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Basic Sentence meaning?

Posted by pretzellogic September 4, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

Hi Grace,

I have been working on reading, and some of the sentences I have been reading have me confused. Many of them involve "dào" in the sentence pattern:

Subject + Verb Dào + Noun/Time word

Subject + Verb Dào + Place word + qù/lái

 I think I almost understand, but not quite.  What does this mean?

Wǒ bāndào Běijīng lái - I think this means "I moved to Beijing" or does it mean "I am moving to Beijing"?

Also, what about "bānjiā" - to move house? I'm not really sure what to do about that one.  Can I say the following:

Wǒ bānjiā Běijīng lái - I moved to Beijing?

I'm not sure what the correct translation of The following sentences should be:

Wǒmen yǐjīng shàngdao dì shíjiǔ kě le - We already attended the 19th class?

Nà fēngxìn, Nǐ yào jìdao nàér qù - I don't even know what to say about fēngxìn!

Thanks for your help!








Thanks for your


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