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I hate the new search engine

Posted by alexlexilu November 8, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I have mentionned this when they were testing it with the results of them putting me back with the old method (they had randomly chosen me to test it)... and now it seems it is a fact this new lesson search engine. I HATE IT!

I tried to find a QW on 为了 yesterday and I got a list of lessons which don't necessarily have this item in the tittle.... and the worst... you can't filter or sort anything the way you could before... I keep commenting on the value of sorting and filters... yet the few there were are disappearing... and still no such plus-value feature on the dashboard... and now searching a lesson is a nightmare.

THE WORST part... you can't even see what level the lessons are anymore... instead... the most "relevant" and useless information chosen as a sorting factor... the lesson number!!!! WOW so useful!


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