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a few more sentences

Posted by pretzellogic October 30, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

Hi Grace,

Happy saturday!

A few sentences.  Let me know what i'm doing wrong.  Hopefully i'm learning something.

yǒurén bǎ yīfu guà zài guàizi lǐ.  Guàizi lǐ yǒu yí jián yīfu.  Guàizi lǐ guàzhe yíjiàn yìfu.   Someone hang clothese in the cabinent.  In the cabinent closthes are hanging.  clothes are haning on the cabinent.

somebody put rat poison on the table. On the table there is rat poison.  Rat poison is sitting on the table.

Yǒurén bǎ miěshùyào fàng zài zhuōzi shàng. zhuōzi shàng yǒu miěshùyào.  zhuōzi shàng fàngzhe miěshùyào.

wǒ de màma bǎ qiǎokèlìdòu fàng zài guànzi lǐ.  Guànzi lǐ yǒu qiǎokèlìdòu.  Guànzi lǐ fàngzhe qiǎokèlìdòu.     My mother put chocolate beans in the jar.  In the jar there are chocolate beans.  In the jar chocolate beans are sitting.

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