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How to Say Your Name in Chinese [ATWTI 17] Newbie

susanna330666400 Thanks a lot, I understand now.

Misfortune from our mouths 祸从口入──管住嘴巴 Intermediate

ElshaYiu Thank you! We’re glad you liked the lesson and found it useful. Stay tuned for more!

Do you have wifi? Newbie

8890909 I have a question, because Jenny she said 我不懂这个字 but the subtitle is 我不懂这个詞, I am a bit confused if I heard it wrong or correct.

Veteran movie fans 资深影迷—最爱电影 Advanced

ElshaYiu 因为是关于电影的具体讨论,还是一部科幻片,难度就上升啦。不过你这样迎难而上,一定能够有所收获的!加油!

It Doesn't Work 不能用 Qing Wen

209229476 Thanks!It is a great video to learn about how to say:" something is not working", I learned a lot from it, keep good work!

Heading Home Newbie

Jerry@ChinesePod Have you seen our latest lesson? I find these two new hosts quite funny.

Chinese Idioms - Lower than a pig or dog Newbie

Jerry@ChinesePod Yes, this idiom is an extremely strong way to describe despicable people. It should not be used lightly.

4 Tones of Zhu Newbie

Jerry@ChinesePod There are ongoing discussions on ways to help students remember the tones for different characters. One possibility is to use different colors for the different characters, as described in this blog post. Another new option currently in development is Chinese...

得到、获得、取得的用法 Qing Wen

209229476 Hi! great qingwen video. Can you explain what is that mean of "女票“ and ”浮云“ that mentioned in the dialogue? since I think these two words are the internet word:)

无条件的爱Unconditional Love Upper Intermediate

136885127 可以不理他的评论,我觉得你们普通话很标准

"Me too!" 4 ways to use 也 Pre Intermediate

209229476 I really like about the last review part, it is really helpful to help us to learn better! but I will give you a friendly suggestion: "我觉得中国很漂亮". 漂亮 pinyin should be piào liang;) keep a good work!

More harm than good? 饮鸩止渴—咖啡不能停 Upper Intermediate

ElshaYiu Thanks for asking! It means to be stood up for a date/appointment or your date hasn’t arrived, is late.

英国脱欧 Brexit Advanced

136885127 解释的很好,非常好的一门课

Mobile payments in China 移动支付遍布中国 Upper Intermediate

Jerry@ChinesePod Hi Monika, Great question! 基本都 and 都基本 are interchangeable.

Pinyin Sections 7-8 The Pinyin Program

Jerry@ChinesePod Your question has sparked some debate in the office! We'll try to get back with you after we're done fighting.

High Blood Pressure Upper Intermediate

Jerry@ChinesePod We understand that. ChinesePod works to strike a balance for different users, and has established different standards for different levels. The description for Upper Intermediate is: Upper-intermediate lessons are for students with conversational fluency but ...

Dormitory Drama - Part 1 Intermediate

Jerry@ChinesePod Wow, sharp eye! According to the 新华字典, they are essentially the same. Other dictionaries I checked listed 碰 as the main entry.

How Much is that Check Shirt? Elementary

Jerry@ChinesePod Thanks!

What Star Sign Are You? Intermediate

285242822 Hey guys. In my head the second definition of 看起来和'如果还有要是' 差不多. How can we know when to use看起来 and when to use 如果, 要是 etc?

上海垃圾分类回收可 Advanced

713802380 我认为她们做的不错,而且英语的翻译没有什么问题,好像各位学生只要挑毛病。当然在advanced lesson 对话里不用讲英语,但是我不是觉得这个问题那么严肃。