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Boomers and the future

Posted by Lantian December 10, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi Everyone,

Lately I haven't been able to participate or use Chinesepod much because I am back home helping with my dad. He married late, so he's old now, 83 and early stage Alzheimers has started to more significantly affect his life. I bring this up just to hint that I'm not so old yet, I'm not some 50 yo son!!! :)

Anyway, as I help to do things to help him manage his life, and his 70 y.o. wife who is now also acting a bit "old", I realize some of the really great things about China. China in many ways is better set up for older folks. There are subways, walking distance stores and facilities, majong, dancing nearby, etc., and also available affordable-cost assistants. These things are tough in the U.S.

Here I am battling, truely battling, the innudation of junk mail to their home, marketers selling them stuff they don't need, an overabundance of material items that is making things dangerous (hip falls, spoiled food). For example, they bought a pac of 200 cough drops. Geez who would ever have to go thru that?!! 

Well, time is short, but I wanted to let some other Cpoders know why I've been away. Just a note, my Chinese is working great here, I can order food, read signs in the local Chinese markets, chat with others in Chinese. :D

Welcome others to chat about this. We'll try to work in some "chinese learning" or "china vs. the U.S" culture things! That's me, always looking to learn...the easy way!!


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