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Counting to 10 Newbie

Grace Wong Hmmm, I am sorry you are still unable to see it. Have you tried viewing it from a computer or mobile device? 

I Don't Feel Well 我不舒服 Pre Intermediate

Grace Wong Awesome!!! Thank you so much. 

Mongolian Yurt Elementary

iknowcss Hey roel12563 :) I think both sentences are ok, but have slightly different meaning.  你昨天真的三点回家吗? This emphasizes the 三点 part. They are confirming that the person is returning at that particular time. 你昨天三点真的回家吗? This emphasizes the 回家 part...

We Can Talk About Anything, But Don't Lecture Me Advanced

JennyZhou 您好, 很高兴看到您从对话里查到了许多新的词汇,每次看到大家的建议和问题,都给了我们很多的鼓励。 您的听力很强,真是佩服! 03.57这是一个陕西省的方言,是暗讽一个人因为有一些小聪明而洋洋自得。 06.55最最健康,有意义的活动。 新的高级班课程又将要放在网络上了,下次我请了不同的人来为我们解释,希望大家也会喜欢。 祝 学习愉快!

Describing Travels Pre Intermediate

user568 Hi Grace, I just looked at it again today, and the Pin Yin still has the English word there!

Characters - The New Co-Worker Pre Intermediate

sscogges Does anyone have a link to the Simplified vs. Traditional video that Grace mentions at the beginning of the lesson? I've searched for it but can't seem to find it. Much appreciated!

The 5 "W" Questions Newbie

stevinsjs The "Grammar" tab: (machine translation, not mine) 哪里(nǎli) 用法分初级和中级。 Usage is divided into primary and intermediate. 初级的用法分两种。 There are two types of primary usage. 一种是问处所,一种是客气的回答。 One is to ask the place, the other is a polite answer.

The Three De's: 的/得/地 Qing Wen

968904361 thanks

How to use our Audible Dictionary How to Use ChinesePod

Grace Wong Yay! I'm happy to hear that, we want you guys to use it in it's fullest capacity. Thanks for the feedback!

Preparing Traditional Chinese Medicine Intermediate

946892437 Who says western medicine is not a total joke; look at all the sick people in America.  If American medicine is so scientific and fool-proof why are so many people so sick?

How to Navigate a Lesson Page How to Use ChinesePod

Grace Wong Yes that is currently the set up. Are you trying to be able to go from one lesson to another like in a playlist? 

The Characters of Ma Newbie

Grace Wong Ahh, I understand. Thanks for checking in matman!

Talking About Dates in Chinese [ATWTI 24] Newbie

jeanetteng What would be a formal way of asking: " What's your date of birth"? Asking, " When is your birthday?' doesn't sound quite right in a professional setting. 

Choosing a Chinese Name and Safety Dear Amber

Grace Wong Wow! That special for us to have helped you in the beginning. 

Set Your Settings! How to Use ChinesePod

The Say It Right Series How to Use ChinesePod

High Blood Pressure Upper Intermediate

328685662 Seems good except it only has traditional chars.  

The Tones of Ma Newbie

JennyZhou 是的!  谢谢。 Thank for sharing with our community.

Drinking Chinese Spirits Qing Wen

light487 What is the difference between liè 烈 and nóng 浓 in relation to strength? When I talk about strong coffee, I say 浓的咖啡. is it more about the strength of the flavour rather than the strength or power of the alcohol?

HSK How to Use ChinesePod

Grace Wong Okay Bereniceh thank you for your input!