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Posted by pretzellogic November 27, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.

Hi Grace,

I'm trying to translate some sentences into English that I read in a book.  Are these translations correct?  Thanks.

Tā jīntiān liǎngdiàn chī le yī wǎn fàn. (Today, I at 2pm ate one bowl of food.)

Wǒ zhè ge yuè yǐjīng chī le èrshísǎn wǎn fàn le (I already this month have eaten 23 bowls of food).

Wǒ méitiān chīfān, chī yī ge bàn ge xiǎoshí (Everyday, I eat, eat for a half hour).

Wǒ méitiān zhōngwǔ yund4dòng liǎng ge xiǎo shí (Everyday, I exercise for 2 hours at noon).

Tā yǐjīng gōngzuò le bā ge xiǎoshí le (He has already worked 8 hours up to now).

Wǒ yī ge xīngqī méi shàngkè le (I haven't been  to class in a week).

Shàng ge xīngqī wǒ yǒu liǎng tiān méi shàng kè (last week I didn't have class for 2 days).


Thanks for your help. 


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