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Posted by xiao_liang January 25, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello all


Life is super-busy, and I find that one of the few things I have time to do is listen to music. The trouble is, I've found so little Chinese music I actually like. John and others recommended some excellent independent sites that you can browse to find alternative music, but I'm finding I just don't have the time :( I used to learn Japanese, and I found that listen to (for example) shiina ringo really helped my listening comprehension. I still love her music, but it doesn't help me learn chinese!


So, if you wouldn't mind, recommend me your favourite chinese tunes, then I'll download them and give them a go! Anything that's a little off the mainstream would be wonderful, but I know that's hard to come by. Help me out, Chinesepod! :)

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