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Chengyu Series - Like a fish in water Elementary

297807546 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ&list=PLyORnIW1xT6zK4HzR1st0q_N6N-cLtpaI&index=8 /                                             ...

Veteran movie fans 资深影迷—最爱电影 Advanced

zaphekiah 影评 yǐng píng = film review气场 qì chǎng = qi field (qigong); aura; atmosphere乘火打劫 chéng huǒ dǎ jié = to take advantage of sb's misfortune; to loot二战 Er zhàn = World War II漂泊 piāo bó = to drift (in the tide); to rove; to ...

哪里不一样:发音差异, Part 3 Upper Intermediate


Are reserved seats REALLY reserved? 坐立不安──高铁霸坐 Advanced

zaphekiah 摩肩接踵 mó jiān jiē zhǒng = lit. rubbing shoulders and following in each other's footsteps; a thronging crowd赶往 gǎn wǎng = to hurry to (somewhere)孝心 xiào xīn = filial piety (a Confucian obligation); respect and obedience to one's parents接地气 jiē d&ig...

In the red 入不敷出—收入不够开支 Advanced

zaphekiah 逢年过节 féng nián guò jié = to meet for new year or other annual festivities息息相关 xī xī xiāng guān = closely bound up (idiom); intimately related办年货 bàn nián huò = do one's new year shopping急切 jí qiè =...

蛇的价值 Advanced

258140922 Zoey Amazing and inspiring.  Great fluid reading (which is pretty hard, actually) and very good pronunciation.  How long have you studied?  What has been your study methodology? 

I Don't Understand Newbie

In this lesson, Joe and Lyn are teaching you one of the most important sentences that you should know as a Chinese beginner! This phrase comes in handy in the "I have no idea what you're talking about" situations that you might encounter as a foreigner in ...

Learning to Cook in Shanghai Elementary

serup 我也想学做菜。

To open 开设 开发 开展 Qing Wen

In this Upper-Intermediate level Qing Wen, we learn about the difference between 开设, 开发, 开展. These three words might look very similar, but they are actually very different in usages and the contexts that they are used it. Let's check them out in this vide...

“停用死囚器官”的伦理与法治进步 Media

alanshi https://www.chinacourt.org/article/detail/2014/12/id/1499488.shtml

Three ways to use 给 Intermediate

In today's lesson, we focus on the word 给 [gěi] and its three main usages. Do you know how we can use this word in addition to the meaning of "to give"? Watch this lesson and find out!

Visiting a Colleague in Hospital Upper Intermediate

carlotta165 thank you for the lesson!

Coffee Break Series - How to Make Small Talk Pre Intermediate

In China, having a meal with clients is not just eating. Everything is related to the business. That's why learning table manners is so important. In this lesson, we’re going to learn how to make small talk. Let's get started!

语法课程:还 又 再 Upper Intermediate

这节语法课程,我们一起来学习“还”“又”“再”这三个词语。下面是本节课的重点知识! -还 1、表示状态不变,动作和行为的继续。相当于“仍然”。 2、表示提醒。 3、和“比”组成固定搭配,表示比较。 -又 1、表示动作的重复发生或连续反复地进行,一般用于已经发生的情况。 2、表示未来的事情:意料之内的重复。 3、前后都加上数量短语时:表示数量或时间很多。比如“一年又一年“。 -再 1、和“想”“要”等表示意愿的词连用的时候,“再”和“又”的位置不同。“又”要放在它的前面,“再”要放在它的后面。 2、“再”只能用...

You get what you paid for Elementary

jgdta good topic, lesson a little lame with the all the lengthy personal digressions....  :)

Chengyu Series - Heart and mouth Elementary

Chengyu are Chinese idioms that consist of four characters. Although they originate from classical Chinese, Chengyu remain as an important aspect in both spoken and written language. They may seem erratic and confusing to you at first since they don’t foll...

哪里不一样:发音差异, Part 2 Upper Intermediate

washingtondcmandarincooperative  写下 ”普通话和台湾的中文“ 又来了! 囧 谢谢 Lyn 说了 “ 。 。 。。 。 。 台湾人讲普通话跟我们讲普通话 不一样的地方。”  

Give Me All of Them Newbie

In today's lesson, we are going bag shopping, and you're going to learn some useful phrases that will come in handy when you are in the store next time!

Coffee Break Series #5 - Making an Appointment Intermediate

730822190 pdf 文件还是打不开。Lesson 音频 只有 3 分钟的持续时间,Dialogue 和 Vocab Review 没有录音,是空的文件。

88 characters with Carly, Part 9 Newbie

297807546 thank you for the lesson!