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Posted by trevorb January 10, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Today I have a few grammar based questions following on from a lesson a couple of weeks ago.  Will probably need to use English to ask :-(

1)when using the adverbial modifier 地 do the moddifiers always have to be doubled?  i.e 高高兴兴地说

2)I recently read that when using 被 I should use passive voice only for negative things that happen.  Is this correct?

3)I also read as well as 被 I can also use 让 and 叫 to form passive sentences.  Apart from 叫 needing a companion 给 before the verb are these interchangable?

4)I have been trying to write my daily journal but am becomming aware I'm really bad with the when of what I'm saying.  How can I strengthen my understanding of this?

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