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Bring your umbrella Newbie

In this lesson, Joe and Lyn will talk about the weather. Let's check it out!

Coffee Break Series: How To Make Your Clients Feel Welcome Pre Intermediate

paulafernandez160 你好 我非常非常喜欢这个videos我觉得很有用了!Josua, Alice... in the near future I am going to visit some Chinese Company. My position is P.A. of the President, Could I said to that Chinese people, maybe another PResident iT'S a honor to meet you... My Boss doesnt speak any chine...

Coffee Break Series #9 - Negotiating the Contract Intermediate

LiZhiYuan Awesome lesson guys, thanks. 

Summer Poem 夏日山中 Advanced

zaphekiah 唐宋元明清 Táng Sòng Yuǎn Míng Qīng = most recent five Chinese dynasties全盛 quán shèng = flourishing; at the peak; in full bloom兴盛 xīng shèng = to flourish; to thrive诗仙 shī xiān = "immortal of poetry", epithet of Li Bai 李白 L...

孙子兵法—不只是兵书 Advanced

zaphekiah 才华出众 cái huá chū zhòng = outstanding talent (idiom); incomparable artistic or literary merit蒸蒸日上 zhēng zhēng rì shàng = becoming more prosperous with each passing day乔布斯 Qiáo bù sī = Jobs (name)典范 diǎn fà...

Chengyu Series - One & No Elementary

Chengyu are Chinese idioms that consist of four characters. Although they originate from classical Chinese, Chengyu remain as an important aspect in both spoken and written language. They may seem erratic and confusing to you at first since they don’t foll...

“潘石屹哈佛捐款”打翻了国人的醋坛子? Media

alanshi 原標題:網言眾議:“潘石屹哈佛捐款”打翻了國人的醋罈子?  新聞背景: 近日,SOHO中國董事長潘石屹與哈佛大學簽訂了金額為1500萬美元(約9300萬人民幣)的“SOHO中國助學金”協議一事引發網絡熱議。不少人提出疑問,國內致富的地產商為何助學國外而不選擇中國高校。該企業CEO張欣此前在接受媒體採訪時表示,助學是希望更多中國優秀貧困生能接受世界一流大學教育。 7月23日,潘石屹也在其認證微博上回應,這次助學金只幫助在這些學校的中國貧困家庭學生。 (7月24日《新京報...

First Time Customer Newbie

In this lesson, Joe and Lyn are taking you to the restaurant to learn how to ask easy questions, make an introduction and some suggestions on how to make small talk. Let's check it out!

Summer poem 西湖雨景—六月二十七日望湖楼醉书 Advanced

zaphekiah 意境 yì jìng = artistic mood or conception; creative concept诗兴大发 shī xìng dà fā = abundant poetic inspiration宣纸 xuān zhǐ = fine writing paper蔓延 màn yán = to extend; to spread like a vine (used for bad things)湖光山色 h&uacut...

Coffee Break Series: How to Politely Disagree, Part 2 Pre Intermediate

In today's lesson, we will learn how politely disagree with someone in the workplace.

Coffee Break Series: How to Politely Disagree, Part 1 Pre Intermediate

In today's lesson, we will learn how politely disagree with someone in the workplace.

为何要在雾霾中跑北京马拉松 Media

alanshi 謝謝, Becca!

哪里不一样:发音差异, Part 5 Upper Intermediate


Summer Poem 夏日荷花—小池 Advanced

zaphekiah 七言绝句 qī yàn jué jù = quatrain (poetic form) with seven syllables拟人 nǐ rén = personification; anthropomorphism柔美 róu měi = gentle and beautiful花苞 huā bāo = flower bud观赏 guān shǎng = to see and enjoy; to admire the view泛舟 f&agr...

卫星城管 Media

zaphekiah 太谢谢你了!

996工作文化 Advanced

zaphekiah 投身 tóu shēn = to throw oneself into sth晕眩 yūn xuàn = to feel dizzy; dizziness巨头 jù tóu = tycoon; magnate; big player (including company, country, school etc); big shot反犬旁 fǎn quǎn pàng = wild animal radical搜刮 sōu guā = to rak...

Coffee Break Series #8 - Negotiating the Price Intermediate

rogerblayney Thanks BeccaChu, I can see it now too.

Character Mind Map: 生 give birth Elementary

In Chinese, you often encounter single characters that have multiple related meanings. This has the potential to confuse learners because sometimes it is hard to make connections between component characters and their meanings within multiple-character wor...

日本恐怖片 Advanced

tassomat0r Another big part of the progress was doing Memrise on a daily basis for many years - all the HSKs and words by frequency courses. Good news is you don't have to be in a Chinese speaking country at all in order to get there.

Jack Ma’s retirement 功成身退──接任马云:创造者张勇和他所改变的阿里巴巴 Media

alanshi 謝謝,Becca! 可以直接改這個文本, 加上這個句子嗎?