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I Owe A Lot Of Money

Today you'll learn how to talk about owing people money, as well as giving it back. Let's hope you don't end up using this dialogue in real life too often.

Topics: explaining problems offering help

Level: Elementary

Rushing To Buy Concert Tickets

Listen to a rather nauseating conversation as one friend asks another for a favour...

Topics: asking for help buying tickets explaining problems

Level: Upper Intermediate

Dormitory Drama - Part 6

In today's lesson, things heat up as Chen Sikai's girlfriend wants to know what's been going on with him and Zhou Li. Listen in as he tries to defend himself by explaining what really happened, and see if he is successful...

Topics: explaining problems expressing disappointment

Level: Intermediate



Topics: explaining problems expressing feeling expressing opinions

Level: Advanced

Schedule Adjustments

Whether you are a student, a teacher or work in another setting, your schedule will invariably need to be changed from time to time. Let us equip you with all the phrases you need to successfully rearrange your schedule.

Topics: asking questions discussing explaining problems

Level: Intermediate

Your Zipper Is Down!

It's a situation we've all come across. Someone's zipper is down! Do we say something to save the day but risk some embarrassment, or just let the person continue in happy oblivion? Listen in and learn how to state the facts in Mandarin.

Topics: asking questions explaining problems expressing surprise

Level: Elementary

Car Troubles

Have you ever had a day when nothing goes right? You wonder, "What could possibly go wrong next?!" Listen in as one couple has such a day, as they encounter one car problem after another...

Topics: asking for a reason describing problems discussing explaining problems

Level: Intermediate

Math Class Woes

Does the mention of math class conjure up fond memories of blissful studying or a fatigued sigh as the tedious subject was elaborated? Join this math class as the teacher interrogates our poor student about fractions and more!

Topics: answering questions asking questions explaining problems warning

Level: Intermediate

A Foreign Intern

Have you ever thought of interning abroad? China could be the perfect internship destination! In this lesson learn some useful vocabulary to take with you.

Topics: describing problems explaining problems expressing surprise

Level: Intermediate



Topics: explaining problems expressing opinions

Level: Advanced

Punctuation Issues

While punctuation marks in Chinese are similar to those in English, there are some notable differences. In fact, there are even some symbols used in Chinese punctuation which don't exist in English. In this lesson, someone helps their Chinese coworker write a letter in English, only to discover these differences first hand.

Topics: analyzing asking for help explaining problems

Level: Upper Intermediate

Duplicitous Snake Idioms

We're wrapping up the animal idiom series with a half-dozen idioms related to the snake. Not surprisingly, the majority of these are quite pejorative: excessive, cruel, and greedy are all attributes inspired by the snake. Tune in and enjoy the show!

Topics: describing explaining problems

Level: Qing Wen

A Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This is a tale of a young man with a penchant for women who flip out on him and make his life miserable, even long after they've "ended" it. Yes, the crazy ex-girlfriend trope is alive and well in Chinese culture as well. It's not going to be pleasant, but sooner or later you're going to have to face it.

Topics: explaining problems expressing dislike expressing opinions

Level: Upper Intermediate

Hospitality Series 6:Buying a Handbag

We revisit Ms. Wu's saga in New York in today's elementary lesson as we follow on a handbag shopping excursion. Will she be able to find one that suits her? Learn how to shop for handbags (and other products) in today's ChinesePod lesson!

Topics: choosing explaining problems shopping

Level: Elementary

Wang Guan's Busy Day

This Chinese lesson chronicles a day in the life of Wang Guan, a very busy network administrator. If you deal with routers or servers much, this is a good introductory lesson for you. But a word of advice: go into this lesson with your tone hat on; it's going to give you a workout!

Topics: explaining problems requesting

Level: Intermediate

Just a Flesh Wound

Learning how to “be a man” and walk off that scrape that secretly makes you cry is important in impressing the other sex. So, follow along with our podcast, where the details just get gorier and gorier—starting off with someone bleeding. Learn all this juicy vocabulary, as well as how to act tough, in Mandarin Chinese.

Topics: describing feelings explaining problems

Level: Elementary