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Understanding Chinese News

Posted by edward November 27, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi guys, just wanted to find out if people have the same problems as me when it comes to understanding Chinese news broadcasts on the TV/Radio.

I've been learning Chinese for almost 2 years and I would say I can understand most conversational Chinese, as long as there isn't too much slang.  I've recently started listening to Chinese news broadcasts from internet radio stations and I find it incredibly difficult to understand.

Of course when you listen to the news in a foreign language, you have to learn new vocabulary (e.g. political words, proper nouns, etc.), but in my experience listening to the news in German is in some ways easier than listening to a conversation between two German people because the pronunciation is standard and clear and no slang is used.

I'm interested to hear from very advanced learners on how long it takes to be able to understand the news, and why it is so much more difficult to learn than conversational Chinese.

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