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This is How I Study: Interview with Advanced Student Kohl Advanced

PeachBoy Thank you for reaffirming my philosophy!

High Blood Pressure Upper Intermediate

zaphekiah 生涯 shēng yá = career; life (way in which sb lives); period of one's life邮差 yóu chāi = postman邮务士 yóu wù shì = mailman (Tw)白衣天使 bái yī tiān shǐ = hospital nurses食疗 shí liáo = food therapy; treatment via fo...

Spending Christmas in Asia Elementary

  In this festive episode, we discuss spending Chrismas in Asia with friends. Over in the East, Xmas is not so much a holiday to spend with family, but rather with friends (unless they're Christian obviously). Learn some words for various holidays, and ...

土飞机上天 Media

598735503 I'm going to listen to every Media lesson starting from here 

日本恐怖片 Advanced

598735503 I just finished. woohoo!

空姐 Dating a Female Flight Attendant Advanced

598735503 can 姣好 also be written 佼好? I coudnt find it in the dictionary

主席讲话 Part 1 Advanced

598735503 second lesson longer than 30 mins

Going to the Dentist Pre Intermediate

jasonworthington117 医生,我最近老牙疼... In English we would say, Doctor, Recently , always (there) has been pain in my tooth.... or I always (have) pain in my tooth. So, why not use "有" for example, 医生,我最近(有)老牙疼 .... or 医生,我最近老(有)牙疼... CAN WE DO THAT?  or  看著他離去,我的心(有) 鑽心般(的...

The Sharing Economy Upper Intermediate

Raesu 這我也要知道。公共單車就是共享單車吧。

Describing Personalities 2 Qing Wen

730822190 非常感谢你们,中文博客!你们都是十分了不起的老师!多亏你们 的太有意思的课我爱上了汉语!!!

It Doesn't Work 不能用 Qing Wen

taiyang2104 @fiona pls help me clarify !

Asking Directions to the Toilet Elementary

246856386  Would be great to add the word for toilet in the vocabulary section

小学生 Advanced

598735503 first advanced lesson over 30 mins, even longer than 通缉犯

New Job Opportunity Pre Intermediate

tbajoras The pre-intermediate level is an excellent addition.  Thanks! I also want to add that I'm really glad when Fi explains China/Taiwan differences in vocabulary.

身在杭州 Advanced

598735503 8:24 so does 大器 mean relics or 稳重,安定 here?

ATWTI 8: 很 Adjective Newbie

chuninator 我同意!

Binge Watching TV Online Upper Intermediate

ElijahW 在Expansion Sentences,有一句话是这样写的,应该不对吧: “他和年初刚交girlfriend)的女友在今年就结婚又生子,大概没人比他们更会赶进度了。”

You Can't Bring That on the Plane! Elementary

KelseySino Thanks for information - I didn't know there was a "report a mistake" link so I'll be sure to use it, for all of us "pinyin dependents". I'll definitely look out for the phrases in Pleco - I don't use that resource enough! Thanks for the advice!...

Getting a Pump On! Back and Bicep Workout in the Gym Upper Intermediate

zaphekiah Almost at the very end Fiona says something that sounds like 勤劳(guī)勤劳... I think I have heard this structure before. Is it 归? Can anyone tell me what it means? Thanks!

What an Ugly Teacup! Did you Make it? Upper Intermediate

riceeater The scene referred to was in “Ghost.” (第六感生死戀 Dì liù gǎn shēngsǐ liàn) It’s east to get the Chinese title of that movie mixed up with that of another movie “The Sixth Sense.”(靈異第六感 Língyì d&igra...