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Lessons are categorized into six levels of difficulty from Newbie all the way to Advanced Learner. The lessons are grouped by Playlist, so you may study by interest area or level. Each lesson is short and inclusive, with vocabulary being repeated throughout the lesson to cement learning.

About our Lessons

ChinesePod is a creative platform for Teachers to enhance their students’ Chinese language learning experience. ChinesePod uses real life conversations and scenarios to engage the students, keeping them interested and involved in the Mandarin language.

ChinesePod offers an abundance of material with over 4,000 lessons available. When used in combination with your curriculum, ChinesePod can be a valuable part of your students’ activities, listening practice and further cultural insight. ChinesePod provides exercises, printable worksheets, pronunciation, an audible dictionary, grammar explanations and downloadable material, so your students can study easily anywhere.

  1. An introduction
  2. A dialogue (audio and text)
  3. Dialogue explanation
  4. Vocabulary review (audio and text)
  5. Vocabulary expansion
  6. Grammar explanation
  7. Exercises

Lessons may be either audio or video, and most contain all of the following:

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