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How to make the ü sound (for those non-French, German, Turks out there)

Posted by pulosm November 2, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

Lots of people have trouble with the ü sound in Chinese (or any language).  It's really easy to make though!  Make the sound "i", but instead of doing it with your lips in the "i" sounds position, put your lips in the shape as if you were going to make a "u" sound.  So, to say "qu," say "qi" with your lips in the puckered as if you were going to say "u."

Incidentally, this works for ö sound in Turkish, German, etc.  Except, put your lips in the rounded "u/o" position as above, but pronoune "e" (as in eight)

I know this sounds crazy, but it totally works.  It was a technique I came up with when I was a Chinese teaching assistant at my university for this girl who kept saying "chu" instead of "qu".  Oh, and incidentally, some Taiwanese-first-language-speakers can't do the "ü" sound say they say "qi" instead of "qu".  It's because they are related!  (It's no coincidence that ü and i are the only letters than can EVER follow j/x/q in pinyin!!!!)

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