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Posted by hamshank April 10, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

I have come across a phrase and cannot seem to put it into any sort of logical sense. I was hoping someone wiser than myself could point me in the right direction?


rang4 ren2 chi1le hai2 xiang3 zai4 chi1

I have been told that it translates to something along the lines of;

"after eating you want to eat more"


"I would like to eat it again"

My problem is this....Why is the 讓 rang4 at the start of the phrase? Also why is the phrase NOT "人吃了讓還想在吃“ ren2 chi1 le rang4 hai2xiang3 zai4 chi1???

Is there a grammitical rule coming into play here? Does 讓 take on a different meaning in the phrase?


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