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  • Why do our Students ChinesePod?

    "When I was learning Mandarin, ChinesePod was my favourite resource by far. It was essential in getting me up to basic conversational level in just a few months. I recommend it to everyone learning Chinese!"

    Benny Lewis
    "The Irish Polyglot", language expert, bestselling author and blogger

    "ChinesePod has such a vast scope of topics and diversity in levels, which makes it extremely convenient to progress, never-mind the entertaining hosts, great top-down approach and super useful additional content!"

    Niel de la Rouviere
    Language blogger and web developer at Buffer

    "The lessons have given me the opportunity to reconnect with my roots and the ability to connect with people from all around the world."

    Chris Goh
    UCLA student majoring in Global Studies and a ChinesePod user

    "ChinesePod is an incredible resource for mastering spoken Chinese - a vast library of entertaining lessons from a great collection of teachers, all short and friendly enough to squeeze into a busy schedule."

    Mike Love
    Creator of Pleco Chinese Dictionary

    Your new Chinese teachers are pretty legit

    Fiona Tian


    Fiona is a native speaker of both English and Chinese and has lived in many countries growing up.

    Fiona is your guide for understanding cultural insights and colloquialisms that you wouldn’t learn in the classroom.

    Fiona has been heralded for her easy-to-understand teaching style and focus on explaining things from the learner’s perspective.

    Gwilym James

    Co Host

    Started learning Chinese in 2012 with ChinesePod, Gwilym now lives in Taipei and speaks Chinese at a conversational level.

    Gwilym’s educational background in Neuroscience taught him how to optimize language; a perspective that will help you hack the common road-blocks you might face as you learn Chinese.

    As a student of Mandarin, Gwilym is able to ask the kind of questions that learners often struggle with.

    Constance Fang

    Educational Adviser

    Constance is ChinesePod’s educational guru, writing lessons that are useful and meaningful for your everyday use.

    Each lesson comes with exercises, grammar and expansion sentences, which Constance creates to extend your learning beyond the audio or video lesson.

    Constance has taught at widely recognized Chinese Learning Institutions, including the world renowned International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) and Princeton in Beijing’s summer Chinese program (PIB).

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    NBC Financial Times The New York Times The Economist The Guardian CNN

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