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Say It Right Series

Lesson Comments

Choosing a Name Intermediate

matman1115 There is a lot of whirring in the dialogue. Is that on purpose??

I'll Uber to the Party Elementary

chaos2346 Ah cool, that helps indeed! Thanks (:

A Visit to the School Elementary

808660560 what studying methods do you suggest for high school students trying to learn the Chinese language?

It's Hard to Shed Fat Intermediate

mark It wouldn't surprise me, if this were a Taiwan usage.

Avoiding The Gym At All Costs Elementary

hylith Thanks Fi, I understand the difference. So basically a 健身房 is a place where you would be required to probably purchase a membership and a 運動中心 is more like those a sports centre or perhaps one of those sections in a residential area where you see peo...

Gogoro Electric Scooters Advanced


Synonyms for 'Trick' Qing Wen

dashcalls I believe the above have now been fixed. Thanks.

Play this Game to Learn Chinese Word Order Qing Wen

Stephanie Cozby I LOVE these grammar-based lessons!  Amusing yet clarifying at the same time.  Common grammar patterns, sentence structures and phrases are so helpful! More, please! Zaijian, Stephanie

I'm So Hungry! Elementary

natashanana How do you use 不得了 with time expressions to make general statements? For example, if I wanted to say, "I'm (usually) exhausted after work", could I say, 下班以後,我累得不得了。Or would that only refer to the past, as in "After work, I was so exhausted" ? ...

What Star Sign Are You? Intermediate

fangaili In the past, as soon as the lesson was published, the list would be available on Skritter.  Thanks for checking up on this, Gwilym! 

Visiting an Aboriginal Festival Upper Intermediate

In today's lesson, we hear someone convince their colleague to go to a local aboriginal festival. Photo by 林展群

Making Comparisons BRIDGE Lesson Elementary

NickRizhao Hi Can I say Fiona is drop dead gorgeous!

What a Lovely Painting Elementary

Fiona@ChinesePod Hey Mingmao, This is just a general way of saying that "I would like to live in the mountains". Just like in English, it doesn't specify which part of a mountain that would be.  If you wanted to talk about having a view, you could say: 我想住在有山景的地方 If you w...

I Like Those Sweet Kind of Things Elementary

NickRizhao Hi Gwilym Thanks for the suggestion.

但愿人长久: A Song song Advanced

zaphekiah 平仄 píng zè = level and oblique tones (technical term for classical Chinese rhythmic poetry)看得开 kàn de kāi = to be able to get over unhappiness easily懊恼 ào nǎo = annoyed; vexed; upset高处不胜寒 gāo chù bù shèng h&aacu...

Dream Girls Intermediate

Kiyamori Thank you. That's really helpful.

The Lure of Being Smuggled Abroad Upper Intermediate

867274529 Calicartel you're a trump supporter aren't you? Support your 'facts' by lies and just speak from your mind with absolutely no substance or logic whatsoever? Think before you post garbage sweetheart.  

Small Talk Elementary

YuQinCai 主任 is a job title as a supervisor. In Chinese culture, For those you don't really know that well you call them "family name + 先生" to be respectful. But once you know their job title it's always better to use the title, like "陈主任"

Two Movie Tickets Please Intermediate

YuQinCai In its meaning of "by, near" there should be several choices of sides and directions. For example "你想做靠窗还是靠走道?" "你住靠山还是靠海的房子?" You could just say "我最喜欢的餐厅在我朋友家旁边" unless the context is discussing "is the restaurant closer to my house or your house?" then you...

Copy and Paste Intermediate

YuQinCai Good question! These two patterns have overlap in their usage. "又...又..." pattern is used to describe two things with same feeling. "既...又..." puts more emphasis on "both" are true but not necessarily same feeling.  In this case, "坐地铁又方便又省钱" is a good ...