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Say It Right Series

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How to Use 了: Emphasis Qing Wen

fisheyes11 I was thinking the same thing about that last sentence. The 的 at the end for emphasis: would that possibly be occuring when emphasising with the structure (but the shi has been omitted because, you know, it's Mandarin, let's make things more complica...

Swapping Zodiac Signs Intermediate

844823236 Great lesson! Just wondering, though, why is it that the 属 in "你属什么?" has a tone change from third tone to second tone when the 什 is only second tone (and not third tone)?

Thank You and Sorry Newbie

stevinsjs 9 new words. Still need to work on tones and writing.

Introduce Your Name Like a Native Qing Wen

vicpayne 我姓是康健  健康的康 英文是 Victor Payne

Nope, You Cannot! Newbie

stevinsjs Just a quick note: 41 words or unique short phrases in this lesson. Still need to memorize the tones and how to write them.

出轨 Celebrity Affair Advanced


Dialect Party Mix Newbie

280153930 I liked this lesson! I'm a Flight Attendant for a major USA airline. When I work our Hong Kong flight, we have two Flight Attendants who speak Cantonese and two who speak Mandarin. It's beneficial to me, as someone who is learning Mandarin, to see what I have ...

The Three De's: 的/得/地 Qing Wen

356010815 Thank you for this lesson, especially the mnemonics. However, I still have great difficulty to discriminate between 地 and 得. For example, are the 2 expressions 很慢地走 and 走得很慢 correct? If yes, do they have a different meaning? How to know which one to use?...

Crosstalk Comedy Upper Intermediate

This lesson revolves around the traditional art of Chinese comedy known as crosstalk. Crosstalk (相声/相聲/xiàngsheng) is typically in the form of a duo dialogue between two performers. The crosstalk language, rich in puns and allusions, is delivered in a rapid, ...

Taking the HSK Upper Intermediate

michaelrodgers I cannot imagine why they would still have a handwritten portion to this test. Literally all of my business is conducted by computer/email and I imagine this is the case for many businesses today. If I were to work in China, I could operate just as effectively...

I Can Teach You Spanish Elementary

864773897 Cool.  Guys teach me Mandarin easily and sometimes hard.

How to Say 'Probably' in Chinese Qing Wen

YuQinCai A likely context in this sentence might be the mom and the son are speaking at 11 p.m. at home. The mom suspects that the dad isn’t coming home tonight since it’s already so late. He is probably already drunk outside on the street and can’t m...

A Wasteful Husband Intermediate

YuQinCai I’m seriously explaining 去你的 here. So…literally, 去 is to go, to leave; 你的 means your (way). 去你的 literally translated as “go to your own way/business.” If you say 去你的 with a tiny smile on it could just be a flirty “go away.&rdquo...

Advantages:「优点」yōudiǎn VS 「好处」hǎochù [Video/Audio] Qing Wen

YuQinCai Ya. Here are some more example sentences to say it in Chinese way, rather than just translating from English. You could say 对我来说,中文比较好学,因为我小时候学了不少中文,他现在才开始学。 我的缺点之一是太没有耐心。 坏处 would be used to describe the context.  Just like the example sentences ...

How to Use 了: Change of State Qing Wen

Gwilym@ChinesePod Sorry, it's something to do with how the URL of the grammar wiki ends with ["] which is messing it up. Anyway, it's here:"le"

You Really Are Impressive Elementary

Gwilym@ChinesePod What is your internet speed? You could try downloading the lower quality version found in the downloads dropdown.  Thanks.

丁克: Dual Income, No Kids Upper Intermediate

Gwilym@ChinesePod I learnt it during my Geography A-level back in 2004 as Dinkie, along with yuppie.

The Oscars 2017 Upper Intermediate

zaphekiah 片名 piān míng = movie title隔天 gé tiān = the next day; on alternate days看头 kàn tou = qualities that make sth worth seeing (or reading)

Put Me Through to Mr. Cai Intermediate

maolaowai Hi Team, I'm wondering how you might taskle a suggestion like 'he will only be a few moments, mind waiting on hold?'. 

University Major: Part 2 Newbie

podster 大概今日有不少的中国留学生在이대 学韩语。 dàgài jīnrì yǒu bùshǎode zhōngguó liúxuéshēng zài Ewha xué hányǔ.