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Lesson topic suggestions revitalized and prioritorised

Posted by bababardwan April 9, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

I think the lesson topic suggestion thread has been an awesome idea and it gives us an opportunity to have some suggestions as to/influence on upcoming content. There have been some fab suggestions in that thread, but with such a large response my concern is that some great suggestions may be buried in there now and never see the light of day. The idea of this thread is for each interested user to start their own subthread and list their favourite suggestions [it can be your own or it can be someone elses] and if there is more than one, the list could be prioritorised. This thread is in no way intended to replace that other thread which I think should continue, but rather just make it easier for CPod to see which lesson suggestions are the most important to us if they don't have the time to scroll through the whole list. While you could just add a link to the suggestion in the original thread, I think copy and paste would be better. The original thread is here:


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