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Suggestion for linking lessons together

Posted by foleadu November 29, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

When I was listening to the Winter Fun Intermediate lesson today, I seemed to remember there was an Advanced lesson in the past about winter sports.  So, on the Winter Fun lesson page, I clicked on all the topic links - entertainment, hobbies, weather - hoping it would turn up, but it didn't.  Eventually I found it by digging through the Advanced lesson pages, but wouldn't it make sense for that to be linked into the topic links?  If I hadn't already known about the lesson, I doubt I would have run across it.  It seems like a lot of the older advanced lessons get left behind because the topic keywords are chinese, whereas newer advanced lessons have English links.  Any plans to link them up better?

Also, I've always thought it would be useful to have two or three 'featured related lessons' as links on each lesson page.  Clearly, the topic links are useful too.



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