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无条件的爱Unconditional Love Upper Intermediate

katherine912213867 我有一點不清楚。。。。。你們在説一個媽媽告訴他的調氣,喜歡亂的兒子“我愛你”,他永遠都不會再亂嗎?說要瞭解你的孩子,通過動作來讓他們知道你愛他,他才不會想發脾氣或者把厠所用亂,這個我可以接受,但是説一次“我愛你”怎麽會怎麽可能?還是我誤會了?

Swapping Zodiac Signs Intermediate

285242822 I understand the logic but I do find the full transcripts helpful to learn extra phrases, words etc that are spoken in a natural setting, but I wouldn't want to transcribe the full lesson transcript myself.  Chineseclass101 have the full transcripts avail...

ATWTI 10: 是 To be, or not to be Newbie

ElijahW Constance says: 这课我们要学:是、不是 Zhèi kè wǒmen yào xué:shì, búshì This class, we will learn: am, am not Note that the word 这 (this) can be pronounced either as zhè or zhèi. In this case, Constance s...

Jizhou Mental Breakdown Upper Intermediate

ElijahW It's great to see a comment on one of my favorite series! Looking at that sentence, I would translate it the way you did.

代理孕母 Surrogacy Advanced

maggiehk Advanced lessons 裡面不想聽到任何英文。。。 很難得有機會聽到半個小時的中文,不用英文的介紹吧。 

Which friend? Elementary

ElijahW You'll definitely run into it. It happened to me just a couple weeks ago: I was at a dumpling-making activity for Chinese New Year, and I told one of the hosts that we were almost out of filling - xiànr (馅儿). The poor guy did a double take, not quite su...

China's 1st and 2nd Tier Cities Pre Intermediate

234396144 no didn't,  I forgot to do that 

Are reserved seats REALLY reserved? 坐立不安──高铁霸坐 Advanced

ElijahW 什么样的课呢?可以举个例子吗?

Blaming Your Partner in Chinese Intermediate

ElijahW Sounds like he's a part of the 月光族 - spends his entire salary every month. So if the paycheck is a day late, he's toast!

太过分了(太...了) Pre Intermediate

A222222 I agree, these two recent pre intermediate lessons are the most useful lessons since the Fiona team left. More of this style please, thank you! Perhaps you could try doing the intermediate lessons this way too? I'm still not a fan of the changing camera angles...

2018 Google Most Searched News Intermediate

marcojane Thank you, thank you.  Thank you for finally adding another Intermediate lesson.  Keep them coming. That being said, I totally agree with SCHG (first commentator).  This lesson is way too difficult for Intermediate level.   It is beyon...

Living in two cities 披星戴月──双城生活 Media

earls Vocabulary Tab: 赫然  -- the audio is not working

New E-commerce rules in China 有章可循-代购电商法实施 Media

earls Vocabulary Tab: 意味着  the audio is not working

More harm than good? 饮鸩止渴—咖啡不能停 Upper Intermediate

234396144 Thanks for the information! 

How thin is too thin? 适可而止──老人养生别太瘦 Media

ElijahW This seems to be a common comment lately. :(

ATWTI 3: Asking Questions Politely Newbie

880931075 feels so fast ahhh thank baby jesus for replay

How to Say Hello Newbie

472319506 Yes, thanks.

University Major: Part 1 Newbie

ElijahW Chéngwéi means "to become," whereas dāng means "to be." They're similar, but chéngwéi tends to emphasize change, whereas dāng just refers to the way things are. If you're a lawyer, and you want to do a career change t...

66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy #3 Newbie

ElijahW The tone doesn't bother me personally - I've grown pretty thick skin over the years - but I do think Joan has a point. It's a problem I've seen often, and it goes both ways. I've seen frustrated English teachers talking to Chinese college students like they're...

How Cold Is It in Winter? Elementary

132057517 why is the structure different for "ting leng" and "leng ji le"? Are they different parts of a sentence or is that just in the phrasing of this example? Does one ever say "leng ting le" or ji leng"?