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Classroom Chinese Elementary

413872260 Can you say wo yao meiwenti?

Rude Waitress Part 2/2 Elementary

mclarty At 10 块 each, are these really steamed buns? Or is each one a basket of steamed buns as shown in the picture? And it makes more sense for two people to get four baskets of buns than four buns.

Synonyms for 'Trick' Qing Wen

huyilin 妳們兩個人真棒!謝謝妳們

Rude Waitress Part 1/2 Elementary

mclarty I've never heard 慢走 used in a rude way either.  But it was funny one weekend night in a completely packed mid-priced Beijing restaurant, with people waiting in line to get in, to see the manager rush over to every table where people had started to st...

Is There a Service Charge? Elementary

mclarty Service charges and tips are not the same in the US either.  A service charge is not the customer's option, it is required, and so service charges are subject to sales tax.  Tips are optional and not subject to sales tax.  Also traditionally the...

Picking Up Girls(上) Upper Intermediate

Benjamin1990 But he sings so well.

A Concerned Colleague(上) Upper Intermediate

zaphekiah 下属 xià shǔ = subordinate; underling小常识 xiǎo cháng shí = trivial knowledge精神不济 jīng shén bú jì = lacking in motivation or energy掌管 zhǎng guǎn = in charge of; to control违背 wéi bèi = to violate; to be contra...

Missing The Last Train Intermediate

DocRaccoon Yes, excellent content. Thanks for an informative and enjoyable lesson!

管理老板 Advanced

pruittchinesepod 職場 - got it!!  Thanks!!!

Directional Verbs and Complements Qing Wen

josephsu100 Thank you for this great lesson. I love the acting that helped illustrate the words use.

小学生 Advanced

zaphekiah 时下 shí xià = at present; right now风潮 fēng cháo = tempest; wave (of popular sentiment etc); craze or fad素食主义 sù shí zhǔ yì = vegetarianism复古潮 fù gǔ cháo 复古风 fù gǔ fēng = retro fashion军大衣 jūn d&agrav...

Road Rage Chinese Qing Wen

964583592 This will no matter what be the best lesson I have ever witnessed Thank You! 

Would You Like Some Tea? Newbie

grumpymonk I love the video format. It helps solidify the words to see them written out in pinyin (sp?) so I can see patterns like yao vs buyao for want / not want. (apologize for the missing accents. I dont have the accent number system memorized yet). speaking of which...

Cutting A Song At KTV Intermediate

neverendingnight The transcription of the first sentence of line 9 sounds to be incorrect. My ear isn't great but it doesn't sound like 讲话很

How's the weather? Newbie

stevinsjs New vocabulary for me pulled from “Comments” section. 弹吉他   (Tán jíta)   to play the guitar 弹钢琴 (Tán gāngqín)  to play the piano 拉小提琴 (Lā xiǎotíqín) to play the violin 拉大提琴   (Lā d&agrav...

Arriving in China on Business Intermediate

Ed2010X I actually saw 大山 sitting at the bar at Cantina Agave on Fumin Road in Shanghai circa ~2010. My wife pointed him out to me. I had no idea at the time how well known he was.

Does He Have Children? Newbie

MiztaWildCard Instead of 个 can you use 位 as the measure word? Is it more common to use 个 or 位 in this circumstance?

A Concerned Colleague (下) Upper Intermediate

742162852 "Mr. Unlucky": 是一个人妖?

Opinions and Suggestions Qing Wen

Valanimal Hello, thanks for the great lesson.I'd like to ask you a question regarding what I think is a general fashion in the Chinese language: -when you guys translate "我推荐你", in english you add the "I'd like to" in "I'd like to recommend", so I assume that the "...

Surfing the Internet Newbie

stevinsjs 我们可以考虑“我喜欢上网买书”的句子一个连动句,对吗? Wǒmen kěyǐ kǎolǜ “wǒ xǐhuān shàngwǎng mǎishū” de jùzi yīgè lián dòng jù, duì ma? We can consider "I like to buy books online," the sentence with a sentence, ...