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How to Use 了: Action Complete Qing Wen

JoshFan 我觉得比较好的说法是:我星期一到星期四都上课了。 那星期五呢?怎么不用上课

You get what you paid for Elementary

JoshFan You're welcome. Glad you liked it!!

Taking a Shower Newbie

JoshFan In this case, you can use them both! It's really nice to be polite and add 不好意思 before a sentence!!

输入法 Advanced

zaphekiah I came across a really interesting book last year, it is a history of the Chinese typewriter. Before computers came along to make life easier for everyone typewriting had evolved to such an extent that there were even mechanical input systems that let you type...

Who's That Over There? Newbie

Guizhu how about scarf, can I use 穿围巾,because scarf is also part of clothes? And how about tie? 戴领带?

Do you have wifi? Newbie

jenevieverichards Great lesson! I was wondering what the difference between baoqian and duibuqi is. My friend said baoqian is more "adult" is that true at all? Thanx!

I Don't Feel Well 我不舒服 Pre Intermediate

jenevieverichards Nice lesson! I notice you two have same last name. Any relation? I'm not trying to be picky I just noticed some words put up in the screen where only flashed for a second like qise I think it was. I love learning the characters!

Discussing Craft Beer in Chinese - 精酿啤酒 Advanced

susanna330666400 Really interesting lesson, but I still would have liked the subs for the dialogue. Don't you usually have them even for advanced lessons?

You Only Got to Bed at 2am! Newbie

Guizhu can i say 学生族 to refer to students ?

Haggle For A Good Deal Newbie

Guizhu In 0.55, in the conversation,the people said, 不卖就走. But i think 不卖就算了is more often used and more common, and less rude. And also, the people in the dialogue said, 太贵了,不买, but actually, we seldom say, 不买。it's more common that we say,太贵了,能不能便宜点。两件150,不然就算了。this ...

巴西国博失火 Media

8890909 請問無法估量和無法估計的差別?

Counting to 10 Newbie

susanna330666400 What a wonderful and creative lesson, I had so much fun watching it, especially the puppies!

特朗普施压伊朗;来华工作审批加速 Media

PeonyM Thanks for the encouragement!

Nope, You Cannot! Newbie

Guizhu Thanks for your nice video. Could you explain to us the use of 行不行?Thanks

ATWTI 2: How to Say Goodbye in Chinese Newbie

Guizhu In 0.27, the Pinyin for 拜拜is bai4 bai4, but Constance pronounced as bai1 bai2.Maybe it would be better if you explain this a little bit. Thanks

Long Time No See (original) Newbie

TungkyWu how can i download the file as a pdf ? i think i want to print the vocab and the grammar..

同舟共济-中非合作 Advanced

8890909 Can you provide some sentences of 命運共同體, i dont really know how to use it.

Tone change series #1 不 (bù) Newbie

ElshaYiu Hi Susanna, most lessons start with rules and then examples.  In this series, we have decided to do a new structure, with many examples first and then come the rule. In this structure, students are encouraged to know the tones by listening and using them,...

Can you help me find...? Elementary

susanna330666400 I personally find this lesson a bit chaotic and had to watch it again to follow all phrases properly. Maybe introduce less phrases if they aren’t related to the subject. Also the male speaker in the dialogue was not very clear in the pronunciation but I ...