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A night and day in Shanghai

Posted by xiao_liang August 23, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Wot ho, folks.

Soooooo, with the terrifying speed of an oncoming bullet train, my trip to China is approaching! I'm woefully under prepared, naturally, so as I wade my way through this Chinese visa form (did you know, American citizens are charged more than double European citizens? Heh!), there's a couple of things to consider! 

We're visiting Guangzhou for the longest time, as that's where my girlfriend's parents live, and I am told it's important they get to know me (god help them), but then we're travelling to Nanjing to visit her mum's family for a few days. We weren't planning on visiting Shanghai as her friend that lived there has moved now, but a certain englishpod staffer was VERY INSISTENT that Shanghai is way too close to Nanjing to not come visit! 

So after some delicate negotiations, we're planning on a night and a day in Shanghai. soooo:

1) Where should we stay?

2) What should we see?

3) Where should we eat? (This, I believe, is the most important question!)

One night, one day in Shanghai. Advise me please! (oh, and it'll be after the end of the expo I'm afraid. And probably a sunday night and a monday).

thanks muchly!


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