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Character Mind Map: 走 walk Elementary

stevinsjs I love these mind map lessons. They make a lot of sense to me. Thanks for this series CPOD! :-)

饭圈女孩 Advanced

dashcalls It will help if we have slightly more precise translations. For instance, "fan club" is more relatable than "fandom" for 饭圈 Likewise, 吃瓜 is a short form for 吃瓜群众 ("onlookers who are interested in the spectacle but don't have anything knowledgeable to say about...

Continued Tone Change Series #4 - I Can't Find You! Elementary

podster Maybe it's a deficiency in my education, but it took me a while to figure out that Sb was somebody and Sth was something.  I guess it is a standard though, as I have seen it in places other than CPod, such as Pleco, I think.  

Coffee Break Series #2 - Meeting New Colleagues Intermediate

ChrisRockett 在 vocab review 里, 考核的英文翻译这样写错了:"assest". 应该是: “assess" (or evaluate/appraise)

Night life 夜生活,夜经济 Upper Intermediate

viet144 你好大家! 在博客是不是说 《睡过上课的时间》。这个句子的意思是他起床太晚了就来不及去上课? 还有,我分不清楚这些词有没有区别,还是是在不一样的情况下能用的: 体力 力气 实力 精力 劲儿 谢谢!!!!

中国的职场文化 Upper Intermediate

dmitrytoda 哇 有可能因为我自己不是行政人员,所以难以理解,想不象 哈哈

International Women’s Day: 2020 China Edition Pre Intermediate

translatejake Wow, nice performance!

语法课程:程度副词 Upper Intermediate

258140922 I think a grammar tab (there used to be one) would have also helped. Also, you could have used some of the temperature dialogue to explain the degrees. 

相见恨晚——老电影 Upper Intermediate

viet144 你好大家! 我有几个问题 1。《相见》和《相遇》跟《认识》意思一样吗?还是也有《我们相见的那一天》(不是第一次见面)的意思? 《结交朋友》或者《交朋友》也有《认识》的意思吗?怎么用? 《相处》《和朋友相处得非常好》就是《和朋友关系很好》。可不可以说《人和人怎么相处》? 《相识》是《互相了解》的意思吗? 可不可以据例子。 2.《烂片》指一部不好看的电影,对吧?可不可以用来形容其他的东西? 3. 《迷上》到底是什么意思?比如说,应为我很喜欢一本书,所以我迷上了那本书吗?   谢谢! &n...

语法课程:“别人”和“人家” Upper Intermediate

258140922 Exercises: The first three of the multiple choice.  The only available answer is A.  (no meaning) and it still is graded incorrect.

Coffee Break Series - Responding to Compliments Pre Intermediate

ezweig I wish you wouldn't have the screen playing video behind the teachers - it's very distracting...

Lesson 4 - Man or Machine Newbie

JoshFan I am glad that you liked this lesson. Check out our other lessons on HSK test!!

物尽其用-绿色能源推动农村绿色发展 Upper Intermediate

Sevastopol It is currently the most usful lesson for me inspite of  the fact that my level is too low for it. It just has refreshed  my passion to learn Chinese inspite the lack of time. 非常感谢!

The Pen is Out of Water Newbie

In this newbie lesson, we are looking for some common office supplies, and in doing so, you have to learn how to use the sentence structure 没...了. I know what you're thinking, "The pen is out of...water? That's just bad English". I assure you that it's not...

Directions & Transportation Newbie

mario173 Thank you!

I plan to study abroad Newbie

314231813 guys, i think there is something wrong with the audio. i can't hear the audio for the characters. or sentences or even the expansion sentences...can someone please fix it?

Lesson 11 - Try Me Doc. Newbie

mellyagain Hi, this lesson also has traditional characters mixed in with simplified in several places. Could you please correct this? Thanks!

三八女神节 Advanced

Sevastopol You are right from the formal point of view but  on the other hand positive effect  is that 1)most of words are coming  from the  native speaker  2) small differences in tones may help you to find your mistakes from the comparison . 3...

入乡随俗 Upper Intermediate

dmitrytoda 04:46 “它的意思呢就是 纯正无误的”,对不对?