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Posted by www.aichinese.com October 9, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Dear ChinesePodders,


AIChinese.com has now been online for a month! Hundreds of ChinesePoders have since used our interactive online platform to practice speaking Chinese, benefiting from our market leading speech technologies as well as CPod's market leading learning contents. Many users have also shared their valuable thoughts and feedback with us, several of whom suggesting that we can together learn one CPod lesson on AIChinese.com everyday! We think this is an exciting idea and hence would like to use this thread to take the lead of learning ChinesePod lessons on AIChinese.com. In complementary to AIChinese's speech recognition and tool analysis tools, we will also have language experts readily available to answer your specific questions on pronunciation and tones!


So join us now, learn one ChinesePod lesson a day and spend another half an hour to hone your pronunciation and tone skills on AIChinese.com!


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