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Poddie Collaboration on Advanced - 中国通

Posted by bababardwan February 25, 2011 in the Group Transcripts with Tal .

I enjoy working on transcribing the lessons and I think it's a very worthwhile exercise. Trouble is it's very time consuming and so usually it presents itself as too big a task,onerous, daunting. I think this is likely the case for many Poddies who may also enjoy giving transcribing a go but know they won't have time to transcribe a whole lesson. I also know once or twice we have mentioned working together on a transcript but this has never been organised. I've had the idea of posting below small time slots to create 30second time slots where anyone and everyone can post as little or as much of the transcribing of that 30second slot as they feel like. That way we can all join in and chip away at it. I'd encourage everyone from Newbie to Advanced to get involved. Even if a Newbie could identify a word, for example "da jia" [everyone] and put an exact time next to it then I think that would be good. It doesn't have to be correct [others can help correct ] and it doesn't have to be done sequentially...you can jump into any time slot you like with whatever you can come up with. The important thing is participation...the more the merrier. Come on poddies, join in and give it a shot. 加油吧!

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