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Posted by bababardwan May 13, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

A few things I thought worth discussing. I happened to notice a little box somewhere mentioning a new app while I was clicking on a link to a new page which caught my interest. I tried to come back and couldn't find it. I've noticed this before. These little ad boxes that grab your attention but when you come back to them they've changed to a different ad [they're a couple of boxes below ChinePod News box...currently it's about the 5 languages]. I kept refreshing my Home page till it eventually reappeared [though I can't get that to happen now]. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a link under these ads to see all ads?

When I found the ad and clicked on it, it took me to this page:


..this looks like it's called "Learn Chinese" so I thought this was the old app that's been around for at least a year. I guess it's an updated version. If so, how have others found it? This page though shows the adroid version, to get to the iphone version you click on a link down the bottom which takes you here:


This seems to be calling it "ChinesePod Subscriber Edition"...maybe that's just what itunes has it under and it's still actually the "Learn Chinese" app but I couldn't see that name anywhere on that page. So I am wondering if this is new, or an updated version of the old [looks like the latter].

What really caught my attention though was an "app" called the Shanghainese lesson pack:


hadn't heard of this before. I guess it's just a collection of the Shanghainese lessons. Has anyone been using that?

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