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Greater Bay Area 大湾区 Advanced

zaphekiah 臂膀 bì bǎng = arm, shoulder并肩 bìng jiān = alongside; shoulder to shoulder; side by side; abreast变迁 biàn qiān = changes; vicissitudes愿景 yuàn jǐng = vision (of the future), cherished vision瞩目 zhǔ mù = to focus attention upon

巴西国博失火 Media

JennyZhou 好的! 谢谢您的建议,我们会改进的。周末愉快!

Chinese Idioms - Spiderwebs and Horse Tracks Newbie

ChinesePodModerator Hi, Mafanni, Actually, there is no dialogue recorded, as it is all in the full lesson.  Please download the full lesson as it is very short.  Thank you!

Chinese Idioms - Lower than a pig or dog Newbie

Grace Wong That is such a great idea JB. Thanks!  

Introduce Your Name Like a Native Qing Wen

Grace Wong Hello 冯丽虹! Great job! And beautiful name. 

蚁族 Advanced

ElijahW 在扩展例句中,有一句话:“幸福的人生,其实都是有规划的人生”。但是我和辅导老师都觉得:真的有人觉得生活越随便才越幸福!但是我觉得没有规划的人不能学好中文。

网络隐私 Advanced

ElijahW 我在上海工作的时候,我的一个同事的电脑被中招了。我们的网管也不懂电脑(但是他一直是一个很友好的一个人!),同事就找我研究一下怎么处理。最后发现是rootkit(不知道中文怎么说),很厉害的病毒。还好网上有很多免费的杀软,也有很有用的说明怎么处理,否则可怜的同事的电脑肯定完蛋了。

无条件的爱Unconditional Love Upper Intermediate

lydia1981 Thanks! 

虎妈教育方式的的利与弊-Tiger Mom(1/3) Advanced

JennyZhou Elijah您好,我们这次请肖遥作家来为我们分享她对虎妈的看法,肖遥她在这里也把她自己的一些经验我们谈,希望您听完后也和我们分享您对教育的观点。  

Testing Text Segmentation Elementary

上海垃圾分类回收可 Advanced

We’ve heard so much about waste recycling and ways to protect the environment. Now in this lesson we listen to the news about a new recycling initiative in one of the most populated cities in the world - Shanghai. Residents in the city can now use mobile techn...

首个智慧面包坊在京亮相 Advanced

In this Advanced lesson we’re going to listen to news of a smart bakery, another example of how technology is transforming our lives as cities continue to embrace smart living. 在這個高級課程中,我們將聽取北京一家智慧麵包店的新聞, 是技術改變我們的生活的又一個新例子。隨著城市繼續擁抱智慧生活,我們的生活將變換無窮。 在这个高级课程中...

How To Sound Polite Qing Wen

Grace Wong Depending on the tone, it can come across mean or just a tease. 

Making Apologies Elementary

Grace Wong Thanks for diving into this! 

4 Tones of Zhu Newbie

Grace Wong Thanks DaZhou! This has been fun set to work on. Tones are so finicky and this is a more interesting way to show how the tone changes a word. I think its good that you are using your Chinese, and in time all your tones will fit perfectly. For the second tone I...

Asking Prices in Chinese with 多少 [ATWTI 27] Newbie

Grace Wong Hmm... I just clicked on the audio portion and it worked for me. Are you using a phone or computer? 

Lost and Found 失而复得 Upper Intermediate

JennyZhou 是的,您说得对。我们会更正,谢谢您。

量词 Measure Words for Nouns Qing Wen

Grace Wong You guys are clever! 

人机合一(四)Android Part 4 Advanced

JennyZhou 恭喜您将人机合一的四个课程学完了!这四个课程的内容和讨论比较深,并且这堂课的对话也是依照平常讲话的速度, 您能将从中的学到的词汇和我们分享证明了您中文的水平,真是为您感到高兴。 我们将会在高级班中穿插不同的形态的课程,希望对您们的帮助更大,而且不呆板乏味。 祝 学习快乐!