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得到、获得、取得的用法 Qing Wen

822957078 awesome lesson, great vocal, great explanations, spoken clearly, and very hilarious!

Mobile payments in China 移动支付遍布中国 Upper Intermediate

897098022 hi I have one doubt. Used to learn 基本都 now I see the reversed order 都基本. can anybody explain me this? thank you guys! Monika

Pokemon Go Upper Intermediate


More harm than good? 饮鸩止渴—咖啡不能停 Upper Intermediate

ElshaYiu Dear cesky  Thank you for your feedback! We’ve recently released more lessons with the similar format. Do stay tuned and continue your Mandarin learning journey with us!

Introduction to Pinyin The Pinyin Program

Jerry@ChinesePod Nǐhǎo!

无条件的爱Unconditional Love Upper Intermediate

Jerry@ChinesePod I wish I had some better guidance for you, but I just tried it on both a Mac using Firefox, and an iPhone with Safari. In both cases, it worked fine for me.

Misfortune from our mouths 祸从口入──管住嘴巴 Intermediate

In this lesson, you’ll learn useful vocabulary for nuts, seafood, milk etc that’ll come handy especially for persons with food allergies. 祸从口入 means to encounter misfortune (or in this case) to fall ill when an allergic person eats the wrong food. As the sayin...

Chinese Drinking Culture Intermediate

897098022 entirely right, greets from Polish Chinese female learner:)

Learning about Levels How to Use ChinesePod

ElijahW Great insight here from John at 5:30: "You don't 'finish' Newbie and go on to Elementary. And it's not a cold turkey thing either... You slowly start studying more and more elementary... You study Newbie less and less, and you naturally progress." Another gre...

Online Shopping 网上购物 Intermediate

Jerry@ChinesePod That's a good try, but this pattern is typically only used for describing two negative aspects of one thing, where the second aspect is worse than the first. Such as: 我不喜欢这只狗,不好看不说,而且晚上还很吵。

Veteran movie fans 资深影迷—最爱电影 Advanced

你是一个电影迷吗?来学学这一课当中人们怎样讨论电影、怎么看影评,这样就能和其他电影迷一起热烈地讨论啦! This is a lesson for movie buffs! Learn vocabulary and phrases you’ll need to read Chinese movie previews and chat with other movie enthusiasts in Chinese! HSK 5 - 简直 细节 趁 HSK 6 - 流浪 爆炸 情节 过瘾 题材 ...

How to Say and Write Your Address in Chinese Newbie

Jerry@ChinesePod The two officially mean the same thing, but there are some regional differences in usage: In the Chinese Mainland, jiǔdiàn is the common word for "hotel." Fàndiàn is the common word for a restaurant. In Taiwan, "fàndiàn" is...

Discussing Work Pre Intermediate

SimonRichards Oh yes, that makes sense. 谢谢你。

Prepositions in Chinese [ATWTI 13] Newbie

Jon325 In all seriousness I got a lot from this lesson. It's always refreshing to start the day with such talented teachers and comprehensive material! Keep up the good work everyone!

Internet celebrity: Fresh made tea 崛地而起──现制茶饮成网红 Media

喝腻了瓶装饮料的人,愿意排长长的队,去等待一杯新鲜现制的奶茶或是果茶--这已经成为了中国年轻人的新潮流。同时,这样的茶饮也与中国传统品茶喝茶有很大不同,喜茶、奈雪的茶、龙井、乌龙......哪一杯才是你的茶呢?HSK词汇: 5-促进 6-新颖,开辟,靠拢 As they say, “What is your cup of tea?” Flavoured, fruit, bubble tea have become very popular in China. The idiom 崛地而起 can be used...

China's 1st and 2nd Tier Cities Pre Intermediate

Terryible 听起来 means "sounds like..." 很棒 means "really great / good / etc". So it's just a phrase that translates as "sounds great!" or "sounds awesome".

Love Tangle 7: The Mistress Returns Upper Intermediate

neemazad you've gotta choose your words carefully in... hard-to-navigate... situations...

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #1 Newbie

melanie995546975 This is pretty interesting, Ci is a hard word to pronounce   

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #3 Newbie

349476409 I agree, it´s totally fine.

Asking Too Many Questions Elementary

234396144 Hi guys , I would like to know why did fiona leaved ChinesePod? Thanks and sorry bordering you!