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ChinesePod offers a number of different ways to access lessons, including the ability to download content such as full audio lessons, dialogue, vocabulary review and grammar explanations. This flexibility makes it easy and convenient to learn whenever the opportunity is presented. We also include interviews with learners asking them their methods for Chinese learning. This can be especially encouraging and useful for learners who are studying Chinese on their own. 

ChinesePod has an entire production and content creation team available for developing custom training programs and videos for specific business needs. 

About ChinesePod

ChinesePod is a creative language learning platform for employers who are expanding their business in China. Through real life conversations and scenarios, ChinesePod increase communication skills for travel and business connections.

ChinesePod offers an abundance of material with over 4,000 lessons available. From Newbie all the way to Advanced Learner, the ‘free form learning’, allows employees to pick and choose which topics are relevant for their own purposes.The audio or video lessons are short enough to be easily digested but contain enough information to leave learners feeling confident about the learning material. 

  1. An introduction
  2. A dialogue (audio and text)
  3. Dialogue explanation
  4. Vocabulary review (audio and text)
  5. Vocabulary expansion
  6. Grammar explanation
  7. Exercises

In general, most lessons contain:

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