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Posted by crisallen October 8, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Money and time are two important factors to an enjoyable shopping. However, little people have both these two factors when it comes to shopping. Nowadays, many white collars work hard and they have little spare time for shopping although they have a fat purse. Thus, the idea of shopping on internet is valued and followed. Many young people who have time to surf on the internet consider this to be the best way as they can buy all kinds of merchandise online without a need to waste time on the jammed street to drive their car from one department store to another and find it’s really hard to find a parking place for their car after arrival.If people around the world are asked which website is the first choice for shopping online? Probably most of them will answer that is eBay. Yes, eBay is so renowned in today’s world. However, there is a different voice from China, which is the biggest world factory and has a market of 1.3 billion people.In China, 99% people who have an online shopping habit buy goods from a C2C website called Taobao, it has millions of wonderful items with competitive price on shelf, more than 100 million registered user and more than 2 million sellers. If you visited Taobao, you will find although Taobao and eBay do the same C2C business, Taobao has more vivid and flexible interface. Also, another big advantage of Taobao is, the buyer can talk freely with the seller through an instant messenger named WangWang, similar like MSN or ICQ, but is customized with more functions just for Taobao users. That will save a lot of time for buyers, while normally on eBay they need to write an email to the seller and wait 1-2 days until the seller replies by email.For international online shoppers, the pity is Taobao only focuses on the Chinese market at the moment, as most sellers on Taobao dont’t know English, also the payment system which is called Zhifubao that Taobao offers is confined to Chinese citizen now, while Paypal is more international and accepts all main currencies on the world with updated exchange rate to USD. However, dont’t worry if you want to buy some good items from Taobao. Our website   www.esybuy.com   offers great assistance to help you shop directly from Taobao. We are offering services such as translation, contacting the sellers for you to check the size or color availability, paying, packing and forwarding your order. We are confident that people who have online shopping habits to buy merchandise on internet will definitely love being our regular customers.Now, you can leave your car in the garage, just rest in your armchair and click your mouse to place an order in front of your PC, in only one or two weeks, the postman will knock at your door and deliver the parcel right to your hand. Find more information about Shopping from China.Pls view our site:    www.esybuy.com
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