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Asking Prices in Chinese with 多少 [ATWTI 27] Newbie

  In this lesson, we focus on asking questions about prices with a popular question format with 多少. How to ask how much something costs? Finally put your hard-learned numbers to use. Learn how to have a conversation about prices in this Newbie lesson. ...

Guilin Mifen The Menu Stealer

matman1115 nice r u still on the team wyd on it if u r, plz dont say nm, ttyl, prs

Attractive Gym Trainer Intermediate

zhangyanglu152 Why is this lesson called "Hot Gym Instructor" on the app and "Attractive Gym Trainer" in the web version? Can you please make sure the titles match?

Telling Time in Chinese [ATWTI 25] Newbie

LiliChen Hi Since71, kè 刻 = quarter of an hour bàn半 = half chà差 = be less than; be short of 7:15: qī diǎn yí kè 七点一刻 = a quarter past seven qī diǎn shí wǔ fēn 七点十五分 =  seven fifteen 7:30: qī diǎn b&agrav...

Bank Transactions Intermediate

washingtondcmandarincooperative At the risk of asking you to "quadruple check" I am going to venture a guess as to why you got marked wrong.  I have a hunch you wrote 他出示账单了吗? The corrected answer given by the CPod software uses 帐单  instead of 账单.  If so you wer...

Phone Numbers 电话号码/電話號碼 in Chinese [ATWTI 26] Newbie

  In this lesson, we focus on talking about phone numbers in Chinese. How to ask someone for their phone number? How to let someone know what your number is? We cover all the tips and tricks in this Newbie lesson. Make sure to watch other ATWTI episo...

Swearing at a Driver Elementary

sensfan15 这是我最喜爱的!

Dormitory Drama - Part 3 Intermediate

avichapman 谢谢你

Greetings [ATWTI 1] Newbie

422925808 Same here... I recall having seen a video when I was on the free mode. And the URL is also invalid. Looking forward to the program. Tks

Office Policy: Internet Elementary

user34729 你好,中文播客 ‘与’ 和 ’跟’ 是不是一样的吗? 什么时候你使用 ‘与’?什么时候你使用 ‘跟’?

Long Distance Relationships Upper Intermediate

892677198 can't see "CC" either, from the screenshot is seems it was another video platform: any answer from the staff?

一带一路 Part 2 Advanced

jgwilson Great lessons, teachers are skilled

一带一路 Part 1 Advanced

566546853 谢谢您  

Hand Made Pottery Class Upper Intermediate

mansour66 hi, 我的第一个问题是我们能不能说:这朵花真让人看着赏心悦目。 第二问是在话里面女的说:美玉一般。这里一般的作用就跟 “一样” 相等吗?

Everything and Nothing: Question Word & 都 [VIDEO] Qing Wen

fluxxion's because of the 得, right?

"I Want" Using 想 & 要 [ATWTI 20] Newbie

734240931 I feel it's just a more polite way of saying that you would like something. You can use it in place of xiang(想)or yao(要). For example: I would like to eat meat.  wo3 xiang3 yao4 chi1 rou4. 我想要吃肉

Chinese for Parents Qing Wen

989911835 The reaction to kids saying "xie xie" is so spot on! I died laughing!

Talking About Dates in Chinese [ATWTI 24] Newbie

jinkeli Awesome, new lessons. Or are they just re-dating/renumbering old ones? Or CGI? :)

Two Movie Tickets Please Intermediate

589612630 你们好! 我看不懂怎么。。。“就可以打八折” 的意思是 20% off?! TARIK

Making Comparisons Pre Intermediate

DakotaC I find it helpful to think of bi3 as translating to "when compared to" shenmeshenme. It allows the thoughts to more easily connect are reinforce the correct grammatical structure, in my opinion.