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What Chinese People Always Say When They Meet You

Posted by cinnamonfern April 29, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

So after traveling a number of times in China over the past 8 months, there is one phrase that I now always recognize. Why? Because I hear it from Chinese people all the time. What is it?  皮肤好. I apparently have really nice skin (though my sister always calls me a ghost in family pictures). I guess that's what comes of spending all my time in a lab.  :P  What really surprised me is that even guys say this when they meet me!  美女,帅哥,老太太, 老爷爷,什么都说,“皮肤好”!

So I was wondering if anyone else has a similar experience? Is there a phrase you always hear whenever people meet you for the first time? I imagine a lot of you get 好高啊! (I've gotten that one too...but I'm not really that tall - only 5'6".)  Please share!

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