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Foot Therapy Intermediate

putonghualover Hi, I had a question about the word 能. In the conversation the man asks the therapist "哦,足疗还能治胃不好啊?" and she says to him "能啊,我们有个顾客有胃病好多年了,做了半年足疗就好了。" but I thought questions containing 能 cannot be answered with 能? You have to say 可以. Tell me if I'm ...

New E-commerce rules in China 有章可循-代购电商法实施 Media

ElshaYiu  samthomas早上好! 19:00 提起脚来            就是把脚抬起来,可能比走路的时候幅度大。

Online Group Shopping Intermediate

eesy186 Thanks for the advice. I just reported the mistake as you suggested. Hope it can be fixed soon.

Getting a Tattoo Intermediate

ElshaYiu Also, many teenagers choose to become a  tattoo artist in Taiwan now. In Taiwan, tattoos could be perceived as a form of arts actually. Taiwan Tattoo Convention is held annually since 2009. So, tattoo are widely accepted in the society. If you want to ta...

2018 Google Most Searched News Intermediate

ElijahW Yes, I definitely see your point there. The 50/50 ratio could be used more effectively. Actually, this discussion reminds me of a guy who used to work for ChinesePod. He left after a few years in order to start his own competitor company. One of his nonnegoti...

Online Shopping 网上购物 Intermediate

ElijahW The latest ones seem better. Hopefully that will continue.

Living in two cities 披星戴月──双城生活 Media

ElijahW Personally, I have over 400 lessons bookmarked, and I always do them in the order I bookmark them. So I'm guessing it will be at least two years before I really care that much about new lessons.

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #3 Newbie

ElshaYiu Thanks! It is glad to hear that you enjoyed the lesson. Stay tuned.

Mild Swearing Elementary

ElijahW The common lack of a subject often leaves me confused when listening to Chinese people. They find it odd that I have a hard time with that. They seem to just somehow "know" who is being discussed, and I have to stop and ask, "Wait... Do you want ME to do that,...

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #4 Newbie

ElijahW Me too! And had you noticed that one of the hosts in a recent lesson is Ash Henson? He's one of the founders of the Outlier Dictionary, one of the best tools for foreigners learning Chinese characters. Had it been around when I was first learning characte...

Shanghai Expo Pavilions Intermediate

ElshaYiu In the script, they shouldn't be an 儿化音. But, it is very common to add 儿化音 colloquially among Chinese especially someone who comes from the Northern region.

小学生 Advanced

ElshaYiu 的确,转笔可是需要技巧的。

The 5 "W" Questions Newbie

ElshaYiu Thanks for you support! We will fix it soon. Stay tuned!

Ordering Fancy Coffee Intermediate

ElshaYiu Actually, the baristas could still ask "两位是在这边吃还是带走". They could replace the verb with 喝. The verb 吃 could include eating and drinking, but 喝 is usually used in a condition that only consists of drinking.

Are You A Night Cat? Elementary

Kanban I see, good to know it's not just me :)

I Don't Want to Be a Housewife Upper Intermediate

ElshaYiu Hi Apetina, 妳 is an ancient word,but it's not commonly used.  I think mainly because it's not being used in Chinese textbooks used by the native speaking Chinese, and thus it's not a commonly circulated word.

Forgot To Take My Medicine Again Elementary

Kanban The exercise section for this lesson is broken (or maybe all exercise sections are broken at the moment?). When I submit my answers my score is 0 and instead of seeing what I have done wrong there are just entries like "null/null points".

Ridiculously Small Clothing! Upper Intermediate

ElshaYiu Hi Kelisi, You are right, the correct phrase should be 大大的旺夫。 Here, 的 has an implied object to follow, and can you guess what the implied object is?   qing(1) guo(1) refers to 傾國, which means to "kill/destroy a country."  again, the 的 has...

Can I Borrow a Charger? Elementary

zach166 Thanks, that makes sense!

The Tea Scam Intermediate

ElshaYiu Bubble tea is really good. Hope you will have a nice time in Taipei!