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Cpod mentioned in local news in "Podunk", Michigan :)

Posted by bingge November 14, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Because of ABC's "China Rising" segment, I'm reading the words "Chinesepod" in my local newspaper.  Wow.

Mandarin will now be introduced into my city's local public high school classes. How cool is that?!!   (It was proposed last year, and now they've found a teacher - this article is really about that, but I just think it's neat to see Cpod mentioned in my local paper).

"Called the 'must-know language of the future,' mandarin is now studied formally by about 250,000 online students and more than 20 million lessons have been downloaded for MP3 play from ChinesePod, according to the [above mentioned China Rising] report."

I imagine there will be future little Cpoddies in my own community...I love it!

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