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Posted by bababardwan August 14, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I have been thinking about the speed of speech at the various levels here at CPod and how naturally it is increased with each level and started to wonder about a few things.

In the native speaking environment there is obviously going to be quite a degree of variation in speed depending on a variety of factors [eg context, drunk or sober, emotional state, ?reading to or acting for an audience...really too numerous to mention]. I'm wondering about averages and extremes though. Would I be right in guessing that rural Chinese speech would on average tend to be slower by habit? If so, at what level here at CPod does the podcast speech roughly equate? At what level is the speed roughly equivalent to a native Shanghainese? Is this reached at Media level? Is it reached before Media level? Finally, of course some folk speak much faster than average. I doubt there are examples of that here at CPod as we're learners. But what I'm most interested in is: are there examples out there that anyone has a link to of superfast Mandarin? I'd love to see how hard it is to follow? Actually, it would be great to have a competition to see just how much could be understood/transcribed.

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