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The New Library

Posted by bababardwan February 28, 2011 in the Group General Discussion.

Hey I just noticed at the top of the page, what used to be called lessons is now called library. Did this just happen today or am I slow to notice? Was it announced somewhere? ..a rationale given? Not that it matters, I'm just curious about the change. Most importantly is it more than just a name change? I'll guess at this stage it's just a name change. I guess it's all about language, innit? ...what the words lessons and library conjure up and also how the site is organised. There are other places on the site to access the lessons, like the dashboard...automatic feeds and bookmarked lessons. But the library is the store of all the sites lessons. Also any site can have lessons, but not any can boast such a large store of new and old lessons..just like a real world library...a great resource.  Are there any other site changes?

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