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Say It Right Series

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Signing a Rental Agreement Intermediate

liaowarrior Very good lesson. I am at the Upper Intermediate level, but I find this lesson very useful. That's why I still follow all the Intermediate lessons.

Checking out a New Flat Intermediate

AdrianADRIAN While I feel my level is between Intermediate and Upper Intermediate, it all depends upon the subject matter really. I listen to Elementary lessons often, since whatever I can glean from them is usually something useful that I've either missed or forgotten. Wi...

Business Style Intermediate

ohidontknow 謝謝老師!

The Three De's: 的/得/地 Qing Wen

459760219 Are you able to watch such videos on the app?

成长: Hope and Despair Advanced

zaphekiah 畅快 chàng kuài = carefree; gratifying道别 dào bié = leave taking; to say goodbye写照 xiě zhào = portrayal, description无常 wú cháng = variable; changeable; to pass away; to die阴霾 yīn mái = haze死结 sǐ jié =...

互联网大会 Internet Conference Advanced

YuQinCai When it means to fall behind or leave out, 落 is pronounced là Eg. 我把手机落在家里了。 In other cases, 落 is pronounced luò

Traditional Chinese Medicine Intermediate

YuQinCai Yes, and 总是 is more formal than 老是.

Shanghai Fashion Intermediate

chris 谢谢老师,好清楚的解释

A Chinese Wedding Upper Intermediate

zaphekiah 喜酒 xǐ jiǔ = wedding feast; liquor drunk at a wedding feast喜宴 xǐ yàn = wedding banquet推手 tuī shǒu = promoter; advocate; driving force敬称 jìng chēng = term of respect; honorific繁衍 fán yǎn = to multiply; to reproduce; to increase in number象征 x...

Past Experience with 过 guò Elementary

Gwilym@ChinesePod Quick response for now: firstly, well done for keeping up the listening. Even 1 a week is pretty good going. While I ruminate over your question, why not try posting it on our forum. Hopefully, other users have experience cramming for a trip to see the in-laws...

Fix My Cold Upper Intermediate

Hankchia Cool lessons! 很有用,我明天就要去看中医。

Shanghai Disneyland Intermediate

leurne Nan je suis Fr et je voyage beaucoup ^^ mais là je vais être transferé à Shanghai :)

Will vs Can using 会 [會] huì Elementary

Gwilym@ChinesePod Here are some alternative ways you could translate it: I know of him, but I don't know him (personally). I know of him, but we've not been acquitted. I've heard of him, but I don't actually know him (on a personal level). Thanks.    

Catch the Train Newbie

775201645 Hearing a native speaker incorrectly speaking a foreign language actually enhances learning of the foreign language. And BTW, I love Ken!

Killing Roaches Elementary

907350564 At 12:15, Fiona says 螞蟻 (ant) is ma2yi3. Actually, it is ma3yi3, but with the tone change rule, the pronunciation is the same.

Be Careful When Driving Elementary

907350564 Just a little but above the comment section, you will see "Leave a Suggestion". That is where you would submit ideas such as this.

Failing at New Year's Resolutions Upper Intermediate

chman 落空 làokōng to come to nothing; to fail at Hi, should be luokong and not laokong FYI (:

Explaining Your Occupation Newbie

ohidontknow +1

"You're Nothing!" Mild Swearing in Chinese Intermediate

jdc178 I think the lessons would be better with just Fiona in them. Not to be rude, but Gwilym seems to detract from the lessons. His translations are quite awkward and he continuously stares at the sheet in front of him which shows a lack of preparation. Fiona also ...

How Cold Is It in Winter? Elementary

phredgnarly It's funny how they asked about 海南 being 冷. It's the best place to go for being "cold". But 武汉, that place has piercing winds-冷死了.