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welcome back to “text version” link on the pdf.

Posted by michele December 1, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I’m really happy for the return of the text version…

I agree, the pdf could be useful, or even nice, if you cannot display Chinese characters on your computer, or if you want to quickly read the lesson, or to print it on the paper.

But if you want to copy the text on a text editor, to add your own written translation in your mother tongue language, to change the size of the font to make every single carachter more readible, or even more beutiful to see or… to contemplate, well, in all these cases the pdf, it’s really “work of the devil”!! So, really long life to the plain text versions!!


And now let me ask once again, if anyone else found the same problem I’ve written about it on a previous post of a few days ago:


Using Mozilla Firefox, on all the pages (I’m speaking about all the lessons) of expansion, vocabulary, dialogue, only the first link is working, and produces the sound, but all the other ones seem to be visually OK, but they did not produce any sound at all. I nearly fear it’s a problem regarding my notebook only.

I also have to say that if I use Internet Explorer everything it’s fine, and all the pages work very well. So you could say, why don’t you use Internet Explore?

And this is what I’m really doing now, but, let me say, I’d prefer to continue using Mozilla Firefox (has this something to do with my previous words about pdf.?…)


So, if anyone could help me to understand if this is a problem solely regarding my laptop, well,  I’d be very grateful to his kindness indeed.



再见, michele.

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