame the situation, or it can be used to defend yourself or others. Watch the video and study the example sentences to get a better understanding.

    grammar, video

    Planning a Trip Aboard Upper Intermediate

    Researching a trip abroad can be tiring work. In this lesson, they discuss the perks of visiting Asia VS going to Europe but eventually settle on going to Australia since it has both the Western aspect, but also the close proximity to Asia.


    Is That a Real Excuse? Intermediate

      A husband starts questioning his wife, trying to see if she really had an excuse for missing their movie date. It turns out she had to take her mother to the flower market, but how can she explain him seeing her at the movie theatre wearing a black coat?

    video, excuses, cinema, wife, movies

    Nationalities at Work Elementary

    In this lesson, you will learn how to ask someone how many people work in a company from different nations. You'll learn some useful terms for nationalities, as well as ways to describe numbers and amounts of things in more detail as well as estimates and approximations. MC HotDog: 差不多先生 MV

    numbers, employee, nationalities, work

    不靠谱 Advanced


    cooking, housework, marriage

    An Unhappy Valentine's Upper Intermediate

    It's been a year since the breakup at Valentines, but today's character receives a call from their sister wishing them a happy Valentine's, only to stir up some unwanted emotions.

    siblings, relationships, emotions, breaking up

    Gift for a New Girlfriend? Intermediate

    Getting a gift for a partner can be difficult, especially when it's a new relationship.In today's lesson, find out how to discuss buying a present for someone special.

    presents, gift, girlfriend

    Misunderstanding the Doctor Elementary

    Bridge Lessons In this lesson, a patient sprains their ankle while playing soccer, but there is a misunderstanding which leads to an embarrassing situation.   We actually have a new pre-intermediate level for these types of lessons that are harder elementary / easier Intermediate lessons, however, until it is 100% ready across all platforms, we are tagging this as a "Bridge Lessons".

    bridge lesson, injury, doctor, video

    ChinesePod Maintenance Qing Wen

      Last week, ChinesePod experienced some technical issues resulting in slower than normal speeds and disruption to our services. As of now, the majority of issues are resolved, but we are still working on fixing the rest, which you can follow here. In order to fully resolve the issue, we are scheduling a maintenance session this coming Friday which will result in a much-improved experience afterwards. This is actually something we have been wanting to do for some time, but it's just happening sooner rather than later. The scheduled downtime to our website will be... Friday, June 30th at 6 PM (UTC 8) to Saturday Morning 6 AM (UTC 8) During this time, the website and apps will not function. We are sorry for this inconvenience but hope to have a much better service afterwards which will prevent problems like this from happening again. If you have any comments or concerns, feel free to contact: P.s. Apologies for posting this on the Qing Wen channel but it's the best way to ensure most people see it, including on our apps. Follow the news here: Forum Post 1 Forum Post 2

    announcement, video

    全力以赴 Advanced


    stress, exam