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黑名单 Blacklisted Advanced

即使是网络世界,也还是由 人 所组成,同样有一些人与人相处要注意的礼貌,今天的播客要给大家简单介绍一下微博上的基本社交礼节,以免被认为是不礼貌的人,甚至错失了邂逅浪漫恋情的机会.

Blacklisted Advanced

floremorand636474976 The text version is empty

Attractive Gym Trainer Intermediate

dropped_chopstick Your challenge for today. Translate the subtitles in this AJ+ cool story about prison workouts with hot ex cons into Chinese :) Conbody -- 罪犯身体!?

Interview Questions Upper Intermediate

Gwilym@ChinesePod Are you still having issues? Perhaps try in "incognito mode" to check it's not related to a browser extension or cache. 

To Know: 懂,了解,明白,知道 Qing Wen

lukeaz 现在我明白,但是不懂

Is That a Real Excuse? Intermediate

YuQinCai The 之所以......是因为 pattern in the past or at the moment sentence you wrote are both used correctly. But “尝尝” this kind of verb reduplication is often used in command and suggesting the action is easy to accomplish. Since your stomach doesn't feel we...

How To Use 何尝 Qing Wen

YuQinCai 何尝 here is used to make a rhetorical question about whether you have left or not.When your lover accused you for leaving her/him you would say this, meaning "I have never left." (Not about whether you should or not.) 过 marks the experience. Just 我何尝离开 do...

Mongolian Yurt Elementary

YuQinCai Since 吗 is for yes-no questions, adding 吗 in the end giving the possibility of nothing is fun at all. If the speaker is more sure that there is something fun then 吗 should be dropped. :)

Talkative Passenger Upper Intermediate

dragongirl13 Is there a mistake with the phrase 食衣住行?  My Chinese tutor tells me it should be 衣食住行。  Thanks!

Nationalities at Work Elementary

Dirtyboxer74 Hi guys I downloaded the MC Hotdog tune, cool tune i like it. I found the lyrics in Pinyin and Hanzi, however i cant find an Eglish translation, im trying to work it out however if anyone would care to put them here in English that would be great. Thanks Phil.

It Doesn't Work 不能用 Qing Wen

jasonuk Hi. I recently did a lesson with my teacher about abstract things not working like an idea. She said I can use xiao4 guo3 bu hao3.

What Do You Want To Ask? Pre Intermediate

xugande Hi Gwyllem. I think she;s been outed, not ousted.  

How To Sound Polite Qing Wen

ptinawu  Love this! 真 好!

My Cell is Out of Juice! Intermediate

ptinawu Another great lesson! Thank you!

Getting Nationalities Straight Newbie

Darkeos 我是巴西人!This is an incredible lesson! Thanks a lot, ChinesePod. My Chinese have got exponentially better.

Asking Indirect Questions 旁敲侧击 Upper Intermediate

Tmerr2017 Constance is great. A natural Chinese teacher.  

培养自信 Advanced


Rude Waitress Part 2/2 Elementary

mclarty Both 份 and 个 are classifiers. Here 份 would mean "portion" and might be more precise than 个. It might be better to use if you are getting steamer baskets of baozi as shown around 1 minute, rather than a couple of(usually bigger) individual baozi. But nearly an...

不靠谱 Advanced

nariko I love this lesson to pieces. My father and all his friends were all doctoral students at UC Berkeley when I was growing up. My mother would get together with all the wives and gossip about how stupid their husbands were sometimes. They would go to work with m...

日本恐怖片 Advanced

Gwilym@ChinesePod Good luck.