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Posted by RCK November 3, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Have you ever been doing whatever and you feel like chilling out and listening to music but you know you should listen to chinese dialogues to gain further exposure and really drill home those new words until you are sick to death?

I downloaded audacity and spliced together a ton of cpod dialogues, increased the speed 20% (might as well be more efficient with my time) and mixed a bunch of trance music in, increased the volume on my cpod dialogues and slightly decreased the music volume (get your priorities straight).  Exported it to mp3 and loaded it on my ipod, and I gotta say it is pretty sick.

I can chill out and listen to music while taking a walk without wasting chinese language learning time.  At the gym I can get the workout pump from my music without sacrificing all that time to improve my chinese. 

I know it is such a simple thing but darn it feels revolutionary!  Ya'll should try (hick accent implied)


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