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Say It Right Series

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Before Noon, After Noon Newbie

stevinsjs 上星期 (last week) Shàng xīngqí 这个星期 (this week) Zhège xīngqí 下星期 (next week) Xià xīngqí

Which Sports Do You Like? Elementary

藍狗 The former is correct. Yes, 大多 can be used for both examples, and in fact is better than 大多數。 A numerical figure isn't really used to discuss what types of ingredients or flavours you don't like. 我拒絕吃狗肉,動物的器官我也不習慣吃, 所以不喜歡。 But apart from specific ingredients u...

Out of Context Advanced


I'm So Happy! 快乐, 高兴, 幸福 Qing Wen

lalalan Hi! First of all, I wanna thank you for this lesson because it's really been useful for me (altough I am an intermediate/upper intermediate learner, there is still plenty to cover, especially when it comes to this kind of words that usually have the same trans...

Rude Waitress Part 2/2 Elementary

118251836 got an error on my trad. pdf here: 我們咸的有肉包...

Rude Waitress Part 1/2 Elementary

藍狗 Gabriel. You don't need to worry, the Chinese are in fact capable of being just as angry, vindictive, rude, obnoxious, selfish, debased, violent or any other human trait as with the rest of humanity. I would love to give you examples of some of the colourful ...

Chinese Medicine Advanced

藍狗 網絡: Internet(Mainland China) 網路: Internet(Taiwan) The term 互聯網 is hardly used these days.

冥想 Meditation Advanced

藍狗 打坐: to sit and meditate。

The Ideal Woman? Upper Intermediate

Who is your perfect partner? Find out how to describe your ideal woman (or man) in this show about love and relationships. Check out last week's lesson on the same topic, this time focused on the "ideal" man.

What's His Problem With Me? Intermediate

Gwilym@ChinesePod Thanks for your feedback. Please leave any comments you have about mistakes using the report a mistake feature on the left of the lesson page and someone will get round to fixing it. 

Who Is Your Ideal Partner? Upper Intermediate

si1teng2 直男癌 : the pronunciation should be listed as "zhinan'ai" (not "zhínánái", which would be pronounced: zhi-na-nai). According to the rules of pinyin, when a syllable within a word begins with a vowel, it must be separated with an apostrophe....

Quitting My Job and Starting Over Upper Intermediate

Lu4Ge1 Thanks.  In the dialogue, the character is labelled as jiǎ = holiday.

So Many Sayings! Qing Wen

YuQinCai Ya. There are some cases in Mandarin like that. People are used to the wrong characters for so long that both characters become correct. 黄连 is one of them.

I Can Teach You Spanish Elementary

luiscarlosbustamante I like this lesson, it would be cool though if there were an option to download the audio track for each word from the vocabulary section of each lesson. I'm trying to make an anki deck and it would be great If I could download MP3 for each vocab card

Sushi Recommendation Intermediate

What are you thoughts on sushi? Do you love it or hate it? In this lesson, we hear a friend say how they're falling in love with sushi, and their friend gives some restaurant recommendations. This is a great lesson for describing restaurants, and comparing yo...

Where Are Your Classmates From? Elementary

413872260 Thank you! 

Nope, You Cannot! Newbie

stevinsjs 谢谢中文老师 Constance and Fiona! 我爱这新 课. 谢 谢 你们 so much for the updated 可以 lesson/information/notes. 我是 Newbie, but finding the neng, hui, bu ke yi Qing Wen Grammar Section video while reviewing 今天早上 was 太棒!! 我 懂 just enough 现在 to understand 什么我不懂 和 this lesso...

Is This the Correct Stop? Elementary

tbajoras Thanks for the explanation!  

Can We Not Eat There? Intermediate

timothygstout Thanks, All! Very helpful! 

2017 Women's Day Special Qing Wen

YuQinCai  It should be jǐyǔ as a formal word but in informal situations people say gěiyǔ