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Road Rage Chinese Qing Wen

PhillipBeijing 这节课好好笑耶,哈哈哈。在中国上大学的时候老师们都没有教我们这些十分重要的词汇与说法。最好笑的是“有本事飞过去啊”,哈哈哈! 给你们一百个赞!

Direction Words: 向, 朝, and 往 Qing Wen

RossCoe Looks like this correction has not yet been done - Hope it happens soon.

Signing a Rental Agreement Intermediate

815620629 This is such a great lesson, one I def need to get back to study a few more times until I'm ready to rent in China (will have my dorm for some time still but it's always good to be prepared). Great work!!! Cheers Lingling

小学生 Advanced


Beijing Accent Elementary

Nabeshima120 Skritter s been going good for me. It's definitely helped a lot so far, I'm glad we got it! My reading and writing has certainly improved. But there's still more work to be done!  The forum is good for a community chat type thing, it would be better if p...

Getting a Tattoo Intermediate

OnlyWrench haha I'd like an updated version of this, as I love tattoos and would like to be able to discuss this topic more with my Chinese friends (i know a couple of Chinese tattoo artists)

How Far From Here to There? Elementary

EmilyRoseinMunich Thanks for another great lesson. :) Does one alsouse dā(搭) with a taxi (出租车) and with the subway (地铁)? But with a bicycle (自行车) one should use qí(骑) - is that right? Thanks!

I want to buy this one Newbie

stevinsjs Words from expansion and grammar that were new to me this lesson: 回家        Huí jiā            to go home, to return home 张           Zhāng           &nb...

Thinking about the Movie, Arrival Upper Intermediate

Having seen the movie Arrival, a wife suddenly starts thinking about the future, and about what she would do if she could see into the future. Would they get married, if they knew it would end in divorce many years later?

Sushi Recommendation Intermediate

prajnapaper My grandfather loved to eat sushi and sashimi. He spoke Japanese and was in Taiwan during the time the Japanese took over Taiwan for a time. There are many remnants of the Japanese takeover that can be seen in Taiwan today. I remember going to the market and w...

Tangerine Fan: Fruit Market Intermediate

prajnapaper The market is an awesome place to learn more Chinese!

Chinese Medicine Advanced

prajnapaper Thanks for the lesson!

Comforting Someone Intermediate

prajnapaper Thank you for this lesson. I thought it was very well thought out and informative.

Has the Internet Made Us Stupid? Upper Intermediate

364558425 追求 means to seek/pursue or to chase after. Thus, you can use it when you follow a goal.  - 我追求她 - 我追求公正/真理/利润 You can use 关注 to say that you are following the news, a speech, etc.   

Falling Asleep at the Movies Intermediate

Today we heard of someone that claims they never fall asleep at the movies despite everyone speaking to the contrary. We hear an interesting phrase for "to doze off/nap" which literally translates as the sleepy bug!

It's Not Too Far Elementary

EmilyRoseinMunich Thanks!

Making Excuses Intermediate

thomasparadis Hello, Thank you so much for the nice and entertaining lessons.  I have a question for you.  Why, at 5:49, when you say 你说说你有什么理由, the 有sounds like it is second tone?  

No Bargaining Elementary

Llorente Why do we have 鍊 on the screen while 鏈 on the Pdf? Are they interchangeble?  Is one of them wrong? Thank you. Eugenio.      

Massive Misunderstanding Intermediate

jerryrock Thank you for the understanding!

Travelling to Kyoto Upper Intermediate

742162852 谢谢, 我现在明白